Lin Han Shu did not know he should cry or laugh.

This was the first time he saw someone such arrogant.

Even someone like Liang Bing would not be so arrogant until he was puffed with pride.
Lin Han Shu took a deep breath, "do you think that you can get away after what you've been through?"

"What have I been through?" Shi Sheng supported her chin, "are you talking about how Liang Bing used me as an experimental subject?"
Lin Han Shu nodded lightly.

Is there anything else other than this?
"Liang Bing will find you sooner or later. You're his experimental subject number one. You have tons of crucial data on you." Lin Han Shu spoke at a moderate pace, which seemed to be comforting.

Shi Sheng raised her brows, "do you want him dead?"

Lin Han Shu, "…"

Murdering someone was illegal.

Real-life was not some sort of game with infinite powers to revive.
"Liang Bing will pay his price in the name of the law. I have no right to intervene with it. All I'm going to do is to expose his malicious doings."

"Oh? Why is that so?" Shi Sheng's expression was strange, "according to what I know, you went to the same university with Liang Bing and were close with him. After taking over your family businesses, both of you worked together and brought your family businesses to great success, but why did you break up with Liang Bing five years ago?"
Lin Han Shu's expression changed slightly, "how much more did you know?"

"Erm… I also know that the idea of human consciousness can be transferred with data introduced by you and Liang Bing." Shi Sheng paused, "you had a girlfriend, but she went missing. You had been investigating Liang Bing in private. You thought that Liang Bing had something to do with your girlfriend's disappearance. But you didn't break up with Liang Bing that time. That happened one year later."
Lin Han Shu's face turned pale instantly. The lights reflecting on his face made him seemed creepy.

How could she know this much?

Who on earth is she?

"Even like this, you still don't want to kill Liang Bing?"

Her voice was faintly discernible, echoing in the palace for a long time.

Each word entered Lin Han Shu's ears incredibly clearly, pierced into the bottom of his heart, echoing.

"I can help you with that."
Lin Han Shu glanced at Shi Sheng with shock.

After some time, his mouth began to move, "why?"
"Why?" Shi Sheng's eyes curved into a smile, shrugged lightly, "do I need a reason? Probably because your brother is quite cute."

That reason sounded like she just pulled out from her butt.

However, for some reason, Lin Han Shu suddenly believed what she said.

That she thought that Han Yu was cute.
Lin Han Shu calmed down quickly, stared at Shi Sheng with his penetrating gaze, "who… really are you?"

"Hua Meng Meng."
"You're not Hua Meng Mwng." Hua Meng Meng was not like that. She was a twelve years old girl. Her world perspectives were not even established. How is she the same person as the one standing in front of him?
"'I'm not she then." Shi Sheng did not care, "it's not important that I'm she or not. What's important is what I'm going to do."
Lin Han Shu was a little stunned by Shi Sheng's nonchalant attitude.

She could not care less at all about whether people knew if she was Hua Meng Meng or not.

After pondering about it, there was nothing strange about it.

The capabilities she showed at the moment, was good enough for her to brag about it.

However, she was one person, after all. She could not win a team, a corporation.

"What do you want to do?"
"I want to kill Liang Bing." Shi Sheng blew with her mouth. Her tone was zippy, "he locked me in here. Am I not supposed to get my revenge?"

"Do you hate him that much?" Lin Han Shu asked.
Shi Sheng sneered, "if you realized that you're in a totally unfamiliar place, without a single person, there was only darkness outside, and waited at such a place for who knows how long. Got cheated on in the end until none of you is left. Do you think Hua Meng Meng shouldn't hate him?"

Lin Han Shu thought there were loopholes in what Shi Sheng said, but he could not point out exactly where.

"... but you're still alive." Lin Han Shu regretted the second he said that he quickly clarified, "that's not what I mean."
He was in opposition with Liang Bing, but seeing Liang Bing's first experimental subject standing in front of him, he felt…

The feeling was delicate.
Shi Sheng glanced at him. Hua Meng Meng died a long time ago.

"Do you want to know where your girlfriend is?" Shi Sheng said that out of the blue.

When she investigated the lab, she found out a lot of information.
This Liang Bing…

He really went crazy for Le Jin.
For the first time, Shi Sheng also felt that this script had a massive loophole with this dimension.

Lin Han Shu jerked his head to look at Shi Sheng。

"I know where she is." Shi Sheng nodded slightly in his surprising sight, "I can give you the information."

"Are you sure you know?" Lin Han Shu lost his cool and dashed up the stairs, "did you really know where she is?"
"I never blabber about things that I'm not sure." Shi Sheng typed an address in the private channel, "good luck in sending Liang Bing into his grave."
Lin Han Shu stopped listening to what Shi Sheng said. He was stunned when he saw that address.

That was…
Liang Bing's lab.


His previous lab.

The lab was abandoned ever since he broke up with Liang Bing.
Lin Han Shu logged off instantly.

He totally forgot that he found Shi Sheng to discuss exposing Liang Bing.
Shi Sheng took a glance at the virtual screen. 往虚拟屏幕上看一眼。

[Host…] The system spoke softly, [what you're doing is very dangerous, what if anything happens to this game. All these data will be destroyed, there won't be any recovery.]

"I prepared a backup." Shi Sheng replied faintly.

[...] When did she backup?

"If you know when I backup, then you won't be a moron." Shi Sheng despised endlessly.

[...] Since it was not the only moron, everyone was a moron in the Host's eyes. When it thought about it, it felt much better.

[What are you looking for?] it was familiar with these data. There was nothing off about it.

"I don't know..." Shi Sheng stared at those data jumping all over the place. She looked complicated, "it's just a hunch that you're infected. Something is following me into this dimension..."

It did not matter if it was a human or a ghost. She did not believe that it would not leave any trace.

[!] Host you better stop bluffing. I will check myself whenever I am turned on. There isn't anything wrong.
Shi Sheng rolled her eyes, "why didn't you stop me that time then?"

[Because you're different!] You are the Host that can move heaven and earth. How can I compare you with some other moron?
A hint of cynicism suddenly showed up on Shi Sheng's face, "there are countless powerful beings in the world. If it's something I can do, naturally, there is someone out there who could do the same."

[... Didn't you think that you're the best in the whole wide world?] Who else can do anything that escaped your detection?
"This has nothing to contradict with the I'm great. If he's good, I'll think of ways to be better than him. Humans are constantly evolving. The only outcome of someone being stuck and not moving forward… is death."
Shi Sheng paused, "by the way, what's wrong with me saying that I'm the best?"

Who becomes the best in the world just by declaring it? If I say that you're a moron, do you really think that you became a moron?

[...] I really don't want to talk to the Host anymore.