A wave of light shone through A Lifetime Of Peace's body, he got up from the ground.

Shi Sheng struck again, causing A Lifetime Of Peace to die once again.
"Liang Bing," Shi Sheng squatted next to him, "don't waste your energy, you should stay lying on the ground, or you'll be doomed if you can't revive anymore."

Liang Bing's heart skipped a beat.

[Nearby] A Lifetime of Peace, "did you know about the experiment too?"

"Of course, I know everything, including everything you did. Such as… your sister, Le Jin."

[Nearby] A Lifetime of Peace, "you're not Hua Meng Meng!"

When they were choosing experimental subjects, they made sure each subject was examined extensively. Hua Meng Meng became a vegetable. She would not be this intelligent.
"I'm Hua Meng Meng."

[Nearby] A Lifetime of Peace, "no way."

"I'm not asking to believe I'm Hua Meng Meng or not." Shi Sheng sneered.

Liang Bing tried to compose himself.

[Nearby] A Lifetime of Peace, "what are you trying to do? I can bring you out of here, but the technology isn't advanced enough. You have to wait for a while. I need more time."

It did not matter who she was, Le Jin was in this world too. Liang Bing did not dare to madden her.
When a person with concerns clashed with someone that did not care about anything, the former would one hundred percent be at a disadvantage.
"More time to destroy me?"
Liang Bing did not reply to Shi Sheng, he used his private channel to contact others, but he could not reach anyone.
Every channel was disconnected.

[Nearby] A Lifetime of Peace, "what did you do?"

"Just a little trick." Shi Sheng smiled faintly, but her tone was not friendly, "don't worry, I'll let you go once they have what I want. I don't dare to lay a finger on you anyway."
Shi Sheng spanned a lot of time on this map. She purposely set the location on here. She did not pick here without a good reason.

[Nearby] A Lifetime of Peace, "…"

Your tone sounds like you can't wait to kill me right away.
Liang Bing was trying to come up with a strategy in his heart.
He did not know what she wanted, nor who she was. And what trump cards did she have.

The current condition was extremely at a disadvantage for him.

[Nearby] A Lifetime of Peace, "Hua Meng Meng, you're a vegetable, and I let you live in the game. It's basically giving you another life."

"So what you're saying is that I should thank you?"

[Nearby] A Lifetime of Peace, "if it weren't for me, you would still be on the ward bed, with zero sensation. That could be your whole life. Now you can live in a game. What's wrong with that?"

"You're right. You should live in this game then."

Liang Bing gagged. He was all healthy and well. Why did he need to stay in the game?


A window suddenly popped out in front of Liang Bing.
[Are you okay?]

Liang Bing responded as fast as he could, [she says she's Hua Meng Meng, but I don't think so. What does she want?]
[She wants Experimental Number One's body.]
Experimental Number One's body, that was Hua Meng Meng's body.

[Why did she want the body? Did she know how to get out of the game? Didn't you say that the technology isn't advanced enough for that?]
[She gave us two choices, it's either you will be trapped in the game or connect her body with the game. You have to make the decision.]

Liang Bing looked at that sentence and typed a message after some time.
[Can you get me out of here?]

[I can't, she's too good.]
Initially, Liang Bing wanted to confirm if she was Experimental Number One. If she was, he would comfort her first so that she would not blabber about it before he thought of ways to get rid of this problem.
If she was not, he would try to find out who she was, to see if she was sent by his rival company, if he could bribe her to double-cross his rival instead.

But this plot twist was entirely different from what he had thought.
In the end, Liang Bing chose the second choice.
He did not want to be trapped in there.
Liang Bing made the call, Shi Sheng received an answer too. They would connect her body to the game in two hours.
Shi Sheng could see the laboratory clearly via the internet. There were a bunch of people preparing the body.
That was a pale girl, her face was thin, wearing clothes with stripes, her body was plugged in with various kinds of wires.

Shi Sheng watched them unplugging the wires from the girl and moved her into a game pod, connecting each port of the game pod.
This body was frail.

Shi Sheng observed the laboratory for a while and ran through ways for her to escape the laboratory in her head.
Although they made a deal with her, they definitely would not let her escape. There must be people out there waiting to ambush her.

Luckily there were surveillance cameras in the lab everywhere, making it more convenient for her to calculate.

[Nearby] A Lifetime of Peace, "can you really get out of here?"

Liang Bing did not believe her. He recruited many to build a big team that did not have any tangible progress until now. How did she do it by herself?
"Since you've managed to send me in, of course I can find a way out." Shi Sheng took a chair out of nowhere and sat on it with her legs crossed, in a sloppy manner.

Liang Bing did not know how to respond to that.
This Hua Meng Meng was way too arrogant, which gave off the impression that she was bluffing, but seeing that she might have a card up her sleeve, one might think she could actually do it.

The map was in silence, the lighting was getting darker.

In order to make sure that the game was realistic, the game's world was the same as the outside world, with days and nights and different weathers.

It was nighttime in the game's world at the moment.

Liang Bing could see Shi Sheng from the ground. His surroundings were quiet. He could not tell if she was near him.

Liang Bing's side had received orders to standby, but there were no signs from Shi Sheng's side.

Time passing minute by minute, Liang Bing could not resist asking.

[Nearby] A Lifetime of Peace, "they're all ready."

"Ready to catch me when I go out?" Shi Sheng sounded sarcastic, "just because you guys are retards, don't think that I'm one too."

Liang Bing was speechless.

He probably did not expect that in his lifetime, he would end up in this situation.

This wait lasted for several days.

Lin Family's villa.

Lin Han Yu got down from the game and rushed to his brother's study.
Compared to the last time, the study had a game pod in it. The man stood in front of the pod, pondering about something.
"Brother." Lin Han Yu knocked on the door. He straight away pushed open the door and entered the study, "I still can't get in contact with her. I can't enter the map either. What's she trying to do? Did Liang Bing find out about her?"
The man put down the remote control in his palm. A holographic screen was displayed on the other side of the study table, with a few images rolling through the screen.

"This is Experimental Number One." the man glanced at the girl in the image, "Hua Meng Meng, the same name as the NPC. Born on the 5th of July, 2080. Turned into vegetative state in 2093 due to an accident. Her educational level and doesn't match with her articulation level."
"Brother…" Lin Han Yu looked at the man.
The man stopped, turned around, and gazed at Lin Han Yu, "what do you think she is?"
The air was quiet and still.

Lin Han Yu spoke after some time.
"An Artificial Intelligence."