Le Jin thought she had feen found by those men, but she realised she was lying in the hospital when she woke up.

The doctors around her seemed to be busy.

Le Jin felt her head throbbing. She held her head and asked, “Why am I here?” 

“Oh, it was Miss Hua that sent you here.” The doctor replied without lifting his head. “How are you feeling right now?”

Miss Hua? Do I know her?

“My head hurts.”

“You hit your head, but it seems like there won’t be any huge problems. Your body, however, is very weak. You were wearing a hospital gown when they sent you here. Which hospital are you from? What about your family?”

Le Jin’s face paled as the doctor began to bombard her with questions after questions. She’s in the hospital, which meant that Liang Bing’s henchmen would be able to find her in no time. 

Liang Bing has gone mad.

She wants to escape!

Le Jin quickly searched through her mind and eventually asked the doctor to make a call for her. 

So many years had already passed. She was not even sure if this number would still be connected. 

But lucky for her, the doctor’s call went through.  

As Lin Han Yu immediately rushed to the hospital, he saw Shi Sheng escorting Jing Xian out of the hospital protectively. At that moment, there were a lot of people going in and out of the hospital. She treated the young man as if he was a treasure, making sure that nobody would touch him.

This young man was very beautiful. He looked like a delicate work of art displayed inside a glass case.

He watched as she escorted the young man into her car, a gentle smile painted on her face. It was a smile that did not show any signs of deception or bad intentions but a smile that was sincere from her heart.

Lin Han Yu took a deep breath and sprinted into the hospital. It wasn’t until he was in a tightly packed elevator that he felt out of breath.

When he stepped out of the elevator, Han Yu had composed himself and quickly found the ward.

“Han Yu.” Le Jin was finally relieved when she saw Han Yu.

When Han Yu got the call, he was sceptical. “Xiao Jin, when did you return to the country? How did you get hospitalised?”

Le Jin was confused.

She never went abroad, so why did Han Yu said that she did?

Countless thoughts raced through her mind. Then, she realised the possibility.

Liang Bing……

It must be that crazy asshole, Liang Bing.

Le Jin grabbed Han Yu by his hands, “Han Yu, please take me out of here right now.”

“Xiao Jin?” Han Yu looked at Le Jin in confusion. What’s going on?

Although the Lin brothers were no longer on friendly terms with Liang Bing, Le Jin was just a little girl. So they had no resentment towards her.

Upon Le Jin’s anxious request, Han Yu helped her go through her discharge procedure and brought her back to the Lin’s residence.

When they reached his villa, Le Jin began to cry as she told him what she had gone through.

For a while, it was as if Liang Bing had lost his mind. She didn’t know what he had placed inside her food, but she had not woken up since ingesting it. After that, Le Jin entered into the game world and lost all of her memories. Just like Jing Xian, the only thing she could remember was her name.

Until she woke up once again and realised she was inside a laboratory.

The memories that she had lost was recovered when she woke up. She knew the reason how she became like this was because of Liang Bing.

Liang Bing was extremely possessive when it came to her, and she was aware of this for a long time. That was why she tried to create some distance between them. However, she did not expect that this would trigger him instead, leading him to do what he did to her.

After she regained consciousness, she continued to act as if she still had amnesia. She was obedient and listened to everything Liang Bing told her. Finally, Le Jin begged Liang Bing to bring her out for a walk. That was when she took the opportunity and ran.

“Liang Bing… This psycho.” The more Han Yu listened, the angrier he became. “He actually went and did all those things to you. How could he bring it upon himself to do such a thing?”
Han Yu tried his best to mask his anger as he comforted Le Jin, “Xiao Jin, don’t worry. My brother is currently preparing to sue Liang Bing. We’ll be hearing some news about it in a few days.”

Lin Han Shu was in Liang Bing’s abandoned experimental building when he found a peculiar server. It was one that he had not come across before. From the information he had obtained, this server was not only connected to a game, but it was connected to a medical care pod company as well.

Medical care pods have a plethora of uses, even a perfectly healthy person could use them.

Some people use medical pods to rest due to their busy schedules, but why was this medical pod connected to the game server?

The more Han Shu looked into the situation, the more he got scared. This was why he decided to force a shut down on the servers.

In the script, Le Jin wouldn’t recover all her memories when she wakes up at the end, only remembering what happened to her and Liang Bing in the game.

  So, in the end, she and Liang Bing would end up together.    

 But this time, because of Shi Sheng’s intervention, Le Jin recovered her memories by accidentally hitting her head. She realised that the reason why she was in her current state was all because of Liang Bing.

Le Jin couldn’t accept that her brother by name would treat her with such possessiveness to the point where it was madness.

When Liang Bing proposed the idea of transferring the conscience of a vegetative person into the game, he did not do it for the sake of benefitting humanity.    

He did it in an attempt to erase Le Jin’s memory, but he didn’t expect an accident would occur. Once Le Jin fell into a deep sleep, she was unable to wake up. This was why he proposed his theory and began to implement it like a mad man.

Initially, Liang Bing’s team was just researching how to make Le Jin wake up. However, it was evident that Liang Bing was not the only one who ended up going crazy.

Under his command, some of his underlings used this technology from the medical pod to immortalise people’s conscience. However, there was no way for them to wake up. Thus, their exploitations were making them huge profits.

Lin Hanshu’s evidence was sufficient, and the prosecution went smoothly when Liang Bing was busy looking for Le Jin. When he was arrested, his staff did not destroy the laboratory materials in time.

Lin Hanshu stood outside the laboratory building, watching Liang Bing as he was being taken out.

Liang Bing looked decadent. Upon seeing Lin Hanshu,  some hatred was veiled in his eyes, “Why? Lin Hanshu, why?”

They used to be such close brothers. How did it turn out like this in the end?

That he would send him to prison with his own hands?

A ray of pain flashed through Lin Han Shu’s eyes, “Liang Bing, Qian Qian was innocent. So why did you do this to her?”

Han Shu had found Qian Qian, but all he saw was her corpse...

A corpse that has turned into nothing but bones.

She was also his friend, his classmate. Yet, the lush years they spent together eventually all turned into bones, buried in the dust.

Liang Bing was puzzled for a moment, and then he remembered who Qian Qian was.

“That woman found out what I did. I told her not to run her mouth, but she threatened me that she would tell you. She left me with no choice. I had to kill her. She asked for it, and she deserves it.” Liang Bing was already a little unhinged,” Lin Han Shu, you deserved this. If you had helped me, you wouldn’t have lost her! HAHAHAHA!  You all asked for it. You all deserve it! You all deserve it!”

Lin Han Shu’s last ray of hope had disappeared. Disappointed, he left as Liang Bing’s hysterical laughter filled the air.

Lin Han Shu sat in his car and watched as Liang Bing was escorted into a vehicle.

He promised to take in that woman once, and she helped him untie the knot in his heart of so many years. She had given him such a gift that he didn’t know whether to be happy or sad.

Even the rift with Liang Bing, which he was concerned about for so many years, was dissolved instantly.

Now that he thought about it, it seems that she has done nothing...

The only thing she gave him was one sentence.