When Le Jin was five years old, she followed her mother as she married into the Liang family.

Her own father died in an accident. At that time, she was just born. When her mother brought her up to the age of five, she met Father Liang. The two of them had very similar personalities, so they got married not long after they dated.

Because it was their second marriage, there was no wedding.

Her mother carried a suitcase and led her into the door of the Liang family's house.

That was the first time that she had met Liang Bing.

He was neatly dressed and sitting on the sofa, with a scorn on his face. The arrival of Le Jin and her mother was more like a catalyst that made the atmosphere tenser and tenser.

Her mother gave him a carefully selected gift, but he didn't even look at it and immediately threw it to the ground with all his might.

His mother was a little awkward and sad. So, Father Liang scolded him.

Liang Bing and Father Liang quarrelled for a bit before Liang Bing ran out angrily. As he passed her by, he deliberately knocked her to the floor.

Father Liang was very kind to her. From Father Liang, she learned that that boy would be her brother from now on.

A step-brother with no blood relations.

Liang Bing.

Since then, she has lived in the Liang family and became the second young lady of the Liang family.

Their first meeting was not pleasant, and the second meeting was equally unpleasant.

Le Jin broke Liang Bing's piano. Le Jin just touched it curiously but didn't know how it broke.

Liang Bing lost his temper and pushed her down the stairs. Fortunately, the stairs were covered with thick blankets. She just fell and was dizzy after, but there were no other complications.

After Father Liang came back and found out what had happened, he ordered Liang Binglai to apologise.

She was held in her mother's arms at the time, her mother was silent, and the expression on her face was forbearance and sadness that she could only understand many years later.

Little Le Jin shrank into a ball. She was terrified of Liang Bing.

Although he apologised, Le Jin felt that her life would not be better in the future.

And this became a fact. Before Liang Bing entered junior high school, she had constantly been bullied by Liang Bing.

Whenever Liang Bing bullied her, her mother comforted her with sadness and told her not to worry about Liang Bing. This was their home, and they should not be afraid.

Although Father Liang would help her, the more Liang's father interfered, the more Liang Bing targeted her.

It wasn't until he entered junior high school, where Liang Bing's personality suddenly turned around, and he finally stopped targeting her. However, he was still unpleasant towards her. 

Liang Bing was four years older than her. She was still in elementary school when Liang Bing entered Junior High.

By the time she entered junior high school, Liang Bing had already graduated from high school and entered university.

During that time, Liang Bing was very strange, always asking her to help with things. He had stopped bullying her and sometimes even helped with her lessons.

Le Jin was a little afraid of Liang Bing and subconsciously wanted to hide from him. So, sometimes she would deliberately finish her homework at school before returning.

After Liang Bing discovered this, as long as he had no class, he would definitely come and pick her up from school.

It was at that time that she met the Lin brothers.

Lin Hanshu and Liang Bing are in the same class and major. She heard that they were two of the most influential figures in their school. She met Han Yu a little later.

She would often be taken by Liang Bing, and when they discussed things, she was forced to do homework next to them.

When Lin Hanyu was there, she would feel a little more relaxed. After all, they were about the same age, their schoolwork was not much different, and they had common topics.

Le Jin remembered clearly that Lin Hanyu took her out that day to buy food.

When she returned, she was lightly hit by a car, and Lin Hanyu carried her back.

At that time, the look on Liang Bing's face was horrible as he carried her from Han Yu and walked back home while holding her.

On that day, no one was at home. Liang Bing carried her back to the room and rudely pulled her skirt apart, revealing the wound covered by it.

Because she fell to the ground, her knee had a wound, and blood was oozing out at this time.

Liang Bing held her leg and helped her apply the medicine. She didn't notice anything wrong with Liang Bing at first. However, when she realised that his strength was getting stronger and stronger, Liang Bing had already pushed her down.

Le Jin's mind was completely blank, a foreign object was forcibly stuffed into her mouth, and it swept her mouth before Le Jin reacted and began to resist.

Liang Bing's strength was so great that she couldn't break free, and her clothes were torn off one by one while Le Jin cried anxiously.

It was as if Liang Bing had lost his mind.

Later, there was a voice coming from the outside. Father Liang and her mother had come back, and only then had Liang Bing let go of her. He covered her with a quilt, covered her mouth, raised his index finger to her lips, and signalled her not to tell them what had happened.

Le Jin nodded with tears in her eyes. Liang Bing let go of her, tidied up her clothes and went out.

Le Jin's face paled with fright. As she felt her body shiver on her bed, she wanted to scream, but her mind was filled with the menacing look in Liang Bing's eyes just now. Her voice had reached her throat. However, she could not make even one sound.

Liang Bing opened the door, but her mother was standing just outside Le Jin's door as well, and she was surprised to see Liang Bing coming out of her room.

Liang Bing explained as if nothing had happened, "Le Jin fell when she came back just now. I gave her medicine, and she was already asleep."

 During that time, Liang Bing had stopped bullying her. Father Liang and her mother all knew that he had stopped bullying her, so they thought he had finally grown up.

Her mother didn't doubt anything, so she turned and left.

Liang Bing stood at the door for a while before leaving the room.

Le Jin crawled out of bed crying, she hurriedly put on her own clothes and ran to the door barefoot, but she found that the door had been locked when she tried to open the door.

She was kept in the room like this for several days. It was Liang Bing who came to deliver food every time. He didn't say anything and left as soon as he gave her food.

No matter how loud Le Jin screamed, no one outside answered her.

It felt like in their home, the only people left with her was him.

She learned that her mother and Liang's father had an accident a week later. She had been imprisoned by Liang Bing for a week, and her mother had an accident on the third day she was imprisoned.

Liang Bing let her out so that she could attend the funeral.

Le Jin almost collapsed at the time. After attending the funeral like someone who was more dead than alive, Liang Bing locked her into the room again.

Liang Bing was very patient with her at first, but as Le Jin's resistance to him became more and more serious, he became a little irrational.

"Little Jin, listen to me, come over and eat." Liang Bingyu was gentle, but Le Jin felt terrified and refused to come forward.

She tremblingly asked, "What do you want?"

"I like Little Jin, doesn't Little Jin like me?" When Liang Bing asked these words, his voice was so soft, like a whisper.

But Le Jin only felt a chill that coursed through her body from head to toe, making her tremble all over.

He wanted to rape her before, but now he says he likes her? How ridiculous is this?

"No... I don't like you. You are just my brother." Le Jin stepped back towards the window.

She was afraid of Liang Bing, and she didn't like him at all in her heart.

Liang Bing stepped forward extremely fast, pulled her from the window, onto the bed, and pressed her against her, with a frenzied expression in his eyes, "Then who do you like? Is Lin Han Yu? That little boy who hasn't even grown out all his hair yet?!"

"You let me go." Le Jin cried and beat him, "Why do you treat me this way? You return my mother to me! You lunatic!!!! Let me go!!!"

Liang Bing grabbed her hand, "Little Jin, you've left me no choice."

This was the last word Le Jin heard him say.

Then, her world fell into a dead silence.

I wish I never appeared in your world.

——Le Jin