In fact, Shi Sheng did not care much about the body.

Her consciousness was already separated from the body. She was an individual by herself. It was useless for the male lead even if he had her body.
The only problem was the original host's wish was to return to be a human. That meant she needed to find a vessel. It was not like she was able to create a body out of thin air, right?

Shi Sheng admitted that she was not that epic.
And the feeling of someone having something useless against her did not sit well with her.
Shi Sheng stared at the man standing below her with the words' Moon Filled West Tower' on his head. After some time, she responded, "fine then."
Her tone was unbelievably nonchalant.

Moon Filled West Tower looked at Shi Sheng weird.

A Ray Of Sunshine only spoke after they left Shen Jue Palace.
"Brother, are we seriously not going to help her?"
"Does she seem like a human to you?" Moon Filled West Tower asked in response.

A Ray of Sunshine, "... yeah, how is she not a human? Look at how she's messing around on the world channel."

Moon Filled West Tower glanced at his retarded younger brother, left the game without a word, and disappeared in A Ray Of Sunshine's sight.

[Private] Le Jin, "are you here?"

Shi Sheng looked at the private message that popped out of nowhere. She blinked with confusion.
When did she add the female lead?
Shi Sheng pulled out her friend list. She recalled that she only added two persons. One was A Ray Of Sunshine, the other was Hua Meng Meng's July.
So when did the female lead add her?
She did see Le Jin's name on her friend list.

[Private] Hua Meng Meng, "?"

Le Jin took a while to respond.

[Private] Le Jin, "A Lifetime Of Peace asked if you could meet up with him?"

Shi Sheng,"..." She could not believe that Liang Bing would use the female lead to get in contact with her.
Does he not scare that I can run away with the female lead?

[Private] Hua Meng Meng, "why does he want to meet up with me?"

[Private] Le Jin, "... I'm not sure about that, A Lifetime Of Peace only ordered me to ask you."

A malicious smile appeared on Shi Sheng's lips, she replied.

[Private] Hua Meng Meng, "he wants to kill me. I don't want to meet him."

[Private] Le Jin, "!?"
Le Jin was obviously stunned by what she said.

[Private] Hua Meng Meng, "he must be into my looks and is trying to get me by force!"

Shi Sheng was good with things like smearing the male lead's image.

[Private] Le Jin, "…"

[Private] Le Jin, "A Lifetime Of Peace… he isn't this kind of person, right?"

[Private] Hua Meng Meng, "do you know him that well? Do you know what kind of person he is? How do you know he isn't this kind of person? You may know him for a long time without understanding his true nature!"

Le Jin did not reply for some time, did not know if she was seeking proof from Liang Bing, or pondered by herself.
Basically, Le Jin did not reply to her after that.

[World] Hua Meng Meng, "Does anyone want to fight me? I'm so bored!"

Shi Sheng went to the world channel. The world channel was discussing something. When she appeared, it quieted down eerily. Her message was on the top. No one responded to that.

[World] Hua Meng Meng's July, "Hua Meng Meng, let me ask you something."

[World] Hua Meng Meng, "no, I won't date you, I've never loved you before, and I'm not lesbo."

[World] …

This BOSS is indeed impressive. She even knows this line.  

[World] Ancestor, Stop Fooling Around, "BOSS, with your attack status. The whole server can't beat you. Who would want to fight you?"

[World] Your Daddy is Online, "daddy, you're actually a player, right? No NPCs are as epic as you. You must be a player!"

[World] Hua Meng Meng's July, "that's what I was going to ask."

[World] Hua Meng Meng, "your daddy, I am god, I rule everything in this world. Faster come and lick my feet, you dumb mortals."

Shi Sheng typed out these lines swiftly.

[World] A Man's True Colors, "damn, she must be a player! Even if she isn't a player, she must be a human NPC!"

What kind of planning committee would plan such an otaku character?

Sheng Jue Palace's Hua Meng Meng was designed to be a sorrowful character. This was the complete opposite, alright?

[World] Hua Meng Meng, "come and fight me then! I'll tell you if you win."

[World] Your Daddy is Online, "daddy, we won't do that."

[World] Ancestor, Stop Fooling Around, "she doesn't have Moon Shadow Scepter."

As this sentence was out, all players only recalled that A Ray Of Sunshine obtained Moon Shadow Scepter. They were killed within a second whenever she used Moon Shadow Scepter.

Will The Cruel Spinster be as powerful as she is without her Moon Shadow Scepter?
Yes, We're coming!

Hence, these players decided on a location excitedly and raced there.

However, when they arrived, there was already a technique light on the map.  

The person fighting with Shi Sheng was A Lifetime Of Peace, and members of Quick Shadow standing at the side.
"My gosh! He's quick."
When they were chattering on the world channel, A Lifetime Of Peace had already come here without a word. That was too immoral!
"Without Moon Shadow Scepter, The Cruel Spinster indeed is not as powerful!"
"A Lifetime Of Peace is so strong..."

As they said, they suddenly saw Shi Sheng drew a metal sword, it looked like an ordinary metal sword, but they could feel chills sending down their spines for some reason.

The dimension was bound with her spirit. When she was in the spirit realm, taking out her metal sword was not a big deal.
When her metal sword is out, who could fight her!

A Lifetime Of Peace was defeated by Shi Sheng in minutes. She even threw two Set Corpse Talisman on him to stop him from leaving the game and reviving, making him stayed as a corpse.

The spectating players, "..."
Didn't they say Moon Shadow Scepter is what makes her powerful?
Is that sword some sort of gag?

[Nearby] A Lifetime of Peace, "Hua Meng Meng, who are you?"

A Lifetime Of Peace did not want to talk about this topic with her in front of so many players, but they could not do anything if she did not show up.

[Nearby] Hua Meng Meng, "who else can I be other than Hua Meng Meng!"

The original host's name was also Hua Meng Meng. Due to them having the same name, the original host probably turned into the NPC Hua Meng Meng when the experiment went south.

[Nearby] A Lifetime of Peace, "are you her?"

Shi Sheng stared at those three words for a while and glanced at A Lifetime Of Peace. When players were dead, they would not have facial expression, Shi Sheng could not tell what kind of expression he was having.

After pondering for some time, Shi Sheng typed.

[Nearby] Hua Meng Meng, "you can say so."

[Nearby] A Lifetime of Peace, "how much do you know?"

[Nearby] Hua Meng Meng, "I know about things that I should know, and about things that I shouldn't know."

The male lead must have known her identity, or not he would not ask her.

[Nearby] A Lifetime of Peace, "let's private chat."

[Nearby] Hua Meng Meng, "or we could chat on the world channel."

The nearby players were stupefied by these chats. What are they talking about?

They had zero clues.

A Lifetime Of Peace did not say anything, but Quick Shadow members left the game. In a few seconds, the players left the game collectively, leaving Shi Sheng and A Lifetime Of Peace.

That was the perk of the game's chairman. They could let anyone leave the game as they desired.