Searching And Seeking and her team were quick to find them.

 Based on Searching And Seeking's level, she could not survive on a level 70 map, so she brought some experienced players.
[World] Oh No, Shoot, "The Cruel Spinster is with Le Jin, what's going on?"

Those byer gangs on the level 70 map howled on the world channel immediately.
[World] A Man's True Colors, "where's The Cruel Spinster? Please tell me the coordinates!"

[World] Ancestor, Stop Fooling Around, "A Man's True Colors, aren't you waiting for The Spinster to patronize you? Did you change your mind to surrender to death? Coordinates, please!"

[World] A Man's True Colors, "if the mountain doesn't come to me, then I'll go to the mountain. I don't believe that I can't defeat her!"

[World] Bleating Itch, "how did Hua Meng Meng come out from Shen Jue Palace? This is a bug, aren't you going to report it?"

No one responded to that. Everyone was asking for the coordinates.
A lot of players knew the bug mentioned by A Ray Of Sunshine previously. So, they were not weirded out by how a BOSS could come out of her territory since this BOSS was brilliant.
Plus, this game definitely had ape programmers that deal with the bugs. If the ape programmers did not fix the bug where the BOSS could hang around in the world channel so blatantly, this was obviously not a bug!

What was the point of reporting it?

Searching And Seeking brought many players with her and cornered Shi Sheng and Le Jin in a bunch of monsters.
Some players were glaring at Shi Sheng, why is she with her? And standing so close to Le Jin, is she on some mission with Le Jin?
Some looked at Shi Sheng's head unconsciously.
Other than the words 'Hua Meng Meng', there was no symbol of a team.
She did not team up with Le Jin, so it was not a mission.
"Le Jin, get out of here." Searching And Seeking spoke first. She was not willing to be on the wrong side of The Spinster, the high-level BOSS. Hence, she wanted to get Le Jin out of Shi Sheng's range.
Le Jin shook her head, "what are you trying to do? I just said that I have nothing to do with Cold And Lonely."
"My friend saw it with her own eyes," Searching And Seeking sneered, "you and my husband, of course, have nothing to do with each other. My husband wouldn't betray me based on how much he loves me. You're the one that seduced him."

The others got bolder as they saw that Shi Sheng did not make a move.
"So shameless, first you seduced A Lifetime Of Peace, and now you're seducing Cold."

"Can't believe that Le Jin is kind of a woman. We must let A Lifetime Of Peace know her true colors."

"That's right…"

Basically, these players were bullying Le Jin merely because she was related to A Lifetime Of Peace.
Le Jin's face was flushed red, "how can you all frame me unreasonably? I only made a trade with Cold And Lonely. There's nothing to it at all."
"Trade? What can you trade with my husband?" Searching And Seeking refuted immediately, "just look at your level and look at my husband's level."

"I made a trade of the Cotton Se Qin with Cold And Lonely, don't believe me you can ask him."

She Shing sighed while shaking her head. It really turned into this situation.

There were thousands of tricks. If she was honest, then she could not deceive me.
"Hahaha, the Cotton Se Qing? I mean, Le Jin, if you want to lie about something, you should at least do some research, there are only two of them in the whole server, and you say that you had the Cotton Se Qin?"

"That's hilarious. Is something wrong with this Le Jin's brain?"


Searching And Seeking and the others were pointing fingers at Le Jin, making her face turn pale; she could not react in time.

The only thing she said was that she was chatting with Cold And Lonely. How could these people accuse her like that?

"Hua Meng Meng!"

Someone shouted from the back.

Everyone turned in that direction, a bunch of players was charging towards them aggressively.
The most obvious one was A Man's True Colors.

Every time A Man's True Colors went to her dungeon, he either had to wait endlessly for her, or he would get defeated instantly.
Many players in the game wanted to kill Shi Sheng, but whenever Shi Sheng came out from the dungeon, no one would know her coordinates. They could only look at her in the world channel.

This time Shi Sheng's coordinates were exposed, players that wanted to kill her were swarming towards her.
And this was a one in a millionth chance.

These players pushed away Searching And Seeking and her people out of the way, occupying the advantageous spots immediately.
"The Cruel Spinster, hahaha, let's see where you can escape this time!"
"Everyone, charge!"
These players were obviously excited. Many began to use their technique. Those with high levels did not care about their technique bars and used their skills immediately.

Shi Sheng, "..." My gosh! You guys aren't going according to the plot!
Shouldn't you be focusing on the female lead and condemn her?
Why are you focusing on me now?

[...] that's because you're not going according to the plot.
If you didn't roam around, would they come and fight you?
If you didn't provoke them on the world channel, would they come and battle you?

Shi Sheng took out her scepter and began to use her ultimate skill again.
The players went down wave by wave.

That scenario was definitely astonishing.

Le Jin's jaw was dropped to the ground.

When she was at the Shen Jue Palace, there were only a few of them. It was not as impressive as this.

[World] Jiang Lang Has Used Up His Talents, "why is The Cruel Spinter's killability still so high? Didn't the company fix the bug?"

[World] I'm Sick, "gosh, with this killability. I'll call whoever that kills her my daddy!"

[World] Ancestor, Stop Fooling Around, "that's some scary killability."

[World] A Ray of Sunshine, "my decision was indeed correct."

A Ray Of Sunshine had a hunch that this BOSS was unbeatable, so when the players were recruiting others on the world channel to defeat her, he did not move an inch.

This had proven that he was right.
However, someone cut the ground under his feet in the next second.

[World] You'll Suffer, "we weren't planning to go anyway!"

[World] Majestic Presence, "exactly."

[World] Itinerant Novice Wolf, "+1 "

[World] A Ray of Sunshine, "you're going to lose me if you keep doing this to me. /flip table /flip table"

[World] The King Ordered Me To Patrol, "those from Dreamt About Xi Tang, it's fine you're not helping us, why are you making such sarcastic remarks, which side are you on?"

[World] Gu Gu, "they probably got beaten up by The Cruel Spinster too much, hahaha, coward."

[World] Majestic Presence, "who are you saying is coward again?!"

[World] A Ray of Sunshine, "damn, come fight us!"

The world channel went off-topic out of nowhere. It turned into a war of words of Dreamt About Xi Tang and the others.
At the same time, the players lying on the ground were heading to report her again.

They did not want this sort of bug that did not have benefits for the players.

We must report this!
So the players were forced to leave the game again, the crowded map suddenly became quiet, they were chased out mercilessly by waves of monsters.

Shi Sheng,"..."

She could not play with them anymore.

Three ape programmers disguised as NPC 123 rushed there, Shi Sheng was circled by them again.

Shi Sheng raised her hand and used the technique on them. Three NPCs fell to the ground at the same time.

NPC 123: "…"

My gosh, they time traveled, right?

In fact, this had happened before. They merely time traveled back in time.
Or not, why would the same thing happen again in the exact step!
Did you know that you, as an NPC killing your own kind was inhumane?
This NPC was messing around a lot, they were monitoring her, but her record was normal. They knew about the bug of her entering and exiting Shen Jue Palace, and they were trying to fix it, but the progress was relatively slow.