Ten days later, the police caught a person who had been in trouble with the medical convalescent cabin company.
 They found out that it was Meng Jie, Liang Bing's most trusted partner.
 Meng Jie was once Liang Bing's classmate, but Han Shu never liked him. He always felt that Meng Jie was arrogant and had an inferiority complex. 
 When Han Shu was still at the company, Meng Jie was working with them as well. But he was not an important figure at the time.  However, when Liang Bing and Han Shu's relationship ended, Meng Jie took the opportunity and stepped in to take the position.
 In the end, he did such a despicable thing.

 What these two people did was enough for life imprisonment.
 This was the so-called Reaper Plan.
 When the incident broke out on all the news platforms, no one noticed a short report regarding the Xie family's second young master's death. 
 Lin Hanshu acquired the game, re-hired people for testing, switched to a new server, and released a series of security reports, and the game continued to operate.
 The news did not elaborate much on the game, so players only knew that the game company had an accident and did not think much of it in-game.
 On the day the game was launched, in addition to the old players, there was an influx of new players.
 When Shi Sheng went online, she was still holding the ID as the palace lord of the Shenjue Palace as Hua Meng Meng. The gaming system that had been changed beyond recognition by the system was corrected back to its original state, and the level update was still at level 80.
 Some people finally got up to the level, but at this time, they levelled down to their original levels. A group of players cried together.
 Do you think it's so easy to level up?

 This is a magical game that even money can't help when it comes to levelling up.
 [World] Your Daddy is Online: I've lost interest in levelling up to level 80! /waves goodbye
 [World] You're So Cute: It feels like the entire server should all kneel before the thought of levelling up to level 80. 
 [World] I'll Quietly Watch You Fuss: I'm a newbie. What's this fuss about levelling up to level 80?
 [World] Heh Heh Heh: Same! What do you mean? I saw on forums that claimed the game has a virus?

 [World] Central Air-Conditioner: Eh…… We're from an old server, so why are there so many newbies?
 The newbies should be playing in the new server, so why are they here in the old one?

 [World] Heh Heh Heh: I read on the forums that claimed this server has a virus, so I'm here to test it out. 
 [World] I'll Quietly Watch You Fuss:  Testing the virus +1
 [World] Ancestors, Stop Fooling Around: It's not the server that was corrupted, but one of the dungeons. Also, is the Cruel Spinster back already? Do we still need to clear the dungeon to level up?
 It's been a long time since the servers had been shut down, but Shi Sheng's position in the hearts of these old players was still very high.
 After all, she was the first person in history to change a game beyond recognition.
 [World] July The Great: I just went and checked. We still need to pass the dungeon to level up…..
 This game has updated to the point where even they aren't quite familiar with it anymore.
 [World] A Man's True Colours: That's weird…. An Jin who's ranked first in the ranking board has disappeared.
 As soon as these words came out from A Man's True Colours, it immediately attracted people's attention, and they went to look at the rankings one after another.
 Sure enough, An Jin, who had been on the top of the list before, was gone.
 They couldn't even find his ID when they tried to search it up.
 [World] Your Dad Is Now Online: Did he delete his account?
 [World] Central Air-Conditioning: Even great gaming gods were forced to delete their account. This game is definitely toxic. 
 [World] Ancestors, Stop Fooling Around: The Cruel Spinster is too cruel.
 [World] Moon Moon: Someone, please explain.
 [World] Cute Blue Elf: Someone, please explain +1
 [World] July The Great: AAAAH! I saw Hua Meng Meng in the newbie server!
 July The Great's sudden interruption suddenly distracted the newcomers of the server from their questioning. 
 [World] Hua Meng Meng: What's there to be shocked about me being online? I'm here to see my love!
 [World] Your Dad Is Now Online: ……
 [World] Central Air-Conditioner: ……
 [World] July The Great: ……
 [World] ……
 Very good, this BOSS no longer abuses its players, but instead, she's starting to abuse the single dogs!
A group of players rushed to the Newbie Village, and the new players who had just teleported into Newbie Village were so shocked by the scene that they did not dare to move.
 What is this for?
 Shi Sheng was standing at the door of Newbie Village, and a group of players chatted around her non-stop.

 "The Cruel Spinster, the game has been suspended for so long. Were you the one that did this?"

 "The Cruel Spinster, the game company has replaced their boss now. Did you do this?"
 Shi Sheng was speechless, "..." Why am I the one that's supposed to be the cause for everything that's happened.
 Fine, I'm the one that did it then.

 July The Great squeezed through those people and rushed to Shi Sheng, "Hua Meng Meng, I'll be having a fansign event in a few days. Will you come to cheer me up?"
 "There will be another fansign event in July, which city? I'm definitely going. Who knows? Maybe July The Great will fall in love with a five-tier diamond like me?" joked Central  Air-Conditioner.
 "Pfft, yes, you're fifth tier, but a diamond? Please."
 "You should destroy all your armour and weaponry first before calling yourself a five-tier diamond."

 Central Air-Conditioner patted his chest and assured them, "I am really a five-tier diamond."
 "Go away, I invited my Meng Meng, but I didn't invite you." Julie glared at Central Air-Conditioner. He then turned around and looked at Shi Sheng with a smile, "So will Meng Meng be coming?"
 "S City." July said with great excitement: "I will send you the contact information in private. You must call me if you want to come."    

 Shi Sheng nodded slightly.
S city was the city she is in.

 Shi Sheng and this group of people talked for a while but did not see Jing Xian anywhere. She inevitably opened the search engine to look for him.
 However, the results were peculiar. He wasn't listed as a player but as an NPC.
 Shi Sheng, "..."
 Players were unable to add each other as friends and can only chat privately at a certain distance. However, this doesn't apply to NPCs. All NPCs can harass other NPCs anytime and anywhere.

 [Private] Hua Meng Meng: How did you become an NPC?
 [Private] Jing Xian: I don't know, it was like this when I logged in…… How do I log out?
 [Private] Hua Meng Meng: ……
 Shi Sheng checked the map to see where Jing Xian was located at.
 It turned out that he was in Love Flower Shrine.

Shi Sheng was silent. This was definitely the system's doing. 
 [……] I’m innocent! Don't blame me for everything. I won't be having it!
 Because Shi Sheng told them she would visit her lover, the group of players began to curiously follow her as she teleported. 
 [Nearby] July the Great: So Meng Meng, why are we going to the Love Flower Shrine?
 [Nearby] Hua Meng Meng: I'm here to visit my lover!
 [Nearby] Hua Meng Meng: Those who want to enter, join my group.
 [Nearby] Ancestors, Stop Fooling Around: Why do we have to arrive at Love Flower Shrine's dungeon to see your lover?
 [Nearby] Central Air-Conditioner: The Cruel Spinster has a lover? Is it even allowed?
 [Nearby] July The Great: Why can't she have one? If my Meng Meng says she has one, then she has one!
 [Nearby] Your Dad Is Now Online: Don't fight with a brainless fan.
 [Nearby] Ancestors, Stop Fooling Around: Don't fight with a brainless fan +1
 [Nearby] Central Air-Conditioner: Don't fight with a brainless fan +999999
 Shi Sheng accepted the invitations. Their group was large. Almost all players of the Soy Sauce Clan were in the group. 
 [Group] July The Great: I'm going to start the dungeon.
[Group] Your Dad Is Now Online: Start it! Quick! I want to see what The Cruel Spinster's lover looks like!