Jing Xian’s last name was Xie.
 He was the eldest young master of the Xie family. His mother, however, died young. After that, his father remarried, and they had another son.  
Which was the second young master of the Xie family.
 Jing Xian was the first heir to the Xie family inheritance. So naturally, he was an eyesore to both the second young master and his mother. 
 A few years ago, they orchestrated a car accident on Jing Xian, which left him in a vegetative state. They imagined that he would never regain consciousness from that state. Hence they left him there and hired a caretaker for him. Basically, they left him for dead. 
 Who would’ve thought that he would suddenly regain consciousness?
 The second young master was fearful that Jing Xian would fight for his inheritance back, so he sent his men to assassinate him. 
 “Who sent this nursing pod?” Shi Sheng asked fiercely as she pointed towards the pod that Jing Xuan had been lying in. 
 The man in shades shook his head vigorously, “We have no idea! I swear! Please don’t kill us. We’re just doing our job!”
 “How much did they pay you?” Shi Sheng asked as she raised one brow cynically. 
 “……” The man in shades kept his mouth shut.
 Shi Sheng growled, “How much?!” Her iron sword pierced the wooden table beside him when she raised her voice, instantly splitting the table into three pieces.
 “Ah!!! One million… They were going to pay each of us one million after the deed was done.” Replied the man in shades fearfully.
 “I’ll give each of you five million to kill that second young master. How about that?”
 The man’s eyes widened in shock. He probably did not anticipate that Shi Sheng would suggest such an odd request.
 “It’s easy to negotiate money, but to negotiate one’s life… I don’t think it’ll be as simple.” Shi Sheng threatened. 
The man in shades stared at the iron sword that Shi Sheng was holding. His face immediately went pale as he quickly nodded, “Of course, it’s no problem at all! We’re all here just to earn a living. After all, money is money, it doesn’t matter who pays it.”
 Shi Sheng ordered them to give her their bank details. After sending the money their way, she spoke, “You guys could betray us if you like. I don’t care. However, the consequences of your actions… You can think about it on your own. Now scram, and close the door.”
 “Yes! Yes! Yes!”
 The man in shades rounded up his underlings and left the room. All of them then quickly ran and crawled out of the compound as fast as they could. After running for a distance, they finally stopped on their tracks and began to pant when they made sure no one followed them.
 “B-boss… Are we… Are we really going to kill the second young master for her?”
 The man in shades took off his sunglasses and clenched his teeth before replying, “Money is money, anyone’s will do! You saw how terrifying she was! Not to mention, she said she would give us 5 million each. So, once we finish this job, we’ll leave this country for good.”
 “But the Xie family……”
 “There’s enough sons in the Xie family to form a soccer team. Do you really think that that idiot is that precious to their household?” The man in shades sneered. 
 He took on this mission because they had done many errands for the second young master. They thought that even if Xie Jing Xian woke up, he would be frail. It would have been an easy task for them to assassinate him.
 But who knew that they would meet a psycho.
 “You’re right, Boss.”
 “Let’s go!” The man in shades commanded as he pushed his sunglasses back. 
 These people knew Jing Xian regained his consciousness because Ah Yue had informed her employers. The turn of events left Ah Yue in shock. She was overcome with guilt when she realised Jing Xian’s life was in danger because of her.
 Jing Xian had no recollection of any events that the man in shades mentioned. In respect for Jing Xian, Shi Sheng let him decide what he wanted to do. If he wanted to know about what had happened, she would help him find out everything in detail.
 But Jing Xian had no intention to dig any further.
 Shi Sheng gave Ah Yue a generous sum of money and advised her to leave the city.
 She brought Jing Xian to a hospital for a check-up, then brought him back to her home. 
 It’s been a while since she came home. Her villa felt more desolate than usual. Shi Sheng turned on all the lights and carried Jing Xian to the sofa. 
 Jing Xian gently tugged at her sleeve, blushing as he wrote on a piece of paper, “I can walk on my own.”
 He was able to walk on his own now. Even though he was moving slowly, but he did not need Shi Sheng to carry him around anymore.
“Alright, I was just worried you would fall.” She replied. As Shi Sheng tucked him in with a soft blanket, she asked him once more, “Do you really not want to know anything concerning the Xie family?”
 When she first saw him in the game, she remembered the look he had in his eyes. Although it was just for a second, she knew. 
 At the time, the expression that he had was one where only people who had experienced horrible things would make. 
 Jing Xian tightly clenched the pen in his hand for a moment, then slowly wrote his reply. “Do you think… that I should know about it?”
 Domineering CEO Sheng has been activated. “There’s no should or should not. In this case, there’s only if you wish to or not.”
 Jing Xian tilted his head and stared at Shi Sheng. He slightly closed his eyes and said, “I’ll just go with the flow.”
 “Alright, whatever you want.” Shi Sheng smiled lightly. 
 Jing Xian did not dare to look at Shi Sheng in the eyes. He timidly wrote onto the notebook and showed her, “I want to take a shower.”
 “Do you need me to help?”
 Jing Xian glared at Shi Sheng peculiarly. He held his notebook to Shi Sheng’s face, “THERE’S NO NEED!!”
 How can she be so shameless?
 Shi Sheng smiled as she carried him upstairs. After preparing the bath for him, she lifted Jing Xian’s face by his chin with a mischievous smirk, “I’ll just be outside. Call me if you need me.”
 Jing Xian closed the door in a hurry. His face was now as red as a tomato, and he felt as if his heart was about to beat right out of his chest.

 He thought it was weird. The two of them clearly do not know each other. So why does it feel like they’ve known each other for years when they’re together?
 Was this fate?
There was light coming from Shi Sheng’s villa. This was something that Lin Han Yu noticed when he came back. He hadn’t seen her ever since that day. 
 Which was why he ran over to knock on her door. 
 Shi Sheng opened the door but blocked the entrance so he couldn’t come in. “Something you need?”
 Because of Lin Han Shu, Shi Sheng was pissed at Han Yu as well.
Although this matter did not have much to do with Han Yu, it just made her uncomfortable. You can call her easily outraged or unreasonable, but she did not care because she already knew she was an asshole.
 Now that she found Feng Ci, she didn’t want to be too close with any other man. 
 She didn’t want him to misunderstand one bit.
 “Meng Meng…… You?” Lin Han Yu suddenly didn’t know what to say.
He didn’t know why she suddenly got angry that day. He also didn’t know where she went recently.
 “I’m doing great, thanks for asking. If there’s nothing else, then goodbye.” Shi Sheng was about to close the door, but before the door shut, she added, “Thanks for the special reminder the other day.”
 She then closed the door shut onto Han Yu’s face.
 Han Yu suddenly felt a cold gust of wind blowing through his heart. It didn’t feel good at all. 
 When Shi Sheng headed upstairs, Jing Xian was already done with his shower. But because he didn’t have any clothes, all he had on him was a bathrobe.
 “Are you hungry?” asked Shi Sheng. 
 Jing Xian nodded his head slightly.
 After he nodded, he realised he should have shaken his head instead. 
 He thought Shi Sheng was going to cook, but instead, she went out to buy food.
 Shi Sheng, who was never good at home economics, expressed —— She only knows how to eat.
 Jing Xian looked at the food inside his bowl and pushed the food he didn’t eat to the side. 
“……” How shameful it is to waste food! Why can’t he change this bad habit of his?! thought Shi Sheng to herself. 
 Shi Sheng took out the food he pushed away in annoyance and placed it into her own bowl.
 Jing Xian was startled as he looked at her. He took out his notebook and wrote, “I’ve already eaten that…...”
 “I don’t mind.” Replied Shi Sheng seriously.
 But I’ve already eaten that!!!
 He quietly observed Shi Sheng, not moving his chopsticks in the slightest. When Shi Sheng was about to finish her meal, he began to shove his food into his mouth.
 “Why are you so cute?” Shi Sheng cooed as she patted Jing Xian’s head like a puppy.
 “You shouldn’t call a man cute! And also, don’t touch my head.” Wrote Jing Xian, blushing. 
 “It’s a habit.” Said Shi Sheng before rubbing Jing Xian’s head even harder. “I’ve touched your head, so what?! If you’re not happy, then touch mine back!” 
 Jing Xian, when faced with a straightforward and challenging Shi Sheng,
Has been utterly defeated.