Ever since Finding and Seeking has a spat with Shi Sheng in the world chat, they began to tell people bad things about Shi Sheng and Jing Xian. Finding and Seeking claimed that Shi Sheng and Jing Xian were relatives of the game company’s boss and spies for the current one. That was how they got the previous boss into prison. 
 Otherwise, why would the current boss let her mess in the game without any repercussions?
 The other server’s management was stringent, so a situation such as it would never happen.
 Just as Finding and Seeking brought this up, many rich players began to explore the other servers. They realized that although the updates in other servers were much faster, it wasn’t as fun nor engaging as this server. 
 This is an area that is famous for its rich players. They were tired of playing games that can be upgraded with money.    

 What they’re playing now was not a game but a lifestyle.
 People like Finding and Seeking would never understand. 
 So, this group of players began to rebut Finding and Seeking. It’s only fun because the game company doesn’t regulate this server, you retard!
 On the other servers, you would get banned for saying certain things. This was a violation of freedom of speech!
 There were still many new players entering the server. Most of them were only here to boggle their eyes at Shi Sheng and Jing Xian as a couple.
 This was actually the first time for many players to enter a Virtual Reality game. Naturally, they wouldn’t care much about the rules as long as it was fun to play.
July was boasting about the time where she met Shi Sheng in real life with her followers until she suddenly got a friend request from Jing Xian.
 July was confused upon seeing the request and proceeded to accept it.
 [Private] Jing Xian: How do you confess to someone?
 Jing Xian checked some information on the internet, but he felt that those statements were really unreliable.
 And among the people that he barely remembered the names of, he only remembered July’s.
 After all, this person has been forcibly brushing its presence in front of Shi Sheng.
 [Private] The Great July: You want to confess to my Meng?!?!?!
 [Private] The Great July: My Meng didn’t confess to you?!?!?!?!
 [Private] The Great July: This doesn’t make sense!!!
 Her Meng had MAX boyfriend potential! How could she not have confessed?
 The Great July immediately private messaged Shi Sheng.
 [Private] The Great July: Meng Meng, let’s talk.
 [Private] Hua Meng Meng: Busy.
 [Private] The Great July: [Sends a picture]
 [Private] Hua Meng Meng: ……
 Unbeknownst to Jing Xian, he had been ratted out before he could ask for an answer.

 [Private] The Great July: Meng Meng, why haven’t you confessed yet?! AH! Have you gone mad?! You should show him your dominance!
 [Private] Hua Meng Meng: ……
 Maybe she had gone mad.
 The way they interacted with each other was too natural, so Shi Sheng had forgotten that Jing Xian has no memory of her.

 Thinking of this, Shi Sheng got a bit excited. She could confess to Jing Xian as many times as she wants. Not to mention, she could do it differently every time. Who knows? Maybe by her 99th confession, they’ll be able to summon a divine dragon.
 [Private] Hua Meng Meng: Thanks.
 [Private] The Great July: Meng Meng can use your body too. I won’t mind if you have a boyfriend… /shy /covers face.

 [Private] Hua Meng Meng: Central Air-Conditioner is quite lovely, really. 
 Shi Sheng had met Central Air-Conditioner before. It wasn’t hard to recognize him. He might as well have written “I’m Central Air-Conditioner” on his forehead.
His looks were above average, though his fashion sense was a bit odd. But his aura was quite peculiar, so he’s probably not an ordinary person. Even if he wasn’t some CEO, he looked like a young master from a wealthy household.
 [Private] The Great July: …… His name already states that he’s a Central Air-Conditioner, so how could he be my personal warmer? I don’t want him! I want you! C’mon Meng Meng! I don’t mind being your girlfriend.
 [Private] Hua Meng Meng: But I only want to be his personal warmer. Logging off. 
 [Private] The Great July: Nooo! Meng Meng, don’t go! Tell me! How are you going to confess to him? Are you going to do it head-on or head-on?
 [Private] The Great July: …… (Message failed to send)
 [Private] Jing Xian: ……
 The Great July read Jing Xian’s speechless “……” s and stayed quiet for a while. Then, she began to give him a few pointers. 
  My Meng confession would be enough!
 Since my Meng is so handsome!
 My Meng has tortured me thousands of times, but I still treat her like my first love. 
 Aaah! Thinking about it makes me excited! I want to be spoiled by her!

 Shi Sheng was not planning on confessing to Jing Xian in the game. Because these types of situations should be planned sneakily.
 Who knows? Maybe she could successfully sleep with him.
 While Jing Xian was still online, Shi Sheng took the opportunity to head out and buy some things to prepare.
 “Meng Meng……”
 Just as Shi Sheng left a villa, a confused voice called after her.
 Le Jin was standing a distance away, and when she saw Shi Sheng heading out from her front door, she quickly sprinted towards her. “Meng Meng, I want to thank you… about what happened recently.” She said while bowing 90 degrees. 
 “It was just a matter of convenience.” 
Shi Sheng replied aloofly. 
 “Can I take you out for dinner? I’ll pay. I don’t have any other intentions. I just wanted to thank you.” 
 “I don’t have time right now, maybe next time.” Shi Sheng shrugged her off. She had something else on her mind.
 “Oh.” Le Jin spoke in dismay.
 Shi Sheng walked around her and left to buy preparations for her confession. When she returned home, Jing Xian had already logged off from the game world. He was about to head out. 
 “Where did you go?” Jing Xian typed into his phone.
 Shi Sheng dragged him into the house and took out a ring from her pocket. She raised it in front of Jing Xian’s face, “Mr. Xie, will you marry me?”
 Jing Xian was like a deer caught in headlights. He stared at the ring in shock.
  [System] Host, when you said you were going to confess to him in a flashy manner. But this was all you could do?! Boooooo!
 Shi Sheng rolled her eyes internally. Who cares about being flashy? Being blunt and straightforward is the way to go.
 Before Jing Xian could react, Shi Sheng took his hand and placed the ring onto his ring finger. “I was just notifying you, not asking for your opinion. There’s no room for objections unless you can beat me.”
 Jing Xian was speechless.
 He looked at the ring on his ring finger. Well I didn’t say no!
 Just as he looked at Shi Sheng, she had already placed her own ring on her finger.
 “…… To find a wife that is so straightforward, I must be lucky.”
 “I’m hungry,” Shi Sheng said as she scratched her chin. “What do you want to eat?”
 Jing Xian was a bit confused. According to the articles he found online, they should be sharing a kiss right now. But why did she suddenly jump to asking where they should eat instead?
 It seems that the internet is truly untrustworthy.
 “I haven’t cooked yet. Please wait.” Jing Xian replied, his face blushing as he turned around. He hadn’t cooked yet because when he logged off, he couldn’t find her anywhere and Jing Xian was prepared to go out and look for her. 
 Shi Sheng tried to keep a straight face. If only he would always be this cute.
 As Jing Xian walked into the kitchen, he fumbled on the now warm ring on his finger in confusion.
 He was the one that wanted to prepare a surprise confession at first, so how did the tables turn, and she has already put a ring on it?
 Shi Sheng and Jing Xian stayed in the same room, though at first, they slept in different beds. Jing Xian would sleep on the bed, while Shi Sheng would sometimes sleep on the sofa or just sleep sitting on her chair. 
 Jing Xian would ask her to sleep in the other room, but she would always refuse.
 He was worried that she might catch a cold sleeping like this, so he offered half of his bed to her, and they slept with two separate blankets.
 However, when he returned to their bedroom today, he realized that there was only one blanket on his bed instead.

“Where’s the other blanket?” Jing Xian asked Shi Sheng through a typed message from his phone.
 Shi Sheng pointed towards the window.
 Jing Xian walked towards the window and looked down. He could see a black sheet floating on top of the lake right outside the villa. 
 From his observation, it wasn’t just one blanket that ended up in the lake.
  Did she throw away ALL of our blankets?
 “Why did you throw away all those blankets?” Jing Xian typed.
 “Of course, it’s so that I can share a bed and one blanket with you!” Shi Sheng replied matter-of-factly. 
 Jing Xian was so speechless he wanted to push Shi Sheng out of the window as well. But seeing how bad the weather was outside, he ultimately couldn’t bring himself to do you. 
 Yup, slowly and surely, he now could not even bear the thought of her in any form of discomfort.

Shi Sheng, however, had successfully bedded Jing Xian.