By the time Shi Sheng was fully recovered, it was already one month later. Shi Sheng only saw Lin Han Shu twice the whole time.

And they were quite far away from each other.

Shi Sheng moved out of Lin's villa after she recovered. She did not feel safe living in another person's house.

"Are you really going to leave?" Lin Han Yu could not bear the thought of Shi Sheng leaving after hanging out with her all day long, "Liang Bing's will definitely look for you if you leave here."
"..." Shi Sheng remained silent for a moment, pointed at the villa not far away, "I'm just living next to you, stop being so dramatic. Do you think you're in an opera?"

Lin Han Yu looked in the direction she pointed. He felt a little gloomy.
She was broke and had nothing when she arrived. However, in just two months, she did not only have a car and a villa, she even got an identification card.

Lin Han Yu opened his mouth after some time, "but we're still hundreds of meters away from each other."

"Get lost!" Shi Sheng took her stuff, "see you in the game."

"Eh… you're still gonna go to that game?" Lin Han Yu got excited instantly.

"Of course, I'm going back to that game. I still want to go back to show off." I am a show-off professional for hundreds of years!
"Why don't I move in with you. It's better to have someone take care of you. A single lady like you living by yourself, how unsafe is that." Lin Han Yu suggested.
Shi Sheng flipped him off before rushing down the stairs and walked out of the villa.

Lin Han Yu followed her to the doorstep, which bumped into Lin Han Shu, who just so happened was at the doorstep.

Lin Han Shu had a guest. They were having a conversation. Lin Han Shu stopped the conversation right when he saw Shi Sheng. However, Shi Sheng could hear phrases like 'Liang Bing', 'experiment ', and 'video games'.

Lin Han Shu knew that Shi Sheng was about to move out. He did not have any reaction to it. When they bumped into each other, he only nodded slightly at her and went around to bring the guest into the villa. While he passed by Lin Han Yu, he grabbed him by his arm and dragged him inside.

Lin Han Yu struggled, "brother… what are you doing?"

"We're going to eat."

Lin Han Yu could only watch as She Shing walked away.
"Brother, do you still think that she's not a human?" Lin Han Yu grabbed Lin Han Shu's arm, asked seriously.

Lin Han Shu's brows furrowed. Although he only met Shi Sheng less than five times, he knew Shi Sheng's every movement clearly.

"It doesn't matter if she is or not. Her capability was suspicious." Lin Han Shu avoided the topic, "where did she get her money if she never left the villa. Han Yu, you better don't underestimate her."

Lin Han Yu glared at Lin Han Shu. How is that important?

The point was that he liked her.

He went upstairs sulkily, went back to his beloved video games.
Lin Han Shu shook his head as he sighed. Why was his younger brother so naive?

Shi Sheng entered the game as the NPC Hua Meng Meng. she was at the same location when she left the game.

Shi Sheng saw some other people on the map.

It was the male lead Liang Bing and some of Quick Shadow's members.
Shi Sheng's sudden appearance startled them, including Liang Bing.

"Yo, are you having a meeting?" Shi Sheng stopped somewhere with a certain distance. She watched them with a fake smile, "why are you still here?"

"Hua Meng Meng, how dare you show up!" Liang Bing gnashed his teeth as he squeezed those words out of his mouth.

"Why wouldn't I dare to show up?" Shi Sheng laughed arrogantly, "aren't you the one stuck here?"

Liang Bing's heart was lit by the flame of rage as she said that. He was trapped there for a month. If the game pod could not supply nutrients automatically, he would have starved to death a long time ago.

Up until now, his people only let a few others enter. But they could not log him out with any method.

Shi Sheng teleported to Shen Jue Palace after making fun of Liang Bing.

Due to the company's CEO being trapped in the game, the game stopped every new update.

As for the disappearance of Hua Meng Meng, Shen Jue Palace could not be activated naturally. A bunch of players stuck at level 79 could not level up to 80.

Shi Sheng went back to Shen Jue Palace and pulled out the world channel. All she saw was July's fangirls spamming channel.

[World] July's Underwear, "daddy, please update a new chapter. /flips table"

[World] July's Bra, "daddy, please update a new chapter. /flips table"

July was a cartoonist. She spent all day playing this game and procrastinated. Hence her readers came to play this game while rushing her for new chapters.

[World] Ancestor, Stop Fooling Around, "July, you let your readers spam the world channel every day. Can you give us who don't have fangirls some face?"

[World] Central Air Conditioner, "why don't I have cute fangirls? /sad /sad /sad"

[World] Hua Meng Meng, "because you're bad at this game."

[World] The Great July, "…"

[World] July's Underwear, "…"

[World] July's Bra, "…"

[World] Looking at Retards,"..."

[World] A Man's True Colors, "..."

[World] Your Daddy is Online, "I think I just saw the return of a missing person."

[World] The Great July, "you saw it correctly, it's The Cruel Spinster."

[World] A Ray of Sunshine," Hua Meng Meng, Hua Meng Meng. Faster, let me in."

[World] A Man's True Colors, "The Cruel Spinster's back? Did the officials say anything? Didn't they say it's a bug? Why is she back? GM come out and explain to us!"

Ever since Hua Meng Meng was missing, the world channel was much quieter.

The official's explanation was that Hua Meng Meng's character has a bug, Shen Jue Palace will be closed temporarily. As for the level-up issue, the requirements will be updated in the next update.

However, after a month's wait, they waited for The Cruel Spinster's return instead of the new update.

[World] You'll Suffer, "my gosh! Boss didn't even talk to us first when he returned but went on the world channel to find The Cruel Spinster. What is going on with you two?"

[World] Majestic Presence, "I said something was wrong when Boss got Moon Shadow Scepter. There's definitely something going on with these two."

[World] Itinerant Novice Wolf, "Boss, did you really sacrifice your body? Humans can't date NPCs."

[World] Hua Meng Meng, "I can come back whenever I want. What makes you think those retards can stop me?"

The world channel was filled with arrogance.

[World] Your Daddy is Online,"…"

[World] You'll Suffer, "…"

[World] A Ray of Sunshine, "…"

[World] The Great July, "…"

With the same recipe, it came with the same taste.
This was The Cruel Spinster they knew.
[World] Searching And Seeking, "Hua Meng Meng, you're a spy, right?"

This message was too loud and eye-catching. All the other players quieted down immediately. They were probably pondering what Searching And Seeking was talking about.
This Searching And Seeking...

Before that, she was against Le JIn, and now Hua Meng Meng is her target?
[World] Hua Meng Meng,"Spy? Did I spy your man?"

[World] The Great July, "My Hua Meng Meng is too epic!"

[World] A Man's True Colors, "Spy? Searching And Seeking, what are you talking about?"

[World] Searching And Seeking, "Hua Meng Meng, you better watch your mouth. You think no one would notice what you did? if you don't want anybody to know it, then you shouldn't do it in the first place!"

[World] Hua Meng Meng,"what did i do? Did I sleep with your man or eat your food?"

[World] A Ray of Sunshine, "My Hua Meng Meng is so mighty!"