Searching And Seeking stopped talking on the world channel, probably due to there were too many people.

But numerous players saw that message.

What spy?
Chaotic World was the first fully holographic video game. Other fully holographic video games were published too, but they were not as realistic as Chaotic World.

Everyone in the industry was eyeing on Chaotic World's core technique.
Other companies had definitely sent some undercovers, but they were at most players. To be one of the NPCs seemed to be something impossible.

Shi Sheng discovered Searching And Seeking's location and dashed there.

Searching And Seeking was fighting a BOSS at wilderness with others. She was holding none other than Cotton Se Qin.
She initially snatched from Le Jin and humiliated her. If Shi Sheng did not trap the male lead, Searching And Seeking would get killed so often until she had to quit the game.

By the way, what's the female lead up to recently?
Shi Sheng shook her head and used a technique at the BOSS. The BOSS was defeated instantly. The loots dropped all over the ground.

The loot dropped by the BOSS in the wilderness can only be collected by those who defeated the BOSS. So if Shi Sheng did not pick it up, the others could not pick it too.

Searching And Seeking glared at one of the equipments on the ground for a second, then turned her glare to Shi Sheng.

Her face stunned when she made eye contact with Shi Sheng.

She then hastily hid behind the man standing next to her.

"Hua Meng Meng, what are you trying to do?" She questioned loudly with her head out.

"Let me ask you, what do you mean by I'm a spy?"
"I… I didn't mean it." Searching And Seeking suddenly raised her voice, "are you trying to kill me because I'm right?"
"That's right!" Shi Sheng smirked.
[World] Searching And Seeking, "Hua Meng Meng is trying to kill me. Come here, everyone, she's a spy! The coordinates are Tian Gu Valley, 208, 65."

Searching And Seeking cried out on the world channel suddenly.

[World] Ancestor, Stop Fooling Around, "how are you asking for help on the world channel when The Cruel Spinster doesn't have the Moon Shadow Scepter?"

[World] Hua Meng Meng, "so are you all going to gang up on me?"

[World] The Great July, "I give five stars for such an arrogant spy."

[World] You'll Suffer, "is The Cruel Spinster really a spy?"

Shi Sheng got rid of Searching And Seeking and her gang quickly. Cold And Lonely was not there, but when Searching And Seeking's squad was decimated, Cold And Lonely came when his people.

[Nearby] Cold And Lonely, "why did you kill my wife?"

[Nearby] Hua Meng Meng, "why else does anyone kill anyone in video games? She taunted me."

She wanted to kill Searching And Seeking for a long time. She did not need any reason to dislike her.

No reason was perfect enough to kill someone for her other than someone framing her being a spy on the world channel.

Cold And Lonely used a clear corpse fix talisman and pulled Searching And Seeking up from the ground.

"Hua Meng Men, you're breaking the law. I'm suing you!" Searching And Seeking yelled while pointing at Shi Sheng when she got up, "hubby, avenge for me. She stole the BOSS and killed me. Help me get revenge before we report her."

"Sue me then!" What makes you think I'm scared of you!
Shi Sheng looked at the squad opposite of her with arrogance.

"Just you wait!" Searching And Seeking gnashed teeth.

Cold And Lonely used his technique at Shi Sheng. Cold And Lonely was at quite a high level, so he could last longer than Searching And Seeking.
But if he was fighting Shi Sheng, he still could not beat her.
Shi Sheng's technique's damage was ungodly high.

As they got defeated, the staff of the company disguised as NPCs rushed there.
[Nearby] Searching And Seeking, "she's a spy. You guys faster check her and catch her."

[Nearby] Searching And Seeking, "this kind of degenerate should rot in jail."

NPC1," Hua Meng Meng, stop messing around in the game."

Shi Sheng glanced at them, "does it mean that I should mess around in real life instead?"

NPC1, "…"

[Private] NPC2," Hua Meng Meng, please calm yourself. If you need to let Chairman Liang out, we can talk about anything."

"If he's that great, then he can come out by himself." the male lead would not die anyway.
The NPCs were in fumes. If they could get Liang Bing out, they would not even find her.

[Private] NPC2," Hua Meng Meng, what you're doing now is illegal."

"So it's not illegal to use humans as experimental subjects?"
The three NPCs were shocked when Shi Sheng said that. They quickly chided, "Hua Meng Meng, what nonsense are you talking about?"

There were other players there. If the other players knew about this, they would be doomed.

"Did I say anything wrong?" Shi Sheng responded innocently, "if you dare to do it, why aren't you dare to admit it? Cowards!"

It was easy for her to say that. Who would admit that? Although they were merely doing their jobs, they would hundred percent be drowned to death in sputters if this was out in public.
NPC2 quickly private messaged Shi Sheng。

[Private] NPC2," Hua Meng Meng, watch your mouth. We can talk about it in private."

" I have nothing to say." Shi Sheng laid hands.

Talking usually ended up getting tricked by the opposition.

Someone as smart as I am will not fall for that trick.
[Private] NPC2," what do you want? We can negotiate with the superiors, but you can't blabbermouth in the video game."

"…" Shi Sheng rolled eyes, "did I say anything before you guys came in? I won't talk about anything if you stop showing up in front of me."

Three NPCs looked face to face with each other.

It was true that she did not say anything before they came other than tormenting the players.
[Private] NPC1," what should we do?"

[Private] NPC2," we should leave, let her go."

The NPCs were quick to come and leave. Those players lying on the ground probably only understood humans as experimental subjects, these four words.

But, what human experiment?
Shi Sheng left before the crowds forming teams on the world channel and arriving there. Before she left, she took a glimpse at the corpses on the ground.

[Nearby] Searching And Seeking, "hubby, what is she and the people from the company talking about?"

[Nearby] Cold And Lonely, "why did you taunt her out of nowhere?"

[Nearby] Searching And Seeking,"  she's such an eyesore to me."

An NPC was hanging out in the world channel all day, and those retards did not suspect anything.

[Nearby] Cold And Lonely, "if you messed up again, I won't help you to clean up your mess."

Searching And Seeking startled, she did not dare to talk back.

She was not capable of many things in the video game without Cold And Lonely based on her abilities.

The three NPCs hurriedly got off the game and dashed into the conference room to report what happened just then.

Those at the conference were not a lot. All of them were the core members of the experiment with human subjects.
"Chairmen Meng, is she really Experimental Number One?" Experimental Number One turned into a vegetable at 12 years old. How did she become so intelligent?

"What's going on with Chairmen Liang?" Meng Jie was not sure too. Hence he switched the topic.

"We've already sent our people in, but Chairmen Liang still can't log off."

Meng Jie muttered to himself, "this is getting too long. Chairman Liang's body might give up. You must get Chairman Laing out of there."
"Roger." those people left the conference room instantly.

Meng Jie supported his forehead, looking out from the conference room at the city covered by fog.

He doubted for the first time. Is what he did correct?

About the human experiment…