Valley of Broken Souls was not part of the game developers' plan.

This was what Shi Sheng found out after investigating for a long time, which meant this place was not part of Chaotic World's setting.

However, it indeed existed.

The only explanation was it was added by an individual.

Someone who was this capable, he or she was either someone as powerful as her or… they were higher-ups of the game.
Shi Sheng set her sight on the virtual screen again.

The fox in Qing Han's dimension, and the sword that did not belong in that world.

The royalty zombie in Jing Zhi's dimension.

In Liu Sheng Ge's dimension, those Ye Feng's women that died out of nowhere. Although Dong Wan killed them, she thought that something was off.

Dong Wan was mentally unstable in the script, but it was not until the extent she would murder so many people… unless someone was manipulating her.

And that Mu Bai was the main suspect…

If this is the doings of a person, what is his goal? Wiping her out?

But why didn't he do anything in the ending of Jing Zhi's dimension?

He tried to give her The Heart of Angel in Liu Sheng Ge's dimension, but in the end, he didn't take any action too.
Shi Sheng walked to the virtual screen in strides. Her hand touched the air lightly, the virtual keyboard appeared out of thin air, her fingers were typing on the virtual keyboard swiftly.

The alphabets on the screen were hopping like crazy. It was very dazzling.
Shi Sheng tried to rebuild the tunnel, but she failed.

Very well!

She could now confirm that something followed her into these dimensions.

Its intention was unknown.

She did not know if it was a human or a spirit.

It was potent.

You want to mess with me?

I'll bring you to your demise!
Shi Sheng closed the virtual screen, her body shone with a flash of light, and she disappeared from the palace.

When she showed up again, she was at the cliff from before.
Shi Sheng took a look beneath before leaping down.

As she dropped, the surrounding air was like being compact. It was unbearable. Luckily the distance from above to below was not far. Shi Sheng dropped to the bottom safely.

There were dark rocks all around her. It looked like a burnt wilderness in a glance.
Shi Sheng pulled out the map. It really showed the Valley of Broken Souls on the map.

There was some distance from where she was from that place.
Shi Sheng checked her icon, and it was lit up. She could check out the world channel too.

She tried to send a message on the world channel.
[World] Hua Meng Meng, "moron!" (unable to send)

Shi Sheng: "…"

Shi Sheng closed the world channel, headed in the direction of the Valley of Broken Souls. It did not seem far from the map, but Shi Sheng spent half an hour to reach there.

Valley of Broken Souls was an enormous valley. It was filled with lush that blacked the scenery below.

"Allocate Le Jin's location."

[... can't allocate.] The system took a while to answer.

"What's the point of having you here."

[...] How is this its fault?
Shi Sheng headed into the valley. Since she could not allocate her, then she had to search for her by herself.

This valley was unbelievably huge. Shi Sheng felt like she entered a primeval forest after she stepped into this valley.
After walking for some time, Shi Sheng arrived at a swamp. She saw Le Jin trapped on an islet in the middle of the swamp.

"Hua Meng Meng..." Le Jin's face was filled with incredible shock when she saw Shi Sheng, which turned into joyous.

Someone came here. Maybe she could get out of here. She did not have to stay trapped here anymore.
Shi Sheng eyed Le Jin from top to bottom a few times. She did not seem unnatural.

"Are you trapped here?" Shi Sheng walked to somewhere near to the islet.

Le Jin nodded innocently. She looked at Shi Sheng pathetically, "are you here to save me?"

"No." she was here for the person that trapped Le Jin. There was no clue here.
Shi Sheng got around the swamp and headed to the forest far away.

Le Jin glared at her while Shi Sheng disappeared in her sight. She pouted her mouth. The tears in her eyes were welling up as if she would cry in the next second.

Is she gonna trap here for a longer time?

She could not use her equipment here. The distance between the islets was far away, and there were some strange creatures in the swamp. She could not get out of there at all.

She also did not know how she ended up here.

It was like she blacked out, and when she woke up, she was already here.

Shi Sheng left the swamp and headed to a mountain. She wanted to find the edge of the map.

"Sha Sha..."
Shi Sheng turned around immediately. The trees from afar were swaying. She glanced to the other side. She did not spot anything.

Shi Sheng turned back and moved forward.

The surroundings were quiet. She could only hear the sound of her walking and brushing against the trees and bushes.


The sound of a sharp tool slashed through the air came from behind her, passing through the branches and leaves, reaching the back of Shi Sheng with a ferocious aura.

She turned back, waved her arms, and a cold light flashed through the surrounding trees.


The sharp object hit on a metal knife and bounced away, and stabbed into a tree trunk on the side.

"Swish, swish, swish-"
Shi Sheng furrowed her brows, she slashed all around with her metal sword, the Sword Qi was spreading like waves, the sharp objects were shifting directions, some thrust in the nearby tree trunks while some dropped into the bushes.

Someone fell from a tree not far away from her. He landed into a bush that was about half a human's height. It went quiet after some rustle.
Shi Sheng supported herself using her metal sword. She tilted her brain a few times before heading to the bush.

Shi Sheng used the metal sword to clear the bushes, and she saw a person lying on the ground.

He was a man dressed in a black outfit that resembled an assassin. His hair and face were covered in black cloth, exposing only a pair of long and narrow eyes and brows.

His eyes were shut lightly, covered in his long lashes.

He lay in the bush as if he was dead.
Shi Sheng took a step forward, ready to give him another slash. However, her heart suddenly skipped a beat when she was about to gash him.

She looked at the person lying on the ground, lost. After a few seconds, she composed herself and drew close to him. The sense of familiarity was getting clearer.

Is Feng Ci...

Why is he here?


The dark silhouette in front of her suddenly took over, causing her to fall backward, making him pinned her under him. Her body felt some sensation of pain.

She looked up to meet a pair of cold and merciless eyes.

The dagger in his hands was stabbed into her body for a few more inches, Shi Sheng's expression was twisted.

You piece of shit!

This is how you treat me when I let my guard down around you.
Shi Sheng grabbed his hand while using her legs to lock his waist. She used some strength, twisting their positions to the opposite. Shi Sheng rode onto him and drew the dagger out from her abdomen. The bloody dagger was turned around and held against his neck.

"Do you have a death wish?" Shi Sheng asked with a gloomy expression, with some hint of ruthlessness.

So you think you are so great after not seeing you for a dimension!

Now you even dare to fight me!

I will kill you, this moron!

A trace of loss flashed through the cold and merciless eyes of the person under Shi Sheng. He looked at Shi Sheng with shock, his hand was intended to twist off her hand, but when he met with her furious expression, he felt guilty suddenly.

A wave of fear spread out from the bottom of his heart.

He let go slightly. His lashes were trembling, "who are… you?"