mThe first player to experience the copy was A Ray Of Sunshine. Even though he brought his most elite team, they were still no match for the first wave of the challenge. All of them were defeated within seconds. 
 [World] A Ray of Sunshine: Trying the first wave for the first time. From going-in to getting defeated, the time taken didn't even go past 3 seconds. 
[World] You'll Suffer: Boss, that's a bit too fast.
 [World] Oh Shoot: That's dirty.
 [World] Majestic Presence: It's all because our leader stood in the wrong position. If not, we would at least be able to withstand another second or two. 
 [World] Ancestors, Stop Fooling Around: Dreamt About Xi Tang, seems like you guys can't make it! Ha! Ha! Ha! Even if you guys were to withstand another two seconds, it would only be five seconds in total. 
 [World] Itinerant Novice Wolf: Psycho.
 [World] Ancestors, Stop Fooling Around: Who do you think you're scolding, soft boy?!
 [World] Majestic Presence: Little Wolf was talking about the copy. Why are you so sensitive?
 [World] The Great July: Pffft! HAHAHA! Our Meng is incredible! Seeing that I'm your number one fan, Meng Meng, could you please go easy on me?

 [World] A Ray of Sunshine: Try it yourself if you're that strong! Who knows? Maybe you can't even withstand three seconds. 
 [World] Ancestors, Stop Fooling Around: Bring it on! We'll definitely last longer than 3 seconds!
 [World] Ancestors, Stop Fooling Around: We'll pass the challenge from The Cruel Spinster. Enter M.
 Lin Hanyu private messaged Shi Sheng gloomily.
 [Private] A Ray Of Sunshine: Hua Meng Meng, do you want to descend to heaven? Liang Bing is probably so mad that he would die right now. 
To let her modify this game to her level, anyone would be losing their minds right now. 
 [Private] Hua Meng Meng: ……
A male lead who could even survive a rocket blast… Dying from anger?

 [Private] A Ray Of Sunshine: How do we beat the copy? I brought my team in, and before we could even react, my entire team was demolished. 
 [Private] Hua Meng Meng : Look at the tips.
 Lin Hanyu was confused, what tips?
 Forget it. He'll be going there to look for himself anyways. There's no need for him to pass the challenge. Hanyu tried to change the topic once more. 
 [Private] A Ray Of Sunshine: Are you free? My brother wants to invite you out for a meal.
 [Private] Hua Meng Meng: Why would your brother want to have a meal with me? Does he think my beauty is impressive, or is it my abilities? Either way, I don't intend to sell my body or my craft, thanks!
 [Private] A Ray Of Sunshine: Then what do you sell?
 Hanyu did not think it through when he sent that message. 
 [Private] Hua Meng Meng: I sell people.
 [Private] A Ray Of Sunshine: ……

  What's the difference between selling a body and selling a person?
 [Private] A Ray Of Sunshine: Ahem…… My brother would like to thank you. I'll come and pick you up after the game, it's a deal. 
Lin Hanyu was afraid that Shi Sheng would reject him, so he immediately logged off the game. 
 "……" Shi Sheng was speechless. 
 From her experience, Lin Hanshu doesn't seem like the type to show gratitude.
 This man is definitely scheming something. 
 There's no way I'll go. 
 Yep, I definitely won't go.

 When Lin Hanyu arrived at Shi Sheng's Villa, he couldn't even get through the door. 
 He was outside of her house, calling out to her for half a day. But alas, there was no response. 
 Lin Hanyu went home and reported this to Hanshu. Hanshu contemplated for a while and went online to look for Shi Sheng instead.
 Such monumental changes were made in the Chaotic World that Hanshu almost thought he entered the wrong game. 
 Luckily for him, other than a change in their maps and missions, other functions have remained the same. 
 Lin Hanshu followed the instructions of his silly little brother and entered Shen Jue Palace. However, he died immediately and was transported back out within three seconds the moment he went in. 
 Hanyu had forgotten to tell him that he would die the second he entered the palace.
 Hanshu entered the palace once again. Although he died the first time, he had seen the tips that Shi Sheng mentioned earlier.

 You, Brave Soul, who came from another world, are one of the lucky and blessed children.
 [Notice] Congratulations to the player [Moon Filled West Tower] for completing Shen Jue Palace. You have now earned the title of 'World's First Idiot' and the legendary weapon 'Fairy Wand'.
 [Notice] Congratulations to the player [Moon Filled West Tower] for completing Shen Jue Palace. You have now earned the title of 'World's First Idiot' and the legendary weapon 'Fairy Wand'.
 [Notice] Congratulations to the player [Moon Filled West Tower] for completing Shen Jue Palace. You have now earned the title of 'World's First Idiot' and the legendary weapon 'Fairy Wand'.
 Lin Hanshu, "……"
  Okay, I get the 'World's First Idiot' remark, but what the heck is up with the fairy wand?
 When the notice was posted, the world was in a frenzy. Other players were still fighting hard in the arena trying to level up, so how the hell did this player, that they have never even seen before, pass the Shen Jue Palace challenge so easily?
 [World] Your Dad Is Now Online: The title 'World's First Idiot'……

 [World] July the Great: Fairy Wand! HA! HA! HA! My Meng, why are you so cute?
 [World] You'll Suffer: Boss… Please explain.
 Why did the boss' older brother pass Shen Jue Palace!?
 [World] A Ray of Sunshine: I'm super confused as well. 
 Lin Hanyu private messaged Hanshu.
 [Private] A Ray of Sunshine: Bro, isn't your level is way lower than mine? How did you pass the challenge?
 The last time Hanshu was online, Hanyu only helped him level up to level 30 before they went to see Shi Sheng. After that, his brother had not gone online. So does that mean he cleared a level 130 challenge at level 30?
 #Why did I not know that my brother was such a pro#
 #It never occurred to me that my brother secretly a pro gamer#
 [Private] Moon Filled West Tower: ……
 This copy wasn't even hard. It was just highly cumbersome.
 Not to mention, the tip was really well hidden. No one would notice if they weren't meticulous enough. Also, some of the tips were really 'deep' as well. 
 For example, some were poems, and you had to figure out the entire poem's meaning. 
 But it turns out, you only needed to link the first word from the two paragraphs to get the answer.
 Another example is a brain teaser, an average person would try to think of an answer, but in the end, the answer was either a number or name that was inside the question. 
 Expected answers would only lead to death. 
 But during the last few remaining steps, if you were to follow an abnormal path, you would realise that it's wrong. 
 He's never seen such a messed-up game. 
 Lin Hanshu didn't feel like telling his brother that after all the cumbersome quests that he had to do, only to get the title of 'World's First Idiot' in the end. So, he just blocked his idiot brother. 
 The scariest thing was, he realised that this title could not be hidden!
 Lin Hanshu entered the great hall once again.
 He noticed that this hall was now glistening in more gold than the last time he was here. He was shining so much he almost went blind.

 In the middle of the hall stood a virtual screen. He could see countless numbers and alphabets were flickering on it.
 Hanshu squinted his eyes as he observed the screen. But it was too messy, so he could only make out a few words. 
What… data… script… coordination… accumulated score…

He understood these words when they were separate. However, right now, they were all linked together. How could he decipher it when it's like this?
 "What are you looking for me for?"
 Shi Sheng stepped into the giant hall from a small door, her eyes glazed towards the virtual screen, scanning through the infinite flashing numerals and letters, and finally stopping at the title 'World's First Idiot' that fell upon Hanshu.
 To make the title more prominent, it was even coloured in gold. 
 Which gave it a nice effect.
 Hanshu finally spoke, "About the Liang Bing matter, thanks for the tip." He tried not to think of the stupid title floating above his head.
 "Why? Did you absorb his company?" Shi Sheng asked as she began to walk towards the hall's steps before charismatically sitting on her throne. 
 Hanshu looked at Shi Sheng, "……" 
  Do you think this is some kind of drink?
 You can't just absorb a company just because you want to.

 "Since you didn't, why are you looking for me? Don't bullshit me, save me your courtesy and just tell me straight. What are you planning to do? Who knows, maybe I'll even help you."
Seeing that you’re on the opposing side.