In the end, Shi Sheng was destined to stick with the nickname of The Cruel Spinster though she had humiliated these players.
The norm of these people these days-

[World] Your Daddy is Online, "The Cruel Spinster, come hang out with us!"

[World] A Man's True Colors, "The Cruel Spinster come out and let me defeat you!" 

[World] A Ray of Sunshine, "The Cruel Spinster, please have mercy on us, let us clear your level!"
You guys are expecting to clear my level based on that attitude?
In your dreams!

[World] Searching And Seeking, "Le Jin, you're so shameless. First, you seduce A Lifetime of Peace, that doesn't matter, now you're seducing my husband. If you're that thirsty for men, why don't you sell your body?"

The chanting of killing The Cruel Spinster stopped right away.
Le Jin was someone protected by A Lifetime of Peace, now she was mentioned in the world channel. Gossips were started.

[World] Little Qi Ai, "Le Jin is interfering with someone's relationship, what a shameless b[beep-]"

[World] Searching And Seeking, "can't believe she's this kind of person. If you don't give me an explanation today, I won't be done with you."

Le Jin did not come out and say anything.
Shi Sheng was baffled watching this.
Why did the female lead become a mistress?
Where is the male lead when the female lead is being bullied?

Shi Sheng searched for A Lifetime Of Peace and noticed that he was not online.

Trick, this is all a trick.

The male lead will never appear when the female lead is bullied. He would only show up to save the damsel in distress when things become too serious.

Searching And Seeking was cursing more and more vigorously on the world channel. The whole channel was full of her messages.
Shi Sheng was initially hiding amid a bunch of monsters on the wilderness map. Due to she was an NPC, she was on the same side with the monsters, so these monsters would not attack her.
As she was having fun reading the world channel, a technique light flashed in front of her eyes. She then saw Le Jin fell down in front of her. The monsters were gushing at her.
Shi Sheng,"..."

Shi Sheng chased those monsters away and walked to Le Jin's side, "did you come here to commit suicide?"
This suicide method was quite unique.

[Nearby] Le Jin, "... I walked into this map by accident. /awkward "

Le Jin was lying on the ground. She could only hear Shi Sheng's voice without seeing her.

She thought that the voice was familiar, but she could not recall where she heard this voice from.

"This is a level 70 wilderness map. How did you come here by accident?"

[Nearby] Le Jin," 70? I didn't notice that..."

Shi Sheng, "..."

Well done, madam female lead, you've got my attention!
Le Jin had revival tools with her. She got up, tapped her clean skirt hem, and turned around to see Shi Sheng's gorgeous face.
She gasped, pupils widened. Stuttered, "Hua… Hua Hua… Hua Meng Meng?"

She could not believe that she met the BOSS here!

Nooooo, will I get eaten by her? No, BOSS doesn't eat players, but I would die, and my level would drop.
When Le Jin thought about her level dropping, she felt distressed.
"Why didn't you reply to those who cursed you on the world channel?" Shi Sheng did not care about Le Jin's fright. She changed the topic.
"Ah?" Le Jin's face was full of shock.
Shi Sheng watched her swiping in the air.
Those ladies were worked up cursing her on the channel, but the female lead did not even see those messages.

Le Jin read the messages on the world channel, her face turned lost, and she was more confused…
"I… I didn't do anything. Why are they scolding me?" Le Jin looked at Shi Sheng innocently, totally forgetting that the person standing in front of her is a high-level BOSS.

"Go to the world channel and scold them back then!" Shi Sheng encouraged her.

[...] The host was seeking death again.

Le Jin looked lost and fiddled for a long time before looked up to Shi Sheng innocently, "I don't have enough coins..."

Mister male lead, you're abusing the female lead!
You didn't even give her coins to spend.

NPC [Hua Meng Meng] gave you 100 coins, do you want to accept the trade?

Le Jin accepted it and gave Shi Sheng a piece of equipment quickly, which could be sold for around 100 coins.

As Shi Sheng was done observing the equipment Le Jin gave her, she saw Le Jin's message on the world channel with her peripheral vision, the corner of her lips twitched.

[World] Le Jin, "there's nothing between Cold And Lonely and me, please don't simply spread rumors."

[World] Searching And Seeking," nothing? If there's nothing, then why didn't you explain yourself earlier? Snatching other people's husband, you shameless b[beep-]"

[World] Honorable Lady, "Searching don't be mad, you shouldn't get angry for this kind of person."

[World] In Last Night's Dream, "Le Jin, tell us your coordinates."

[World] Le Jin, "there's really nothing between Cold And Lonely and me."

Le Jin's explanation did not do her any good as they were all Searching And Seeking's friends on the world channel, and they all took turns to humiliate Le Jin.
It was probably due to Le Jin was a vegetable in real life. It was evident that her IQ was reduced, judging from her childish tone and behavior.
And she almost could not recognize the male lead.

It probably meant that something went wrong with her memory too.
She might only remember that her name was Le Jin…
Le Jin turned off the world channel, fumed, "why are they so unreasonable?"
"What happened between you and Cold And Lonely?" was she not afraid that the male lead might lock her up if she cheated on him behind his back.

"Nothing." Le Jin felt wrong, "this morning I went to a dungeon with the others, and I got a Cotton Se Qin* and when I got out, I met him, he wanted to make a trade with me, I thought that the Cotton Se Qin is not useful for me, so I gave it to him… who knew they would frame me like that."

* Se Qin usually refers to the harmonious relationship of a married couple in Chinese culture.

Le Jin was dumbfounded. When did she seduce Cold And Lonely?
"Are you dumb?" Shi Sheng looked at Le Jin as if she was a retard.

Cotton Se Qin was a priceless piece of equipment. There were only two of them on the whole server. Its price was not high in the beginning, but it was upgradable equipment, some players could not even get it after hundreds of tries.

If it was sold on the market, some tycoon would be willing to pay up to ten of thousands of dollars.

Le Jin, "..."

what's that face she's making again?
Oh my gosh, why are you still looking at me so innocently!

For the first time, Shi Sheng thought that she was lucky for not being the male lead. If she had such a female lead, she would get a heart attack.
It was also lucky that her Feng Ci's IQ was not that low.
Shi Sheng was in a good mood, so she told Le Jin some information about the Cotton Se Qin.

And ill intendedly speculated Cold And Lonely and Searching And Seeking's intention.
"I think these two are working with each other, give you a bad name of seducing others on the world channel. Even after you say that you made a trade with Cold And Lonely, no one would believe you. Did you screenshot the trade?"

Le Jin shook her head dumbfoundedly, "they… won't do that, right? Why would they do that?"
That was money if you told the male lead and the male lead knew that you were conned, and he sought revenge for you. Then they would be in big trouble.

In order to avoid that, they had to strike first to get the advantage.
Of course, this was just a possibility.
But it did not affect Shi Sheng's evil speculation.
"... it's all over." she did not even save a screenshot of the trade.

Without the screenshot, there was nothing she could say to clear her name.
"Then they shouldn't simply frame someone. I didn't do anything wrong." Le Jin bulged her cheeks. Her tone was so childish almost made Shi Sheng laugh.

"They can simply kill people, let alone framing innocent people." This was a virtual gaming world. Who would care about morality.
Le Jin looked at Shi Sheng with shock, her seductive pink lips moved a bit, and she spoke after a while, "aren't you an NPC? Why are you so profound?"

Shi Sheng, "..." thank you, female lead, for realizing that I was an NPC now.