Rules of the battle arena.

Players can apply for the challenge, and the player who succeeds in the challenge will get a level up pass.

The rules are as simple as that, there is no further elaboration.

There is, however, an explanation for the level up pass. 

Level up pass —— Those who manage to obtain this item would be able to level up 80 levels.

Before this, if a player wanted to level up, not only did they have to complete the dungeon — Shen Jue Palace, they even had to dive into the Netherworld Water and create elixirs as well.   

It was a grinding process.

But now the rule was very simple. To level up, they just had to participate in the challenge and win. 

 [World] Central Air Conditioner: Woah, our Meng is amazing. Won’t the trashy company come after you for changing the game rules?

[World] The Great July: The trashy company wouldn’t dare. 

[World] July’s Underwear: The trashy company wouldn’t dare +1

[World] July’s Bra: The trashy company wouldn’t dare +2

[World] July’s Baby: The trashy company wouldn’t dare +2222222

[World] Central Air Conditioner: July, your braindead fans are spamming the screen, hurry up and keep them in order.

[World] You’ll Suffer: We can enter the Dungeon of Shen Jue Palace now……

You’ll Suffer’s words caused a fierce discussion among the world chat.

Closed for several years? Ptui! It’s only been a month since Shen Jue Palace was closed down, and now it’s available to enter already?

When players entered the Dungeon of Shen Jue Palace, they realised that not only could they enter the premises, even Shen Jue Palace’s map has been tethered into their maps. There was no need to specifically transfer into the dungeon anymore…...

Previously, when the players were transmitted into Shen Jue Palace, they could only see a small portion of the map. The only way for them to see Shen Jue Palace clearly in all its glory was for them to pull out a mini-map while they were there. 

In the middle of the map stood a glorious golden palace.

[World] Ancestor, Stop Fooling Around: Don’t tell me this was the work of The Cruel Spinster?

[World] True Love Don’t You Run: The trashy company could just update the map without closing the servers?

[World] Your Dad Is Online:  This must be the works of The Cruel Spinster! What a god!

[World] Grade A Ex-Boyfriend: What is the trashy company trying to do? The Cruel Spinster would definitely be able to handle this on her own! In face of such a talented individual, I would for sure hire her if I were the boss.

[World] June’s Snowflakes: That may be true, but why would she become a spy if she was so powerful?

[World] The Great July: Our Meng is definitely not a spy. Flood the screen.

[World] July’s Baby: Our Meng is definitely not a spy+1

[World] July’s Underwear: Our Meng is definitely not a spy+2

[World] July’s Silk Threads: Our Meng is definitely not a spy +3

[World] July’s Sunny Day:  Our Meng is definitely not a spy +666666

[World] Central Air Conditioner: July, you can’t just flood the screen when you disagree! That’s enough!

[Notice] The owner of Shen Jue Palace [Hua Meng Meng] has announced the Order of The Heroes Of The World. It is available for collection within [Love Flower Shrine]. Those who collect the order are permitted to start turf wars. 

[Notice] The owner of Shen Jue Palace [Hua Meng Meng] has announced the Order of The Heroes Of The World. It is available for collection within [Love Flower Shrine]. Those who collect the order are permitted to start turf wars. 

[Notice] The owner of Shen Jue Palace [Hua Meng Meng] has announced the Order of The Heroes Of The World. It is available for collection within [Love Flower Shrine]. Those who collect the order are permitted to start turf wars. 

The system came out with three notices before the players could wrap their head around the Dungeon of Shen Jue Palace situation.

What the hell is a Love Flower Shrine?

Why have we never heard of this dungeon before?

Wasn’t Turf Wars a clan versus clan battle that the trashy company talked about during its promotion?

Legend has it that one must reach level 100 to be able to access that feature. Currently, there wasn’t even one player that reached level 80, but the feature was announced anyway.

My goodness, this NPC is impressive. You even did the trashy company’s job for them.

The trashy company must be crying in the toilet right now.

Liang Bing, who was currently stuck within the map, was fuming when he saw the notice. 

“How did she get our data? ! What the hell has the Technical Department been doing?!” She was able to get hold of such important data, and even managed to update the game without being noticed?

“CEO Liang, the contents that she had updated…… is different from ours.” From the contents she updated, other than the main feature, the task and Dungeon content were two totally different things.

“CEO Liang…… There were no instances where the players were dropped from the server when she attempted the update.”

Liang Bing sighed heavily. “What about Le Dong? How is she doing?” He asked as he massaged his temples. 

The people in the room started to glance at each other frantically.

They pushed one another until one of them pushed a representative out while the rest retreated behind him. 

Liang Bing furrowed his brows as he looked at the representative, “What happened?”

“It’s… Nothing. Miss Le is in good condition.” The representative nervously replied, unable to look Liang Bing in the eye.

“I’ll give you one more chance. If I ever find out that you lied to me……”

A look of fear flashed through the representative’s eyes. He opened his mouth slightly as he forced his voice out, “…… CEO Liang…. Um, ever since Hua Meng Meng left the game, Miss Le had not appeared inside the game since.”

Liang Bing glared at the other person fiercely, his face was full of contempt as he shouted, “What did you say?!”

“Ever since Hua Meng Meng left the game, Miss Le had not appeared since.”

“You remember what you said to me last time?” Liang Bing aggressively held the other person up by their collar. “You told me she was good, you told me not to worry. So what are you telling me right now?

“CEO Liang, please don’t worry. We already have eyes on Miss Le, there is nothing wrong with her body. What’s most important right now is for you to leave this place.”

“How can I leave?” Liang Bing was getting more and more irritated. “How can I leave when Hua Meng Meng was able to singlehandedly throw the rest of you into the streets?! What’s the point of me hiring any of you useless trash?!”

Liang Bing pushed the representative aside, and grabbed his hair in annoyance, “I’ll give you 24 hours. If you aren’t able to get me out of here, I’ll be giving all of you hell.”

The entire team fearfully nodded in unison.

New notices kept popping up nonstop in the game. In the end, even the main goal was changed. Not only that, the difficulty of the game was now much higher than before.  

If the previous game difficulty was equivalent to 5 stars, then the current difficulty level would at least be the equivalent of 10 stars. This was double the increase in difficulty. 

Shen Jue Palace was raised to level 130, but it remained in Dungeon mode. Hence, there were no level restrictions. 

This means, if the player was only at level 30, they too could enter Shen Jun Palace as well.

Each team could rally up to 30 players for a massive raid. However, the fighting arena was a solo challenge, it has nothing to do with the Dungeon’s content. 

But the main point was that right now, each player was at level 79 at most. They couldn’t even pass level 80’s difficulty, let alone level 130. 

This was definitely the first time players had the opportunity to see the game’s system update online. It was fascinating, but some players were worried as well. The worried players went offline immediately, they did not dare to put their life at risk for a mere game. 

The ones who were left in the game were players who had immense courage and those who were curious as to how this game would end up in the hands of The Cruel Spinster. 

[……] The system that is working hard right now is clearly being updated by me. So why is the host getting all the credit?

I totally don’t want to do things like this. 

Why did the owner bestow it all kinds of odd features, and now I need to help the host to update the game? 

They aren’t here to play games okay?

Host, can you please prioritize your mission!!

The system pulled up a variety of odd scripts from his database and forced them into the game.

I’ll let you play games!

I’ll make you unable to do your mission!

“It’s not like I’m playing.”

The System was stunned.

“Though you’re giving hell to the players, but hey, good job.” It was rare for Shi Sheng to praise The System. 

The System began to tear up.

Why did I get such a scary host? Can I go on a strike?

The System has a small temper after all.