Before this, Lin Han Yu did not believe what his brother speculated.
But now, he was beginning to believe him.
Hua Meng Meng was not a human.

Do humans stay calm and collected when they are killing people?
Her expression did not change a bit from the beginning to the end.
It was like those who chased her were just a bunch of robots, and she was killing those command-driven, lifeless robots.
If she was a human, then she would be terrifying.
Lin Han Yu was a curious man. He was still chasing Shi Sheng in his deformed car, although he was under this theory.

"Cough cough..." Shi Sheng endured the impulse to throw up blood. Her body swayed.

Oh no, I can’t take it anymore.
She glanced at Lin Han Yu's car with the corner of her eyes, headed to the car after taking a breath. She pulled open the door and hopped in.
"... Hua Meng Meng!" Lin Han Yu jolted.

"Drive, now."

"Oh… okay." Lin Han Yu responded and accelerated instantly.

Shi Sheng sat on the front passenger seat, inspected her neck using her hand first. She could not feel anything strange in the neck.

She then laid out her arms. Other than some traces of injection, there was nothing underneath her skin.
"What are you looking for?" Lin Han Yu asked out of curiosity after watching Shi Sheng touching her neck and her arms.
"The tracker."

As Shi Sheng answered him, she felt something was between her waist.
It was tiny. If it were not due to the body being all skin and bones, she would never find it.

"So you have a knife? The small type." She only had a sword and all sorts of weird weapons.

Lin Han Yu searched in the car and passed her a fruit knife.

Shi Sheng took over the knife and stabbed her waist within a blink of an eye.

"Hua Meng Meng!" Lin Han Yu screamed in shock.

Shi Sheng ignored Lin Han Yu's scream and flicked the knife in her waist. A mini chip was dug out along with flesh and blood.

Shi Sheng threw it out of the car nonchalantly.

Lin Han Yu, "!"

Don’t she feel pain?

Even a muscular man like him would not dare to stab himself, yet she could do it without hesitation.

Lin Han Yu looked at Shi Sheng's face, which was getting paler over time. He was dread that she might die in the next second.

He parked his car at Lin Family's villa and hopped off right away. Pulled open the car door next to Shi Sheng, "Hua Meng Meng, are you okay?"
"Where is this?"
"My home, it's safe here. Liang Bin dare not to come here casually." Lin Han Yu said swiftly, "let me bring you to treat your wounds."

Shi Sheng could see through the car window that someone was standing at the villa's first floor, looking down at her.

The distance and the lighting blurred his expression.

Lin Han Yu noticed Shi Sheng's sight and looked at where she was looking, "that's my brother, you guys have met before."

Shi Sheng avoided Lin Han Yu's support and got down from the car by herself. She used her metal sword to balance herself and said calmly, "I'll repay this favor."

"I promised to get back your body," Lin Han Yu replied, "you don't owe me anything."

Lin Han Yu brought Shi Sheng into the villa. The man standing on the first floor previously was already sitting on the couch in the living room.
"Lin Han Yu." He called Lin Han Yu's name calmly.

Lin Han Yu was like a kid caught red-handed. He lowered his head, "brother, she's injured."

Lin Han Shu furrowed his brows slightly, his gaze stopped on Shi Sheng's waist, which was soaked in blood. He headed upstairs after a few seconds, "come to the study after you settled that."

Lin Han Yu let out a sigh of relief.

Shi Sheng felt that she had difficulty speaking. She was already at her limits by standing straight.

Lin Han Yu sat Shi Sheng down on the couch and ran upstairs. He came down with a first aid kit and commanded a robot from another room.
"It will treat your wounds." Lin Han Yu passed the first aid kit to the robot.

Shi Sheng nodded lightly.

He turned around and waited until the robot finished before turning back.
After settling Shi Sheng in the guest room, Lin Han Yu went to the study to see Lin Han Shu.

He was scolded by him, unsurprisingly.

Lin Han Shu did not allow Lin Han Yu to meddle with this matter, as this was not some joking matter.

"Brother, didn't you say that she might be artificial intelligence? It will be better if we keep her instead of letting her be with Liang Bing!" Lin Han Yu grabbed Lin Han Shu's arm.

Lin Han Shu pulled back his arm, "Han Yu, you don't get it. What we will face if she really is artificial intelligence."

It would be a disaster.

In the end, Lin Han Shu agreed to let Shi Sheng stay. Since she was already here, it would be implausible to send her back.

Shi Sheng lived at the Lin's Family. There was no spiritual energy in this dimension. She could only recover by medicine.

But recovering with medicine was the slowest. Shi Sheng felt like she was in jail in that period. It was suffering for her.
"Is your brother Lin Han Shu?" Shi Sheng asked Lin Han Yu, who was looking at something at the side while leaning on the bedhead.
"What?" Lin Han Yu nodded, "yeah, how did you know that?"
He recalled he did not tell her his brother's name.
Lin Han Shu!

The antagonist who ended up in a complete defeat and fall from grace. But the plot did not mention the fact that he had a younger brother.

Shi Sheng did not sense any familiarity with him when she met him, so he would not be Feng Ci.

"Just a guess." Shi Sheng answered perfunctorily.
Lin Han Yu's lips corner trembled.
I give one star for this lie.
This was too perfunctory.

"Hua Meng Meng, how did you outrun those people?" Lin Han Yu switched the topic, "Liang Bing's people should not be easy to get rid of. And what about your sword? Show me."

"How did you know I was there?" Shi Sheng dodged the question with another question.

She was somewhere remote. How did Lin Han Yu find her?
Lin Han Yu, "..."

Lin Han Yu scratched his head, "I heard it from my brother's conversation that you escaped from the lab..."

Shi Sheng raised her brows lightly.

This Lin Han Shu is quite good at this.

To be someone who's able to hack into the male lead's lab, no wonder he's the antagonist, unlike Feng Ci, that moron.

"I only went there to try my luck. I didn't expect to really bump into you. Guess you can say that I'm lucky."
"Thank you."
"Eh? You're thanking me?" Lin Han Yu's iris filled with sparks of surprise. His handsome-looking face, which looked a little childish, was full of shock.

He could not believe that someone as arrogant as her would thank him.
"I'm someone with manners." Shi Sheng switched to a comfortable position, "why can't I thank you since you've helped me?"
"I thought you would say something like this is my responsibility." Lin Han Yu caressed his head. His hair was in a mess.

Some people thought they were invincible when they were arrogant. They would not care less about anyone.

Lin Han Yu thought that Shi Sheng was like that, but he realized that she was not.

Shi Sheng took a glance at him, "now that I need you to feed me, I would be crazy to say those things."


Hey, you're being too realistic!

The conversation could be heard from the outside. The girl's voice was a little unclear.
Lin Han Shu stood there for a while before leaving the villa without a noise.