Shi Sheng returned to the system space and sighed heavily. As expected, she was still young and beautiful!

She strolled towards the screen, and the system immediately flashed her information.

Name: Shi Sheng

    Character value: -265000

    Health: 35

    Points: 35000

    Task level: A

    Task score: 86

    Side task: complete

    Side task reward: 4000 points

    Item column: 'Queen's Crown', 'Heart of the Ghost King', 'Dark Night'

Holy shit, my character value has actually increased.

Shi Sheng held on to the edge of the screen and began to operate it after a while. Millions of tiny data characters began to fill the display. 

Host, what are you doing? If the system's voice could change, it must be trembling at this time.

The host is up to something again.

   "Just patching some bugs." Shi Sheng said leisurely.

    ...Are you sure you didn't change the program as you please?

 Shi Sheng hummed arrogantly, "Even if I change it, what can you do to stop me?"

... I can't do anything…

 Host, do you know... who is that person? The system asked tentatively. If the owner is not there, the system feels like it's not as sharp as it should be.

Why did it not notice when something was invading its system?

The system analysed the previous dimensions again, and it realised that the problem only occurred after it allowed its owner to close the channel.

What happened at that time?

"How would I know." She wasn't a god. She couldn't just find out what happened after pinching her fingers.


After Shi Sheng was done patching, she asked the system to send her to the next dimension.

 ——Everyone knows that Yan Mian is a disaster star.


When Shi Sheng woke up, she found herself trapped in a small space with her limbs curled up together. It was very uncomfortable, and the smell inside was also unpleasant.

Wow, I'm getting tired of this!

 What kind of battle royale is it this time?

Shi Sheng tried to feel around, and she realised that she might be inside the trunk of a car.

She reached for the top of the trunk but was unable to open it.

It was challenging to breathe in a small space, and Shi Sheng calmed down before she continued to fumble around.

The surroundings were clean, and there were no tools available.


The trunk was suddenly lifted up. Bright light poured in from outside, and Shi Sheng closed her eyes subconsciously.

The sound of people talking suddenly poured into her ears.

"This woman is quite pretty."

"What's the use of being beautiful? Get her out quickly. The people over there are still waiting."

Shi Sheng was lifted out by the men and placed on the ground. They probably noticed that she was awake, so a few men rudely pulled her a few steps forward.
Shi Sheng's eyes adjusted to the brightness and saw the situation in front of her clearly.

This was probably a dock since there are cargo boxes piled up around their surroundings. A group of people stood opposite her, and there was also another woman in the hands of those people. This woman was blindfolded and looked limp as she was held by others, which meant that she was unconscious.

Holy shit!

This is some shady kidnapping exchange!!!

Why is it that every time I enter a new dimension, I'm forced into these kinds of annoying situations?!

"We brought the person you were asking for. Let her go."
A deep voice rang beside Shi Sheng's ear. Shi Sheng quickly turned her head to look at the source of the voice. It was a man. He was standing in a dark corner with people surrounding him. Shi Sheng only managed to make out an outline of the man.

When Shi Sheng was observing that person, she was pushed and shoved. "Get over there."

Shi Sheng noticed that her body was a little limp, and when she was pushed, she almost fell face-first onto the ground. She barely regained her balance and turned her head around to stare daggers at the man who pushed her.

 "Who do you think you're staring at? Hurry up and get over there." The man behind her was holding a gun, and its black muzzle was pointed at her.

Shi Sheng was tired of this.

Guns! Guns!! Guns!! Why are all the dimensions she entered were all filled with guns?! 
So they think it's so great to have a gun?!

 Well, I have a sword!
  Shi Sheng observed her surroundings. The situation doesn't look too good right now. So should she make something explode and run? Or should she make something explode and run?

Shi Sheng flicked her wrist, and an energy ball appeared in her hand. She walked a few steps forward to the middle of the dock and took a deep breath. She then mustered all the strength from this body and threw the energy ball towards both sides at the same time.


Shi Sheng immediately ran towards the cargo box next to her. However, the shockwave from the explosion came faster than she expected, and her body slammed into the cargo box with a loud bang.

As her body smashed onto the cargo boxes, Shi Sheng could feel her head spinning. She felt her ribs break, and she could no longer move.


"Boom boom boom!!"

Sounds of successive explosions went off, and Shi Sheng's whole body shook along with the dock. She seemed to hear the sound of bones cracking from the explosions.

When the sound of the explosion was getting nearer, Shi Sheng's eyesight had already been engulfed by the roaring flames. 

"!!!!" Shi Sheng was shocked.

Oh shit!

The flames burned brighter and brighter until everything around her turned bright red. 


"...There are new developments regarding the Ji Corporation's Dock Bombing Case today. According to police investigations, it is suspected that gangs were fighting in the area and detonated the explosives which were located in the containers..."

Shi Sheng opened her eyes and watched the news on the TV, trying to wrap her head around what had just happened.

Where is she?

Who is she?

Amnesia? How could such a bloody thing happen to her? She couldn't really accept this… it seems like this time she has actually played herself.

What kind of mentally retarded person puts so many explosives on the dock?

And what kind of gangsters, instead of choosing deserted mountains or dense forests with no trails, would choose the docks instead?!?!?! 

The dock was broken by you guys!
"Creek——" Someone had pushed open the door.

A servant in the maid costume entered the room as she pushed a cart. She had no expression on his face, and her eyes were dull. She looked like a soulless zombie.

Shi Sheng observed coldly and watched as the servant changed her IV drip, then lifelessly walking out of the room like a corpse.

This was not the first time she saw this servant, but this servant was the first person she saw when she woke up.
She wouldn't respond to questions, moved around without making a sound, and had no expression on her face, like a puppet being manipulated.
This is a modern era, there is no such thing as human puppetry, but there is a particular skill comparable to it - hypnosis.
Shi Sheng couldn't move at this time, and her whole body was mummified in bandages. Otherwise, she would have cut her down with a sword.

At the time of the explosion, her entire body had been flung into the water. She was already crippled by the first impact, but she had a chance to escape the second she fell into the water.

However, her low luck points always gave her the worst outcomes.

She didn't know what she had hit while her body dove into the water. She couldn't even draw her sword. And by the time she had woken up, she found herself here.

"Send me the plot."

Without the plot, she couldn't act her part or pretend to be afraid.

This was a tale of abuse.

The heroine here is an assassin, her real name is An Ruo ling, but she was more commonly known to others as Ying Su.
When she was still young, Ying Su's family was killed, and she was taken in by a gang called the Black Tiger Clan to be trained as an assassin.
When Ying Su was eighteen years old, she received a task from the people above her to assassinate a man.

This man was called Leng Yan, who was the male lead in this story. He was the clan master of the Blue Dragon Gate, who was a grave enemy to the Black Tiger Clan. Ying Su's task was to lurch by his side and wait for an opportunity to kill him.

Ying Su's plan to approach Lengyan worked, and she had successfully secured a position by his side.

In the beginning, Ying Su did continue to send a lot of intel to her clan, but as time went on, Ying Su eventually fell in love with Leng Yan. She no longer wanted to send her clan any intel regarding him.

 The people in Black Tiger Clan lured Ying Su back by telling her that they knew who killed her family all those years ago. They told her, if she killed Lengyan, they would tell her who the murderer was.