After she slept with Jing Xian, Shi Sheng’s mood was excellent. She didn’t even say no when Le Jin asked her out for a meal.

Le Jin had brought Lin Han Yu along. Han Yu rarely went online nowadays. Rumors were that Lin Han Shu had handed him the game company to manage. 

When Han Yu and Shi Sheng finally met over dinner, he was a little depressed. He didn’t know what to say, so he chose to be silent.   

While they were eating, Han Yu quietly watched as Shi Sheng instinctively took out all the food Jing Xian wouldn’t eat.

“Meng Meng, you’re always so nice to Jing Xian… Aren’t you worried that he’ll bully you?” Le Jin tugged onto Shi Sheng’s sleeve as she asked in a hushed tone. 

Men will turn bad once you spoil them.

Shi Sheng patted her on the head, “He’s my man, so of course I have to spoil him.”

Le Jin pouted, “But Meng Meng should be the one that’s getting spoiled!!” She’s a girl after all! All girls should be spoiled like little princesses!

“I’m content with spoiling him.” Shi Sheng retorted as she placed the prawn she had peeled into Jing Xian’s plate. 

Le Jin, who was now being shoved into a lovey-dovey scene from the couple, couldn’t reply. I still don’t get it…

After they had dinner, Shi Sheng handed over a USB drive to Han Yu and said, “Thank you for helping me in the dark.” 

While she was on the server, many people had reported her. But nothing happened, thanks to Han Yu. 


“Lin Hanyu,” Shi Sheng quickly stopped him. “There can be only one person in my world. There is no space for anyone else.”

She wasn’t someone that he could like anyway.

So, she had to destroy all hope that he might harbour. Even though it was cruel, sometimes the best course of action is to not give him any hope in the end. 

As Han Yu took the USB, he smiled bitterly. “I understand.”

Le Jin looked at the two in confusion, What are they talking about?

She didn’t understand what was going on between them at all.

As they parted ways from Han Yu and Le Jin, Jing Xian suddenly took out his phone and asked Shi Sheng, “Does he like you?” 

Shi Sheng glared at him, “Shouldn’t you be jealous?”

To think that he would ask her with such excitement! 

Jing Xian typed slowly, “But you’ve rejected him.” And so cruelly nonetheless, to the point where there was no chance for him to proceed.

Jing Xian knew that she was this type of person. She was ruthless to everyone, everyone except him. 

He liked that he had a special place in her heart compared to others. 

“I’ll punish you when we get home.” Shi Sheng said as she tugged on his arm.

Jing Xian let out a small laugh and suddenly pulled Shi Sheng over. He placed his hand on her shoulder and turned her around, and pressed his lips against hers.

With people coming and going on the street, time seemed to have sped up. The shadows of these strangers became silhouettes as they passed them by.

Thank you for loving me so much.

Le Jin reentered the game. But this time, she changed her username. If she were to use her old one, it would definitely be traced back to Liang Bing. 

As a result, The Great July soon discovered a girl named [Hua Meng Meng’s Ah Jin], and this user suddenly began to steal her presence from Shi Sheng.

She was in the world chat!

She was in the local chat!

She was even in the nearby chat!!!!

The Great July’s days were now over.

This was why The Great July changed her username into [Hua Meng Meng’s July]

[World] Hua Meng Meng’s July: Meng Meng, can you see my love for you?

[World] Jing Xian: She’s not here.

[World] Hua Meng Meng’s July: !!!!

[World] Central Air-Conditioner: HAHAHA! July! Come into big brother’s arms! I’ll bring you wherever you want to go!

[World] Hua Meng Meng’s July: Nonsense! Hua Meng Meng IS online!

July accused Jing Xian in anger.

[World] Jing Xian: She wanted me to tell you that she’s not here.

[World] Hua Meng Meng: …...

[World] Your Daddy Is Online: HAHAHA! The Cruel Spinster also has things that she cannot deal with. Seems like this bed warmer of yours isn’t all that. Do you want to consider changing to a new one?

[World] Hua Meng Meng’s Ah Jin: Meng Meng is currently carrying me to defeat the Skull King.

[World] Hua Meng Meng’s July: Ah! Meng Meng!!! Why won’t you carry me too?!?!?!

In an instant, July was entangled with a bunch of remnant fans as they rushed to the incident scene. However, she couldn’t see anyone there. When July found out that she had been deceived, she immediately started fighting with Le Jin in the world chat.

This somehow became a daily occurrence. 

Seeing two girls fighting on the world chat for another girl.

A group of single dogs felt much pain.

Now that girls like girls, what are men like them here for?!?!!?

[Notice] Congratulations to Love Flower Shrine’s Matchmaker [Jing Xian] and Shen Jue Palace’s Master [Hua Meng Meng] on their marriage. May they have a harmonious union that lasts one hundred years.

Le Jin and July immediately stopped their quarrels. 

So the sneaky bitch was Jing Xian?

While they were here quarrelling to their wit’s end, he secretly married Meng Meng under their noses?!

This conniving bitch! BOOOO!

[World] Hua Meng Meng’s July: My heart has been broken.

[World] Central Air-Conditioner: Don’t cry, July. Stand up! You still have me, I’m your most loyal defender.

[World] Hua Meng Meng’s July: …...

Who wants a central air-conditioner?!?!?!!

[World] Ancestors, Stop Fooling Around! : An NPC can actually marry another NPC??

[World] Hua Meng Meng’s Eighth Brother: …… I specially transferred to observe these two legendary NPCs. To think that I would be able to witness such an event the second I arrived! WOW!

[World] Your Daddy is Online: Woah, we have a rich guy here!

It would cost a fortune to transfer servers.

The average person could only change servers when there was an official server activity where they would give out free server transfer cards. If not, no one in their right mind would pay for such a service.

[World] A Man’s True Colours: Do you think our server lacks any rich men?

[World] Central Air-Conditioner: Please call us the rich man’s server. 

The topic of the world strayed in an instant, and when they had returned to the subject, Shi Sheng and Jing Xian had already completed their ceremony.

Jingxian was the matchmaker, so he didn’t need to accomplish all the conditions to get married. However, he still completed all of the requirements.

Because two sayings were circulating in the game right now.

The first was that couples who manage to complete all requirements to wed were proven true lovers.

The second was that players who managed to complete the Shen Jue Palace’s dungeon were absolute gods.

Even until now, no one had successfully cleared the dungeon in Shen Jue Palace. And their server eventually became a gathering place for local rich gamers. While Shi Sheng and Jing Xian flaunted their love in-game. 

After the game was upgraded, this group of players stuck at level 80 could continue to level up.

After the upgraded game, players found that it was not at all comparable to before. Whether it was seamless transitions or realism, the game was now better than before.

Lin Han Yu had expanded the game and later developed several new holographic games one after another.

But Chaotic World has always been their company’s main holographic game, and it has never stopped updating. The content of each update never failed to impress its players.

The initial structure of Chaotic World was perfect. In addition to upgrading, players here can also live like ordinary people, as if they have travelled into another world.

So, even after some time had passed, Chaotic World was still extremely popular.

Shi Sheng’s servers became even fuller than before.

This server has many rich players and a dungeon that can never be cleared, an NPC who would battle the players if they had a disagreement and a Cruel Spinster who periodically shows off her lovey-dovey-ness with her husband. 
Many masters turned to the dungeon that could never be cleared.

Of course, in the end, no one managed to clear the Shen Jue Palace’s dungeon to this day.

And it became a permanent legend.