Shi Sheng killed those ape programmers and went back to Sheng Jue Palace smugly.

Those ape programmers rushed back to Shen Jue Palace, but they could not even go through the entrance.

"What's going on?" NPC1 asked the other two with a dumbfounded face.

How would they know what was going on?
They could not enter the map as an ape programmer?

After some time, one of them only dared to ask ith a hypothetical tone, "did Hua Meng Meng obtain self-awareness?"
The NPCs in the game are considered to be half AI. A real AI had self-awareness. It would become a whole new organism.
Based on her recent activities, she indeed seemed to have obtained self-awareness…
These people's hearts were racing. They went offline immediately and looked for their superior.

If it really had self-awareness, then it would be impressive.

No one had an AI in this dimension.

The higher class was paying close attention to AI. Even Liang Bing was shocked.

However, they noticed that even the higher-ups were not able to enter Jue Shen Palace's map.

A bunch of workers working themselves to death yet was unable to find a breakthrough point.

Someone suggested with concern at the meeting.
"Why don't we turn back on the server? Maybe she will come out."
They had stopped the server for about 24 hours. If they continued at this rate, it would affect the game too.
"What if she ran away?"

"If we don't activate the server, we can't enter Shen Jue Palace too." What was the point of wasting time waiting?

"Give us a little more time. We guarantee you that we can break through Shen Jue Palace." the representative of ape programmers voiced up.
"If there are no results before 7am, then we will reactivate the server." the management staff made the final call.
The other glanced at each other, dared not to suggest another opinion.
Shi Sheng edited Shen Jue Palace's data that no one could enter the map without her permission.
Of course, there might be an exception.
For example, if the male lead and female lead had some sort of opportunity, they could enter Shen Jue Palace under plot devices' protection.

In order to prevent that from happening, She Shing set a lot of traps around Shen Jue Palace.
Even if I can't kill you, I'll make sure to gross you out to death.

At 7am, the server was reactivated on time.
The players who were lost about what was going on were asking what had happened to the game until it had to be under maintenance for such a long time.

Everyone was talking about what Shi Sheng, the NPC, had done on the world channel.
[Private] A Ray of Sunshine, "Hua Meng Meng, are you there?"

[Private] Hua Meng Meng,"What?"

[Private] A Ray of Sunshine, "Why can't I enter Shen Jue Palace?"

[Private] Hua Meng Meng, "I modified its data."

There was no response from the other side for a long time. Shi Sheng waited for a while before A Ray Of Sunshine's message was delivered.

[Private] A Ray of Sunshine, "are you really… an IA?"

Shi Sheng looked at the chatbox floating in the sky. The light in her pupils flashed through and responded after a while.

[Private] Hua Meng Meng, "help me out, and I'll give you Moon Shadow Scepter."

[Private] A Ray of Sunshine, "..."

How did the topic switch to Moon Shadow Scepter?

Moon Shadow Scepter!
A Ray Of Sunshine only spent a few seconds thinking about it before agreeing, eagerly going to find Shi Sheng.

[Announcement] Congratulations, player [A Ray of Sunshine], for defeating the Palace Master of Shen Jue Palace [Hua Meng Meng], obtained the clearing level weapons' Moon Shadow Scepter'.

 [Announcement] Congratulations, player [A Ray of Sunshine], for defeating the Palace Master of Shen Jue Palace [Hua Meng Meng], obtained the clearing level weapons' Moon Shadow Scepter'.

 [Announcement] Congratulations, player [A Ray of Sunshine], for defeating the Palace Master of Shen Jue Palace [Hua Meng Meng], obtained the clearing level weapons' Moon Shadow Scepter'.

These three announcements in a row caught everyone unprepared.

How did he defeat her?
[World] You'll Suffer, "gosh, boss, did you seduce The Cruel Sprinter? You have some unique taste."

[World] Majestic Presence, "seeing boss getting Moon Shadow Scepter the first thing online, I must be dreaming."

[World] Hua Meng Meng,"  I'm not into him."

[World] ……

An eerie silence.

What kind of God-like development was this?

A Ray of Sunshine's message box was about the explode, with messages asking him how he got Moon Shadow Scepter. Some were the ape programmers disguised as NPCs asking him about Hua Meng Meng.

A Ray of Sunshine ignored all of them.

Right when she gave him the scepter, the system displayed the announcement immediately, mystically.
"Aren't you scared that I might betray… you by telling me all these?"
What this woman told him a moment ago was too much for him to digest.

"I need someone to help me anyway," Shi Sheng laughed softly, "since I don't trust anyone, I can only choose someone who knows more about this."

A Ray of Sunshine, "..." that was an irrefutable reason.

"No, how did you know so much just by me asking you if you're an AI or not?"

"I'm smart. It's a gift." Shi Sheng's brows filled with confidence.

"Then why are you certain that I'm capable of helping you?"
"Because you're loaded!"

"There are plenty of rich players here." This game was full of tycoons.
Shi Sheng smiled faintly and said slowly, "but I only know you, and just so happen that you told me something you shouldn't know."

What a right and self-confident tone.

Who gave you the confidence!

"... fine, I'll go offline to have someone move your corpse… bah! body. Don't worry, I'll make sure to take care of everything I promised you." A Ray of Sunshine tapped his chest, "but you have to be careful, they're now suspecting that you may be an IA they'll come up with a way to get rid of you."

That was magical. He was looking at the real experiment successful subject.
"Get rid of me? Unless they destroy this game." But the female lead was in here. The male lead would not allow anyone to lay a finger on this game.

As long as the male lead did not get rid of the game, she could be the queen and ruler of this game. So easy!

A Ray of Sunshine choked, "where did you get the confidence now that you're in such a state."

Her body was still with them, yet she could still be so arrogant.

"If you're unhappy with it, beat me up then!" that's right, I'm that arrogant, that capricious, and that unreasonable.

I am who I am. I'm different from the others.
[...] where did this alternativeness come from? Faster give me my otaku host back.

A Ray of Sunshine got offline, he left the nutrition pod hurriedly, changed into his clothes, and dashed towards another room.

"Brother!" He opened the room door.

"Yeah?" The man sitting at the study table responded softly, "why did you get off the game this early today?"

A Ray of Sunshine rushed in, rested his stomach on the table, "brother, I know what the AI they're talking about is."

The man raised his head slightly.

A Ray of Sunshine nodded his head with all his might.

He was the first to know, ha ha ha, those retards did not even know.
The man furrowed his brows after listening to A Ray of Sunshine's narration, "since she was the first experimental subject. Even if their experiment failed, they would not lose that body easily. It won't be easy for you to get the body."
"But I promised her."
The man shook his head lightly, asked again, "did you say that she can change the game's data as she pleases?"

"Right, right now, no one can enter her territory unless she gives the permission." A Ray of Sunshine got mad as he said that, "can't believe that those beasts are abusing someone as brilliant as she."