The scenery of the Love Flower Shrine was beautiful as red flowers were scattered across the land.

 The map was not big, so Shi Sheng quickly found Jing Xian.
 Who was going to tell him what the title of “Matchmaker” means on top of Jing Xian’s head?
 Love Flower Shrine used to be a dungeon for them to defeat monsters!
 But now its’s a matchmaking shrine? What’s the meaning of this?!
 “Matchmaker? Eh…… Is the game coming up with a marriage system?”
 Previously, when a couple reached a certain level of intimacy, they would become an official couple if the two of them were willing.
 Someone immediately checked the game’s built-in forum. 
“Marriage system……Holy fuck! The requirements are insane!” The player who spoke shared the screenshot on the public screen.
 “Intimacy level 9999, Love Flowers 9999, Magpie Stone 9999……So you’re saying that the flowers in this map are for us to pick? Even so, it’ll take forever to pick that many flowers.”
 “The time has come to test true love!”
 “The time has come to test true love +1”
 “The time has come to test true love! +10000”
 Someone went and tried it. It took 30 seconds to collect one Love Flower. To collect 9999 stalks, that would take more than 80 hours ….. that’s more than three days.   

Besides adding up with the requirements to reach intimacy level 9999 and a bunch of things that they haven’t heard of before, these requirements all total to 9 items.   

 Sure enough, it’s time to test true love.
 “But it doesn’t say that you can’t ask someone else to help collect it… but this intimacy level is insane! I haven’t heard of the other required items before, so it must be difficult to obtain it as well.”
 “Even though the game has a new boss, but it’s difficulty is still insane!”
 “Waiting for couples to break up over this……”
 “Eh? This matchmaker is quite handsome.”
 “Can the matchmaker marry? Ah, he’s so handsome! I wish to marry him!”
 The attention of the young maidens were all on Jing Xian. They swarmed towards him in unison. 
 Shi Sheng, “……” That man is my property! Don’t mess with him!
 Shi Sheng walked over to them and pushed them away, shielding Jing Xian behind her. “What do you think you’re doing! Don’t touch him!”
 All the girls were speechless, “……”
 Soy Sauce Clan were stunned as well, “……”
 So Cruel Spinster, your lover is this NPC?
 Everyone in the scene was even more excited now. So this means that this NPC is also a real person?
 Shi Sheng pulled out her sword and readied it in front of the group of people before pulling Jing Xian towards her and getting the hell out of that map.
 [World] Central Air-Conditioner: What kind of world do we live in? Even an NPC has a lover… Can’t they let single dogs like us live in peace?
 [World] July the Great: My Meng Meng, hurry back!
 Shi Sheng blocked the world and brought Jing Xian back to Shen Jue Palace. 
 “How did you turn into an NPC?” asked Shi Sheng as she walked in circles around Jing Xian. She had purchased a brand-new game cabin for him, so he should have been assigned to a new character. Not to mention, Jing Xian’s previous account should have been blacklisted……
 Jing Xian shook his head as he casually started typing.
 [Private] Jing Xian: I was transported to that map the second I logged in.
 Shi Sheng began to assess the situation and decided it would be best to look at the platform’s data. 
 She stood in front of Jing Xian, “Try to speak one sentence.”
 Jing Xian was silent for a while, then he tried to open his mouth. “I……”
 “Meng Meng.” A slight smirk appeared on his face. He could speak in this world.
The corners of Shi Sheng’s eyes turned upright as she smiled. She extended both of her hands to pinch Jing Xian. He felt natural, as well.
 Jing Xian couldn’t help but blush shyly, then proceeded to hide. 
 Because the marriage conditions were insane, some couples who wanted to get married tried accomplishing the objectives but gave up in the end. While some couples gritted their teeth and finished the objectives, however, he was nowhere to be seen when they went to find the matchmaker!
 [World] Cold Lantern Flowers: …… Where did the matchmaker go?
 [World] Central Air-Conditioner: Obviously, it must be the Cruel Spinster who kidnapped The Matchmaker and ran. But hey, did you finish all the objectives?
 [World] Cold Lantern Flowers: Yeap, all that’s left is the Matchmaker.
 [World] Cold Pencil Tips: Where did the Cruel Spinster kidnap the Matchmaker to?
 [World] A Man’s True Colours: You’re looking for the matchmaker? Go to Shen Yue Palace’s dungeon.
 [World] Your Dad Is Online: Group annihilation N+1 times.
 [World] Hua Meng Meng: So you’re blaming me?
 [World] Cold Lantern Flowers: Aaaaaah, the Cruel Spinster, please return the matchmaker. I want to marry my husband. 
 [World] Hua Meng Meng: …… He went to sleep.
 [World] The Great July: I think I’m seeing something.
 [Notice] Hero [A Ray of Sunshine] is now online.

 [World] You’ll Suffer: The Boss is online! Boss! Boss!
 A Ray of Sunshine went online just to see the sentence that Shi Sheng sent. It wasn’t until Shi Sheng’s conversation had been covered before he slowly typed it on the public screen.
 [World] A Ray of Sunshine: Missed me so much? Now you know the importance of this clan leader, huh?
 [World] You’ll Suffer: That’s not it, boss. Our clan is running out of money. Hurry up and save us!
 [World] A Ray of Sunshine: ……
 [World] Central Air-Conditioner: Now that you mention it, A Ray of Sunshine, is your Moon Shadow Sceptre still with you? 
 This artefact was once all the rage, but then somehow, everyone’s focus was on the Cruel Spinster instead.

 The artefact was left out of the cold like never before.
 A Ray of Sunshine took a look at his equipment.
 [World] A Ray of Sunshine: It’s gone.
 Their levels have all dropped, and even Shen Jue Palace remained as an unopened dungeon. So it was expected that the Moon Shadow Sceptre would be retracted as well.
 Although the conditions for marriage are harsh, there was no shortage of players who were indeed in love. More and more players began to complete the objectives. However, it was tough for them to find the matchmaker every time.
 Finding him took more effort than completing the objectives.
 Sometimes, they even had to set an appointment with him!
 It was so tiring for them to even play the game.
 Compared with this group of married players, the players who fought the dungeons to level up were also exhausted. Why was it so hard to level up?
 Are they really going to cap the maximum level at level 80?
 Complaints were useless as the company didn’t even care!
 Since the game was relaunched, the content of each server update was based on the task triggered by the player, so if they couldn’t pass Shen Jue Palace, they wouldn’t be able to level up, and if they couldn’t level up, and they couldn’t trigger the following updated conditions.
 There’s no way to update……
 The players could only give up and watch as couples filled the world to find the matchmaker.
 Thank goodness they weren’t the only ones being tortured.

 Everyone should share their happiness and pain together.
 Thinking about it this way, they felt more comforted. They were resurrected by their hot-bloodedness as they continued their attempts to clear the dungeon.

 [World] The Great July:  HAHAHAHA! I saw Hua Meng Meng today!!
 [World] Hua Meng Meng: ……
 [World] Central Air-Conditioner: I’m here as well, but why didn’t I see her?
 [World] The Great July: With your IQ, of course, you can’t see it. I even saw Jing Xian, but… Jing Xian looks… erm….

 [World] Jing Xian: What about me?
 [World] Disorder of Flowers: Catch the matchmaker! Matchmaker, I want to make an appointment!
 [World] Jing Xian: Find Meng Meng.
 [World] Disorder of Flowers: …… The Cruel Spinster is so hard to find. /cries
 [World] The Great July: That’s not true. It’s pretty easy. I so wish to be spoiled by my Meng Meng! You didn’t see it… Ah, my god, just thinking about it makes me excited! /holds heart
 The Great July saw Jing Xian and Shi Sheng when she went to the back of the platform to rest during halftime. 
 At first, she didn’t recognise them since Shi Sheng looked really different in-game and in real life. But after she saw Jing Xian, she realised the young man standing beside her was the younger version of the Matchmaker. 
When the realisation dawned upon her, she saw the card in the bouquet held by the staff nearby and immediately confirmed their identity.