“You’re… not going to sleep yet?” read the note written by Jing Xian to Shi Sheng.”

 Shi Sheng stood beside the bed and bent down. She looked Jing Xian in the eyes and said, “I’m sleeping with you!”
 A confused Jing Xian stared at Shi Sheng.
 Shi Sheng smiled, “I’m just messing with you.”
 She then proceeded to tuck him in and walked towards the table beside him. 
 Jing Xian placed his palm on his chest, my heart is beating so fast.
All lights in the room were turned off. Only a tiny lamp was emitting light from the side of the table. Jing Xian pulled down his covers as he secretly peeked at her. 
 Her entire body looked like it was encapsulated by a soft glow. It seemed like her body was glowing, dispersing all the darkness and loneliness around her.
 Was she this nice to everyone else?
 Jing Xian did not know when he had fallen asleep, but he dreamt that he was back to where they first met. 
 Jing Xian’s body recovered nicely, but he still couldn’t utter a sound. The doctor had determined that his vocal cords had been damaged, and it would be hard for him to make a recovery.
 Jing Xian, however, did not really care, as he could still write to communicate.
 “What are you looking at?” Seeing that Jing Xian had been staring in the mirror for a while, Shi Sheng walked towards him and asked curiously.
 Jing Xian pointed towards the mirror, his facial expression visibly upset. He used the smartphone that Shi Sheng had given to him and typed, “Why do I look like this?”
 “You always looked like this.” Shi Sheng replied as she looked into the mirror. There’s nothing wrong with the mirror.
 Jing Xian swiftly typed into the phone, “I look so young right now.”
 He didn’t look like this when he was in the other world.
 But here, at this moment, he looked like a high schooler.
 “It’s pretty nice to be young.” Shi Sheng nodded earnestly. 
 Jing Xian glared at her. 
 “Ahem… Look at me, now we look more compatible! If not, some people might say you’re an old cow eating tender grass.” Shi Sheng gently patted her cheeks. Her current body made her look extremely young, as well.
[T/L note: And old cow eating tender grass is a Chinese saying similar to cradle robber]
Jing Xian immediately went red, “……” How could she simply say that? And in such a light-hearted way at that!
 Jing Xian turned around and looked into the boy in the mirror once more. Small red lips and white teeth, bright and round eyes……My god! I look like a baby!
 He suddenly covered up the mirror, refusing to see himself like that. 
 Shi Sheng, having witnessed his childish demeanour, couldn’t help but laugh. In the end, she took down all the mirrors in the room.
 “Let’s go out and buy some clothes,” Shi Sheng said as she leads Jing Xian towards the door, “And eat while we’re at it.”
 “……” Shouldn’t eating be our priority instead?, thought Jing Xian to himself.
 While they were out shopping, Jing Xian was being bombarded with a giant pile of clothes. From jackets and pants to shirts and underwear, Shi Sheng had bought all of these for him.
“Young man, your big sister sure knows how to spoil you!” The saleswoman who was holding all their purchases remarked as she smiled.
 Jing Xian looked in Shi Sheng’s direction. She was continuously throwing all kinds of clothing into the hands of a robot.
 “She’s not my sister.” Jing Xian retaliated. But before the saleswoman could question any further, he had already walked into the changing room.
 Jing Xian changed into a set of clothes.
 “Wow!” The saleswoman gasped. Her face was glowing with motherly love, “You look so adorable!”
Just as she said that, the saleswoman reached towards him, trying to pinch his cheeks. Jing Xian furrowed his brows. He didn’t like it when people touched him, but he didn’t hate it when Shi Sheng was the one who did it.
 Blinded by his cuteness, the saleswoman didn’t detect the look of annoyance on Jing Xian’s face.
 Behind Jing Xian was the changing room, and that’s the only place he could escape to. 
 Seeing that the saleswoman was about to touch him, Shi Sheng immediately stepped back. She smiled as she called out, “Miss, he doesn’t like it when you touch him.”
 The saleswoman blinked in embarrassment, her face a little flushed. She quickly bowed and apologised, “I’m so sorry, it’s just that he’s too cute. I couldn’t help myself.”

 “Mmhmm, he really is cute, isn’t he?”
 “Right?! If I were to have such a cute little brother, I would be so happy! Blablabla……”
 Jing Xian held onto the door of his changing room, glaring at Shi Sheng in protest. How dare she call me cute again?
 You can’t call a man cute.

 The saleswoman only stopped gushing about him when Shi Sheng asked the saleswoman to check out their purchases. Shi Sheng walked towards the changing room to pull Jing Xian out of there and proceeded to help him take off the price tag on his shirt.
 Jing Xian kept his head down as he typed, “Can you stop calling me cute?”

 Shi Sheng took his phone and shoved it into his pocket. “Alright, I won’t say you’re cute.”
 Jing Xian was about to reach for his phone, but Shi Sheng yanked his hand instead. In the end, he could only accept defeat.
 After they were done shopping for clothes, the two of them went to eat. By the time they were done with their meal, the sky was already turning dark.
“I’ll help you carry those.” Jing Xian wrote before he showed his phone screen to Shi Sheng. He waited for two seconds, then reached over to grab the bags from her hand.
 Shi Sheng didn’t oppose and gave him half of the bags. These were all clothes, so they aren’t heavy at all. 
 “Do you have anything else that you want to buy?” She asked.
 Jing Xian thought for a while, then shook his head. She had already gotten him everything that he needed.
 “Then let’s go home.” Shi Sheng reached out and held his hand. 
 Jing Xian glanced at Shi Sheng, and his eyes met with hers. She was smiling softly at him. He blushed and looked away, letting her hold his hand as they continued walking. 
 The car park was a small distance away from where they were, so they had to walk towards it. 
 Just as they were nearing the parking lot, a few men dressed in black were hastily running past them. One of them almost knocked Jing Xian over. Shi Sheng was fast to respond and quickly pulled him towards her. By the time she made sure Jing Xian was okay, those men were nowhere to be seen.
  Are these retards trying to chase a ghost?! Fuck!
 “I’m fine.” Jing Xian raised his phone to Shi Sheng so she could read. 
 Shi Sheng frowned for a bit, the two of them continued to walk towards her car.

 After they placed their stuff into the trunk of their car, Shi Sheng opened the passenger door so that Jing Xian could get in. However, the second Jing Xian placed his foot into the car, Shi Sheng immediately pulled him back.
 Jing Xian lost his balance and fell onto Shi Sheng. 
 Shi Sheng quickly pulled him behind her and closed her car door with a ‘Bang!’
 She proceeded to open the car’s rear door, and calmly demanded, “Come out.”
 There was no movement inside the car, but Shi Sheng waited patiently. After a few minutes, a small and frail girl came down from her car. She was wearing a striped hospital gown that Shi Sheng was all too familiar with, and in her hands was a sharp metal bar stained with blood.
 “Sorry… I just need to hide.” This little girl was probably terrified. Her entire body was trembling, “Some people are out there to capture me… sorry……”
 Shi Sheng observed this girl once more. 
  Le Jin….
What the fuck… I already made sure I locked the door before we left. How did she get in there?”
 Le Jin’s face was as pale as a ghost. The clothes on her body were stained with blood. Her dirty and bare feet showed her toes clenched together, and she was gripping her metal bar as if it was her amulet. She was gripping the bar so tightly that her fingers were now white. She looked like a scared little bird.

 What in the world did the male lead do to her?!
 How did the female lead become like this?!
 That’s too much!

 “I……” Le Jin’s body began to sway, then she suddenly collapsed onto the floor.
 “……” Shi Sheng was speechless. 
  Mr Policeman… There’s a fragile porcelain doll over here.
 Shi Sheng watched as Le Jin fell onto the floor. She probably hit her head as she fell because she made a deafening banging sound. As her metal bar rolled to the side, a crisp ringing sound could be heard from everywhere around them.
 Jing Xuan tugged at Shi Sheng’s sleeve.

 “Get in the car.” Shi Sheng patted his hand, signalling him to get in. 
Jing Xian glanced over at Le Jin a few times. She wasn’t wearing the same clothes as she did in the game, which was why he didn’t recognise her but only thought she looked kind of familiar.
Jing Xian subconsciously did not want to retort what Shi Sheng has asked him to do, so he obediently got into the car.