"Order a game pod for me." The man muttered for a moment before ordering A Ray Of Sunshine.
"Eh?" A Ray Of Sunshine was dumbfounded. Why were they suddenly buying a game pod? Shouldn't they be stealing a corpse… bah! Body?

"I want to talk to her." The man glanced at A Ray Of Sunshine, "I can't provoke Liang Bing hastily based on her one-sided statement. Han Yu, I don't think I have to teach you about the butterfly effect."
Lin Han Yu scratched his head, "brother, I know, but now she's in grave danger."

If Liang Bing realized that she was the first experimental subject. It would be hard for them to do anything, let alone stealing a corpse… a body.

"Han Yu, you getting too attached to her." There was a hint of warning in his tone.
"Brother, she's the first experimental subject. The first one, Liang Bing succeeded. Of course I'll get attached to her." Lin Han Yu was agitated.
The man glared at Lin Han Yu lightly, "I don't agree with Liang Bing's way of handling this, even if he succeeded, this is not how I want to do it."
"I know that. I'm just curious." Lin Han Yu pouted his mouth. He could not understand why his brother, who was not considered some sort of saint, would suddenly be so compassionate and righteous.

The man nodded lightly, "go do as I say."

The moment A Ray Of Sunshine went online, his notification was ringing continuously.

It was mainly from those he hung out with.
[Private] You'll Suffer, "boss, did you really get Moon Shadow Scepter?"

[Private] You'll Suffer, "boss, did you really seduce The Cruel Spinter?"

[Private] You'll Suffer, "boss, why aren't you online?"

[Private] Majestic Presence, "boss, let me see Moon Shadow Scepter. You should keep the goodie within the clan. I'll gladly accept it if you give it to me."

[Private] Itinerant Novice Wolf, "boss, you're so inconsiderate. Why didn't you tell us that you're going to fight The Cruel Spinster? Who did you fight her with?"

The clans where no one would show up were suddenly filled with people. A Ray Of Sunshine hid those messages and quickly went to the Newbie Village.

A team invitation showed up out of nowhere. A Ray Of Sunshine accepted the invitation right away when he saw the inviter.

[Team] You'll Suffer, "boss, you're online?"

[Team] Majestic Presence, "I thought you ran away with Moon Shadow Scepter."

[Team] A Ray of Sunshine, "come on, am I someone like that?"

[Team] Itinerant Novice Wolf, "yes."

[Team] You'll Suffer, "yes."

[Team] Majestic Presence, "yes."

[Team] A Ray of Sunshine, "you guys are so heartless. I'll see you in  a short while."

[Team] Majestic Presence, "boss, where are you going?"

A Ray Of Sunshine's location kept changing on the team map, it caused the others to be curious inevitably.
[Team] A Ray of Sunshine, "I'm picking up someone."

Picking up someone?
A dude or a girl?

Those who were curious met up immediately and blocked A Ray Of Sunshine's way at the Newbie Village.

They could not believe that their boss would go to Newbie Village to pick someone up…
[Team] A Ray of Sunshine, "my brother is coming, so watch yourselves when you're speaking."

[Team] You'll Suffer, "…"

[Team] Majestic Presence, "…"

[Team] Itinerant Novice Wolf, "…"

Boss, are you crazy!
Why did you bring your brother here?

A Ray Of Sunshine could read their minds from the rows of dots. He explained in the chat.
[Team] A Ray of Sunshine, "my brother didn't come here to play games. He has some business to deal with."

[Team] You'll Suffer, "I just remember that I haven't completed my daily tasks. Presence, Little Wolf, do you want to come with me?"

[Team] Itinerant Novice Wolf, "yes!"

[Team] Majestic Presence, "yes!"

Both of them replied at almost the same time. It was evident that they really did not relish staying there for another second.
A Ray Of Sunshine watched those beasts escape with his eyes wide open, only to condemn in the team chat that his brother would not eat them. Why were they so afraid of him?
To that, those monsters responded by-

Dude, that's your brother, of course you're not afraid of him!
"Han Yu."
A Ray Of Sunshine raised his head to see a man dressed up in a noble son manner standing in front of him, with the words 'Moon Filled West Tower' on top of his head.
"Brother… why did you make your appearance worse?" A Ray Of Sunshine asked with shock.
The man standing opposite him did not respond.
A Ray Of Sunshine laughed, "brother… you need to level up first. Shen Jue Palace map is a level 80 map. You need to be at least level 30 to enter the map."
"Bring her to me."
A Ray of Sunshine, "…"

Bring someone as arrogant as her to you?
It obviously is impossible.

Although he knew that it was impossible, A Ray Of Sunshine still relayed the message. Shi Sheng indeed ridiculed him with all her might.
A Ray Of Sunshine copy-pasted the messages for Moon Filled West Tower to read without leaving out a word.
- who does he think he is?
- what should I meet him?
- ask him to come here himself.
- he doesn't want to come? Fine then!
There was no more message following that.
Looking at how arrogant she is, it was like someone was asking for her help. Did she not have self-awareness? Didn't she know that she would get beaten up by people because of her attitude?
Moon Filled West Tower stayed silent for a moment, "help me level up."

   [World] A Man's True Colors, "why can't Shen Jue Palace dungeon be activated?"

   [World] Ha Ha Ha, "that means it can't be activated, probably because the company is fixing the bug."

The Cruel Spinster's bug was unusually complicated.

   [World] Ancestor, Stop Fooling Around, "wait, I saw The Cruel Spinster was on the world channel!"

Shi Sheng was watching the world channel out of boredom. When she saw someone was discussing her, she went up immediately to mess with them.

   [World] Hua Meng Meng, "what makes you think you mortals are worthy to enter my palace?"

   [World] The Great July, "Hua Meng Meng is messing with us again, please speak English."

   [World] Hua Meng Meng, "I'm an NPC, I can't speak English."

   [World] Central Air Conditioner, "ha ha ha ha, I give full marks for this shenanigan."

   [World] A Man's True Colors, "Hua Meng Meng, you win."

   [World] The Great July, "I'm exhausted."

   [World] Central Air Conditioner, "July, why didn't your fangirls spam the chatbox?"

   [World] July's Underwear, "fangirls spamming the chatbox!"

   [World] July's Bra, "fangirls spamming the chatbox!"

   [World] July's Baby, "fangirls spamming the chatbox!"

   [World] July's Cutie, "fangirls spamming the chatbox!"

   [World] July's Heart, "fangirls spamming the chatbox!"

   [World] Central Air Conditioner, "my bad, July, ask your fangirls to stop spamming."

   [World] July's Pomelo, "fangirls spamming the chatbox!"

   [World] July's Bolster, "fangirls spamming the chatbox!"

   [World] Hua Meng Meng, "why don't I have fangirls? I'm unhappy."

   [World] Your Daddy is Online, "why does an NPC need fangirls?"

   [World] Hua Meng Meng, "my fans can challenge Shen Jue Palace."

   [World] Ancestor, Stop Fooling Around, "can't believe you're this kind of NPC. Daddy, wait for me, I'll buy Revival Water now."

   [World] Hua Meng Meng's July, "Hua Meng Meng, let me clear the stage, I want to be the first to clear."

Although A Ray Of Sunshine obtained Moon Shadow Scepter, he was not on the list of clearing Shen Jue Palace, which meant no one had cleared Shen Jue Palace.

   [World] Central Air Conditioner, "... July, your speed is impressive."

   [World] July's Underwear, "if daddy can update as quick as this, we'll be so happy."

   [World] July's Bolster, "+1111111"

   [World] Hua Meng Meng, "come to my dungeon."

   [World] Your Daddy is Online, "gosh! Isn't the dungeon locked? What does The Cruel Spinster mean? Can he really go through the back door?"