[World] The Great July: Those of you who haven't seen my Meng Meng before won't understand how boyfriend material she is! Aaaaaah! Meng Meng do you need a girlfriend? One that can be cute, can paint, can warm the bed up. The kind with beautiful fair skin and long legs.
 She wants to be spoiled!!!
[World] Central Air-Conditioner: July, aren't you afraid of backlash for saying all this?
 [World] July's Underwear: July is a cute girl.
 [World] July's Bra: July is a cute girl +1
 [World] July's Lace: July is a cute girl +31415926535
 [World] The Great July: Don't try to take me down, okay? Will Meng Meng think about it?
 [World] Hua Meng Meng: I only need one to warm the bed. 
 [World] The Great July: Boohoo, I'm so jealous of Jing Xian!
 Going to see The Great July today was just due to convenience. Since she saw July on her way home, Shi Sheng decided she should go and see the event as well.
 Shi Sheng initially thought sending a bouquet would be enough and she could take her leave, but The Great July spotted them and immediately stopped them.
 [World] Your Dad is Now Online: So The Cruel Spinster is really a thing with Jing Xian?
 [World] Hua Meng Meng: We are many things.
 [World] Central Air-Conditioner: Pfft… Have you two slept together?
 [World] Hua Meng Meng: If you stop asking these questions, I will let you live one second longer before annihilating your team.
 Only one second? Who wants that!
 [World] Your Dad is Now Online: That means they haven't slept together yet. HAHAHA! The Cruel Spinster, it seems like you're not that great!
 [World] Jing Xian: ……
 Jing Xian, the person in question, is just right here. How could they say these things in front of him?!
 [World] Hua Meng Meng: It'll happen soon enough.
 [World]The Great July: You guys are so dirty-minded! But I'm gonna bet, Jing Xian is definitely the sub. Since my Meng Meng is so handsome and cool, she'll definitely be the dominant one!

 Jing Xian privately messaged Shi Sheng, pulling her out from the world chat.
 [Private] Jing Xian: What do you want to eat tonight?
 [Private] Hua Meng Meng: You!
 [Private] Jing Xian: …… I'm asking you what kind of food do you want to eat.
 [Private] Hua Meng Meng: Chicken stew with mushrooms.
 [Private] Jing Xian: Then I'll be logging off first. 
 After sending his text, Shi Sheng could no longer send any messages to him.
 Shi Sheng, "……"
 [World] Finding and Seeking: Hua Meng Meng you Bitc[Bee——p], ugly people are bound to do stupid things. Who are you to let the Matchmaker leave his post? What kind of shitty game is this? How can it let her do as she pleases?
 Shi Sheng was about to log off until she saw this message.
 [World] Cold Lantern Flowers: Finding and Seeking, why are you scolding The Cruel Spinster? She's quite a nice person. When I got married to my husband, she even sent us wedding gifts. 
 [World] Finding and Seeking: Ptui, you're so easily bought by her small gift. We have to search high and low just to get married, and not only that, we have to beg as well? Who do they think they are?
 [World] Subperiod: Finding and Seeking, are you psychotic? I just saw you trying to collect Magpie Stones not long ago. Have you finished all your objectives that quickly? As long as players finish their objectives and skip the ceremony, they can search for the Matchmaker on the search bar and send a request. Then the procedure will be completed immediately. Only those who want to have a wedding ceremony have to set an appointment, and everyone knows that! You're just trying to stir up some trouble, aren't you?
 All players who have completed the wedding mission began to flood the chat with explanations.
 To them, going through all the maps to find the Matchmaker was a fun time. And most importantly, the Matchmaker was so handsome as well.

 If they really wanted to get married, the efficiency of the process is really high. And there's rarely any delays. 
 [World] Finding and Seeking: Then what about the dungeon in Shen Jue Palace? Other servers have been updated many times, yet you're still here trying to beat that dungeon. And all of you are here trying to defend her and lick her boots. Are all of you retarded?
 [World] Hua Meng Meng: So, you're unsatisfied?
  I won't let you pass that easily. If you're unsatisfied, just change your server.
 Those who want to succeed have to monopolise.

 [World] Finding and Seeking: You think this is your game? Are you trying to hog it all and not let us play?

 [World] Hua Meng Meng: You can't defeat me on your own, so you're blaming me? Are you saying I should go easy on you so that you can pass? You're not as cute as July, nor are you like Jing Xian, who can warm my bed. So why would I even go easy on you?
[World] The Great July: My Meng Meng just called me cute!! /twirls 
 [World] Central Air-Conditioner: Even when you're arguing, you still have to abuse the single dogs. Cruel Spinster, that's too much! I don't want any dog kibble. 
 [World] Finding and Seeking: Do you even have any shame?
 [World] Hua Meng Meng: No, I don't!
  Damn, she could declare that she has no shame so confidently.
 All the players are impressed.
 Finding and Seeking was furious. However, whatever they said went to deaf ears. So they disappeared off the world. 
 Shi Sheng turned off the game and logged out. 
 Just as she left the gaming cabin, she could smell something delicious. 
 She walked out of her room and saw Jing Xian in the kitchen. He was holding a tablet and following the instructions from a video on cooking.
 Feng Ci's culinary skills were masterful. He immediately learned how to cook the dish after watching a video tutorial once, and it was delicious.
  A person who knows how to cook yet is so picky with food. I don't understand it. 
 Unless… it's because he is picky with food, so that's why he learned how to cook?

 Jing Xian turned around and was startled by Shi Sheng, who was standing behind him silently. He retreated subconsciously and could feel the heat from behind him getting hotter. He thought it was too late to move forward.
Shi Sheng took a quick step forward, wrapped Jing Xian around his waist, and lifted him aside to avoid the bubbling soup pot behind him.
 "Am I that scary?" Shi Sheng didn't know that he would startle him. "Did you get burnt?"
 Jing Xian shook his head and took out his phone to type. 
 "You suddenly stood behind me……" And so close too. Any normal person would react the same.
 "Sorry." Shi Sheng straightened him up, "I was just thinking about some stuff, so I wasn't paying attention."
 The two of them stood very close, and Jing Xian's face quickly turned red. He typed a few words on his phone and walked away.
 "I'm fine. No need to apologise."
 "I'm afraid you'll be angry." Said Shi Sheng as she followed him. "I didn't mean to scare you."
 Jing Xian looked up at Shi Sheng, and Shi Sheng immediately smiled. Jing Xian lowered his head and slowly typed a line on the screen, "I'm not angry."
 She was so good to him. How could he possibly be angry?
 Jing Xian put away his mobile phone, pushed Shi Sheng out of the kitchen, and signalled that he was going to cook.
 When Shi Sheng stood at the door playing with her phone, Jing Xian would occasionally glance at her. A feeling of satisfaction filled his heart.
 It seems that being together with her like this is pretty nice. 
 But none of them confessed to each other!
 If they went by the book, they must confess when a boy and a girl get together. And it's the guy that should be confessing……
 Jingxian thought for a while, how should I confess to her?
 Jing Xian struggled with this problem and was a little absent-minded when eating.
 "Didn't you say you weren't angry?"
 Jing Xian looked at Shi Sheng in confusion and blinked several times before reacting, then shook his head.

 He was not angry.
 He was just thinking about how should he confess.
 "Then why aren't you eating seriously?" Shi Sheng nudged Jing Xian's bowl.
  He looks like he's worried about something… Something must be up!
Jing Xian lowered his head and quickly finished his meal.