The laboratory.

The whole lab was full of equipment reflecting the icy light—a pale, fragile girl lying in the half opaque game pod, like an abandoned, ragged doll.

Countless pairs of eyes staring at the screen, filled with nervousness and anxiety, with a slight hint of excitement.

The screen suddenly turned black, the whole lab fell into darkness.


A dull and loud noise came through the tightly enclosed lab. The noise lasted for three seconds before turning into silence the next moment.
Until they turned on the spare power supply and dashed into the lab, the lab was in a mess, and the girl in the game pod was gone.

There was a pitch-black hole next to the game pod. The hallway from below could be seen from the hole.

And as the hole was extending into darkness.
The densely overgrown shrub was the stray dogs' defecation heaven. The ground was filled with poop.

When Shi Sheng opened the old and dilapidated underground tunnel cover, a stray dog raised its leg, getting ready to pee.
The stray dog tucked its tail between its legs instantly when it saw an unidentified living organism popped out of nowhere. It escaped from the shrub as it barked before vanishing into thin air.

There is a monster stalking me peeing, how shameless!
Shi Sheng, who was dunked with the strange smell, "..."
Gosh darn it!

Even water tumbles in my teeth when I have bad luck. When I get back, I need to change that darn luck point.

I'll change to 200%. I don't believe that with 200%, I'll still be so unlucky!

Shi Sheng crawled out from the underground tunnel. She hobbled to the outside while wearing the same clothes with stripes, with her hair disheveled, pale complexion, her eyes filled with blood vessels, people would think that she came out of a mental hospital in one look.
Although it was not crowded at the moment, some pedestrians were roaming around. Hence, they all ran away while shrieking when they saw Shi Sheng,

Shi Sheng's eardrums were in pain due to the screams, as if every single strain of nerve were yanked together, she was throbbing with pain.

She speedily escaped to an alley without anyone. Her ears were finally at peace.

Shi Sheng took out some clean clothes to change from the space. She was all skin-and-bones. Her body would be dismantled if someone gave her a shove.

23rd July 2099.

Shi Sheng looked at the time appeared in a shop. Her complexion was still pale. She tied up her hair, exposing her forehead and cheeks, which made her looked even slender. It was a terrifying sight.

Hua Meng Meng turned into a vegetable in 2093. It was 6 years ago.

That meant she should be 18 years old by now.

Shi Sheng looked down to see her body. This, at most, is a 15-year-old body. How does it look like an 18-year-old?

I need to get this body in shape first, or not it'll be hard for me to stay alive, let alone showing off.
"Just now, I saw her heading in this direction… she looks quite scary, like a lunatic. What if she has a violent tendency? Please hurry up and capture her."

Shi Sheng heard footsteps coming in her direction, along with someone speaking before she could go to the streets.

Shi Sheng turned around to leave.

"That's her! She changed her clothes. I can still recognize her even if she changed clothes."

Shi Sheng's speed was not up to par. She was quickly caught up by those chasing her.

They were wearing the police uniform, but it was evident that they were not the real police based on their indifferent expression.

Shi Sheng turned around with her back leaning on the wall. Those people also quickly surrounded her in a circle.

"Experimental Number One is found." one of the men clicked on a button on his watch and reported, "estimated time of return is one hour."


A sharp metal sword was stabbed into the man's abdomen, drawn-out quickly, and swung at the man next to him.

Shi Sheng's sword was drawn out too sudden. Another man dropped to the ground before he could react.

The remaining three men quickly backed off to a safe distance and pointed their guns as Shi Sheng after the second man fell to the ground.

"Experimental Number One, drop your weapon and stop resisting!"

"Pah!" Shi Sheng showed a violent and vicious expression with her pale face. She appeared strangely creepy, like a vengeance monster that crawled out from hell.

Stop resisting and waiting to be captured and dissected, is it?
What a darn moron!

"Use the special way to capture her at necessary measures, do not let her escape.."

A voice burst out abruptly from that man's watch.

Shi Sheng stepped on the watch but did not manage to destroy it. It might be due to stepping on the switch. The voice stopped spontaneously.

Shi Sheng despised that she was feeble. She raised her leg and slashed through the watch with her sword instead. The watch was crushed into pieces instantaneously, along with the hand becoming badly mangled.

The three huge men were shocked at the same time. How did this experimental subject become so violent?

Shi Sheng raised her head to look at the other three. Her pale and tiny face suddenly lit up with a smile. That smile was purely superficial. It could not reach the bottom of her eyes.

They could feel the chill wind coming from the corner. The chills reached their brains through their spines. Their hearts were racing.
Shi Sheng let go of the metal sword. The sword was floating in midair.

The three men's irises were wide open,"!"

It was floating in the air!


"Cough cough..." Shi Sheng covered her mouth. She could feel her lungs were about to be coughed out of her body. The bloody smell in her mouth made her want to throw up.

If she knew that this body would be this useless, she would have asked for a healthy body.

There was no use crying over spilled milk!

The lab staff was chasing her from all over the place. Before Shi Sheng could get rid of one batch, another batch would show up.

They were too quick to spot Shi Sheng. She assumed that there might be a tracker in her body. But there were too many people after. She could not find the tracker in her body.
A car stopped in front of Shi Sheng abruptly. The car door was pulled open, Shi Sheng glanced at the person in the car cautiously.

"Hua Meng Meng, get in!"

Shi Sheng stared at the person in the car. He looks familiar…

The person in the car probably got impatient. He hopped off the car, and as he was about to grab Shi Sheng,a sharp sword blocked between them, the biting cold wind was surging at that person.

The sudden wind gushing at him caught him off guard and made him froze for a second.
"I'm A Ray Of Sunshine." Lin Han Yu composed himself and said that hurriedly, he then saw silhouettes were chasing her from afar, "the people who are chasing you are here, gets in the car."

Shi Sheng took a glance at him and turned around to run in another direction.

Being unaccountably solicitous, he is definitely hiding evil intentions!

I'm not gonna get in there.

Lin Han Yu, "..."
My gosh!

What's the meaning of this!
Lin Han Yu hurriedly got back into the car to catch up with Shi Sheng, "Hua Meng Meng, you can't defeat them. Get in the car first. I'll bring you to somewhere safe."

Shi Sheng was escaping to a place with no many people. So when the bunch chased her was catching up to her, she would defeat them with her sword right away.

Lin Han Yu's jaw was about to drop to the ground. 'Piang!' The car hit the median divider island on the side.

Was he dreaming?

Why was he seeing a sword slashing through people by itself?

Was not this some sort of scenario that would only appear in video games?

It must be due to him still daydreaming.
As Lin Han Yu was blinking his eyes aggressively, the sword flew through in front of his eyes at the same time. The blood on the edge of the blade was dripping into his car and splashed on his face. The reeking smell of blood wafted out in the car.