Ever since Moon Filled West Tower cleared Shen Jue Palace, this name has been trending.
But this player stopped showing after clearing the dungeon. Many said that he was stunned by the alias of "The First Retard”.
But only Lin Han Yu knew the truth.

His brother was crazy recently.
[Private] A Ray Of Sunshine, "Hua Meng Meng, what did you say to my brother?"

His brother changed after meeting her, so Lin Han Yu thought this definitely had something to do with Shi Sheng.
[Private] Hua Meng Meng,"I make him kill Liang Bing."

[Private] A Ray Of Sunshine,"!"

Is she crazy? She wants to kill people! Based on his brother's expression, he seemed like he was going to murder Liang Bing. This is crazy!
[Private] A Ray Of Sunshine, "I know you're holding grudges against Liang Bing, but you need to do it step by step. Liang Bing was much more powerful than you imagine."

[Private] Hua Meng Meng, "how does that matter with me? I just want to kill him. Oh right, have you seen Le Jin recently?"

She had not seen the female lead for a long time. This adorable female lead did not show up at all. Did she drown to death?
Lin Han Yu was going to die from madness, from what Shi Sheng said.

You already want him dead. How does it not have anything to do with his resources?

If you want to murder him, don't you need to fight his men? He has so many underlings. What are you going to do with that?
[Private] A Ray Of Sunshine, "why do you care about Le Jin so much?"

Le Jin, this name…

She was quite close with A Lifetime Of Peace.

Why hasn't he seen her face before?

It was all Hua Meng Meng's fault that made him forget about it.

It could not be just a coincidence, right…
[Private] Hua Meng Meng, "I want to check if she's alive or not."

[Private] A Ray Of Sunshine, "…"

He was outraged. Why must she make the conversation so difficult? Why can't they chat nicely?
Shi Sheng blocked A Ray Of Sunshine's message and logged out.

It was dawn outside at the moment. The sky was painted crimson red by the sunset, seeping out a hint of suppression, trying to suppress the brewing storm that was about to arrive.

"Help me check Le Jin's location and her current status."
Shi Sheng filled her stomach while ordering the system.

[...] Request denied. The host is too low. I don't provide this kind of service for her. [Le Jin is currently in the experiment… status… in-game.]

The system got over the firewall.

Why does it need to listen to her instructions!
Shi Sheng stuffed the last bit of dry foods in her mouth. She tilted her head. In-game? Why did she not see Le Jin online just now?

Shi Sheng took a bath before logging into the game. She opened up the system page and entered 'Le Jin'. It still showed that this player was not online, could not allocate her.

"Where's she?" Why could not the game locate her?

[...] I'm not going to tell you, but the truth is, [Valley of Broken Souls.]
Valley of Broken Souls?

There is no such place!

System, are you trying to mess with me?

[...] I'm not lying. It shows Valley of Broken Souls on here.
"Where is Valley of Broken Souls?"

System did not answer Shi Sheng because it could not allocate the place. It only showed a name.

[World] Hua Meng Meng, "Does anyone know where the Valley of Broken Souls is?"

[World] The Great July," Valley of Broken Souls? Is there such a place in this game? How come I haven't heard before?" ?
[World] A Man's True Colors, "The Cruel Spinster, you've already dominated the game, how is there a place that you don't know?"

[World] Hua Meng Meng, "there are countless things that I don't know."

[World] The Great July, "pfft! My Hua Meng Meng is so delightful then she admits that she doesn't know something."

[World] July's Underwear, "daddy, you're very delightful too. Are you going to drop a new chapter?"

[World] July's lace," I think daddy is very delightful too."

[World] Withered Fingertips, "I know where it is, but we can't go there. The map didn't seem to be updated. The Cruel Spinster, didn't you notice that when you update the game?"

[World] Hua Meng Meng," who says that I'm the person that updated the game? I don't have three heads and six arms to update this many features in such a short time."

She set up Shen Jue Palace. The rest was made up by the system.

As its temporary master, she obviously had to order the system to do some jobs.
[World] Ancestor, Stop Fooling Around, "..."

[World] Central Air Conditioner, "..."

[World] Your Daddy is Online,"..."

Then who updated it?!

Yet they were admiring The Cruel Spinster so much, but she did not make the update!
Shi Sheng added Withered Fingertips as her friend and asked him to bring her there.

Withered Fingertips was an adorable kid. He was probably in middle school. He had a carefree attitude. When he met Shi Sheng, he eyed her from top to bottom a few times.

"The Cruel Spinster, do you look like this in real life too?"

"If I look like this in real life, I will earn with my face." The original host's body was quite petite, she was not considered beautiful, and due to malnutrition, her body was a horrible sight.  

"That's true..." Withered Fingertips scratched his head then switched to a face full of admiration, "do you accept apprentices? You're so great. Can I be your apprentice?"

The game ended up in this situation, and the company did not give any response. Even if she did not update the game, she was still admirable in his perspective.


"Why?" Withered Fingertips was disappointed. He then cupped his face with both hands and squeezed out a cute expression, "look at how cute am I. Why won't you accept me as your apprentice? I have a foundation, and I'm quick at learning things."
Shi Sheng looked at him strangely, drew close to him, and asked spookily, "aren't you afraid of going to jail?"

If someone caught her for what she was doing right now, she would definitely need to serve a life sentence.
Withered Fingertips, "..."

"Cough… Why did you want to go to the Valley of Broken Souls? That whole place was barren, the map is huge, but you can't enter some places." Withered Fingertips quickly switched the topic.

"Bring me there."
Withered Fingertips nodded and began to lead the way. He asked all sorts of questions that he was curious about Shi Sheng on the way.

Such as, why did she want to go up against the company?

If she was a girl or a boy in real life?

Was she not scared that she might get caught, and more…
Shi Sheng disliked blabbermouth, especially if the blabbermouth was a guy.

So when Shi Sheng arrived there, she shoved a bunch of equipment into Withered Fingertips's arms before chasing him away.
Shi Sheng pulled out the world map. There was not a place called Valley of Broken Souls on the map.

Withered Fingertips said she had to jump off from there to find Valley of Broken Souls。

Shi Sheng caressed her chin and stood on the cliff for some time. Instead of jumping off the cliff, she transferred back to Shen Jue Palace.

[Host?] Why didn't you go?

"How did he know about the place when no one in the whole server does?" Shi Sheng was pacing in the palace. The speed of the digits hopping in the middle of the virtual screen was still incredibly fast.

[Didn't he say that was a coincidence?]

"As an ordinary player, he did not care less about the equipment I gave him." one of the pieces of equipment Shi Sheng gave him was utterly valuable. It could be worth up to tens of thousands.

Even if he could not recognize that equipment, he would know the other equipment.