[Private] A Ray of Sunshine, "Hua Meng Meng, did you pick a fight with them?"

A Ray Of Sunshine private messaged Shi Sheng right after she left there.

[Private] Hua Meng Meng," haven't I picked a fight with them all the time?"

When did she stop picking a fight with them?
[Private] A Ray of Sunshine, "you're all alone. Even if you're a pro in the game, Liang Bing was incredibly powerful in real life. You should lay low."

A Ray Of Sunshine was concerned. She was exposed to them right away when she went online. Just what was she thinking?
[Private] Hua Meng Meng, "you think I'm scared of them? Ask them to fight me one on one then!

[Private] A Ray of Sunshine, "…"

Who gave you your confidence!  

Even someone as powerful as his brother dared not fight Liang Bing one on one.

And you want to fight him by yourself right away.
[Private] Hua Meng Meng, "let me tell you something."

[Private] A Ray of Sunshine,"?"

[Private] Hua Meng Meng, "I trapped Liang Bing in the game. According to their progress, they need at least another week to get him out of the game."

This info was a thank you gift for Lin Han Yu for letting her crash his home.

Lin Family was in partnership with Liang Family. But the partnership broke up for unknown reasons.
Lin Han Shu and Liang Bing were incompatible as fire and water. However,  both families were equally influential. No one could do anything about it.

If Lin Han Shu was brilliant enough, he could use this one week's time to achieve many things to be in an advantageous position.

If it were for her, she could use this one week to change the head of Liang's Family.

Obviously, she did not Lin Han Shu to be this competent.

Since someone as brilliant and pretty as her would not be able to find it anywhere.

[...] You're just a violent maniac. Without the combat value, you will be totally useless! If you're so great, fight with your brains instead of threatening to murder their whole families all the time. Don't you know that there are people better than you in the broader world!

The system roasted her with pure despise.
[Private] A Ray of Sunshine, "…"

[Private] A Ray of Sunshine, "Hua Meng Meng, are you sure you're not trolling me?"

[Private] Hua Meng Meng, "it's fine if you don't believe me."

[Private] A Ray of Sunshine, "it's not that I don't believe you, I'm just shocked. Isn't this some sort of dack technology?" (unable to send)

Lin Han Yu glared fiercely. I can't believe she blocked me.

I’m unhappy!

Lin Han Yu hopped off the game hurriedly. Although he did not interfere with the company's matters, he had to tell his brother about such enormous information.

Shi Sheng blocked the private channel and hung out in the world channel. Searching And Seeking was dissing her on the world channel again.

The system bleeped most of the messages, probably due to her vulgar language. The world channel was filled with bunches of asterisks.
[World] The Great July, "Searching And Seeking, did you get bitten by a mad dog? You deserved to be killed by my Hua Meng Meng. Who told you to diss her on the world channel and cry and moan on the world channel when you can't beat her. When people call you out, you dare to say that all of us are spies. Did you watch too much drama?"

[World] July's Bra, "daddy, calm down. "

[World] July's Brief," daddy, it's not about the dramas. She forgot to take her medicine."

[World] Searching And Seeking, "Bah. Did all of your brains get eaten by dogs? How can she not be a spy when she's such a huge bug? How are you all not one of the spies when you're defending her so much?"

[World] The Great July, "I'm her stan, alright? That's right, I'm going to keep defending her."

[World] Hua Meng Meng, "let's be honest, you're my anti-fan, right?"

She even defended her.

When she said that, even if she was not, she would be now!
[World] The Great July,"  she's attacking you because she loves you!"

Shi Sheng,"...this lady is crazy." : "……"

[World] Ancestor, Stop Fooling Around, "July, you'll gain tons of anti-fans by saying that."  

[World] Searching And Seeking, "just go ahead and defend her. One day you will taste your own medicine."

[World] Your Daddy is Online, "well, that's not something for you to worry about."

[World] Good News For Every Day, "we're playing this game for a good time, after fighting and arguing with everyone in real life. I'm so speechless about the fact that you can come up with a conspiracy in a game."

[World] Time Doesn't Wait For Anyone," Hua Meng Meng is quite a fun character."

[World] Majestic Presence, "are there any spies as arrogant as The Cruel Spinster?"

Shouldn't spies be discreet and surreptitious, scared that they might get discovered?

How on earth is Hua Meng Meng trying to hide something?

Based on the fact that she had something going on with his boss, Majestic Presence did not believe that Hua Meng Meng was a spy.
[World] Hua Meng Meng, "if you're unhappy, fight me then!"

[World] Majestic Presence, "…"

[World] Ancestor, Stop Fooling Around, "…"

[World] Your Daddy is Online,"…"

Most of them were having the mentality that they were here to let loose themselves, not to get tormented. Hence, everything that happened in this game was nothing but gossips for these pass-byer gangs.
So what if she really is the spy?

They did not lose anything.

Searching And Seeking could not keep the conversation on and disappeared on the world channel.

The world was discussing the topic of whether Shi Sheng was a spy or not. Some of them even dared to ask her.
[World] Shriek Loudly, "The Cruel Spinster, are you a spy?"

[World] A Man's True Colors, "all I wanted is to clear the dungeon. Why is it so hard? The Cruel Spinster, come fight me one-on-one if you dare!"

[World] Your Daddy is Online," hey op, aren't you scared that you'll get killed by asking that?"

[World] Hua Meng Meng, "no, I'm not a spy!"

What on earth is he talking about?
Why do I need to be a spy?
[World] The Great July, "pfft!" 噗!

She really just answered that.

She really just answered that.
[World] Shriek Loudly," then are you a hacker?"

[World] The Great July," she has to be. Or not how did my Hua Meng Meng stop the company from fixing her, ha ha ha! This rubbish company keeps cheating on us players; I'm happy now that they got cheated too. That's why I admire my Hua Meng Meng even more!"

[World] A Man's True Colors,"... The Cruel Spinster, you're not a dude, right?"

[World] Hua Meng Meng, "rubbish company, this isn't even fun at all."
[World] July's Underwear," pfft!"

[World] July's Bra, "pfft!"

Shi Sheng was messing around with players on the world channel, while Liang Bing and his people could only watch while trying their best to save their chairman.

What kind of dark technology is that!

[Announcement] Shen Jue Palace's Master [Hua Meng Meng] set up an arena, and the winner can obtain a clearance pass.

[Announcement] Shen Jue Palace's Master [Hua Meng Meng] set up an arena, and the winner can obtain a clearance pass.

[Announcement] Shen Jue Palace's Master [Hua Meng Meng] set up an arena, and the winner can obtain a clearance pass.

Every player,"..."

The Cruel Spinster, what are you doing again?

They could not even enter Shen Jue Palace dungeon. Now there is an arena?

You have to at least allow them to up-level first!

Was level 79 not the highest in this game?

They seemed to realize that in a game with the max level as 79. There would only be an NPC in level 80, which meant she dominated the whole game!