As evening approached, Shi Sheng heard a car arrive downstairs.

She leaned on the window and looked down. The sky was dim, and the cars in the distance were getting closer. There were three cars in total, and the one in the middle was the most luxurious. 

As the cars got closer, the window of the second car slowly rolled down, and the person inside looked towards Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng and the man’s eyes met briefly, and the man put his finger up to his lips, then with the same hand, he waved at Shi Sheng.

The audacity, this sicko still dared to flirt her!

The car quickly disappeared in front of Shi Sheng, and in a few minutes, the servant opened the door and entered the room.

Shi Sheng was already used to the servant entering without knocking first. She was just following Shangguan Jiu’s instructions.

“Miss Yan, master has asked for you downstairs.” The servant said without checking if Shi Sheng had changed her clothes.

These commands can only be used once?

“My leg is broken. I can’t go downstairs.” Shi Sheng sat back onto the bed, “Let him come upstairs himself.”

Who does he think he is? Asking me to go down there and greet him?

The servant was stuck again.

It was a while before she turned around with a blank look.

About ten minutes after Shi Sheng sat down on the bed, a man opened the door and stepped inside the room. He had changed into a more comfortable outfit, he was not a young man, but he was still good-looking, like a mature man.

“You’ve been naughty, haven’t you, baby?” He slowly shut the door behind him. The man glanced at the clothes lying on the floor and smiled, “Don’t you like the clothes I prepared for you?”

“Why don’t you try it on?” Shi Sheng said with her arms crossed, staring into the man’s eyes without a hint of fear.
Those so-called ‘clothes’, only the mentally challenged would wear those rags.’

Shangguan Jiu bent over and gently picked up the clothes as if he was handling a luxurious dress and not a perverted and shameless outfit.

“Want me to put it on for you, baby?” He smirked from the corners of his mouth, obviously in a good mood, “Since it’s what you want, I don’t see why I shouldn’t entertain you.”

“......” This retard is impressive. He actually went ahead and filtered my words on his own. Shi Sheng thought to herself.

Shangguan Jiu walked up to the bed, slowly reached out his hand and grabbed the edge of the bed covers, all while staring at Shi Sheng with a smile. He slowly pulled at the covers, waiting for Shi Sheng’s response.

Shi Sheng just laughed at him, and his eyes slowly turned sour. Shangguan Jiu suddenly paused; he frowned in dissatisfaction as Shi Sheng did not give him the reaction he had imagined.

He let go of the covers and placed one hand behind him as he raised his other hand to his chest, bending over in aristocratic formality, “I seem to have forgotten to introduce myself…” 

“Shangguan Jiu, orchestrator for the Black Tiger Clan.” Shi Sheng sneered at him, “A sick pervert.” she added to his introduction.

Shangguan Jiu maintained his posture. When he looked up at Shi Sheng, the smile on his face was gone, replaced by the calm before the storm.

“What are you looking at? Never seen a girl as beautiful as me?” Shi Sheng touched her face like a narcissist, “You have to pay up to see me, you know.”

Shangguan Jiu’s eyes were filled with scrutiny. About ten seconds later, he stood up straight, “’re being very naughty.”

Shi Sheng smiled lightly, and her gentle voice sounded in the room, “I’ll show you naughty.”

This damned retard!

Shangguan Jiu threw the clothes into the trash can next to him and responded to Shi Sheng’s words, “You have to be punished if you’re naughty, baby.”

What the hell!? Can this retard hear anything I’m saying?! What’s his deal?! He just keeps talking to himself!

Shi Sheng heard the door lock as Shangguan Jiu left the room.

You think you can keep me locked up in here with just a lousy lock?


Shangguan Jiu stood outside the door with a servant in front of him. Two bodyguards stood by the staircase in the distance.

“What’s wrong with her lately?” Shangguan Jiu asked.

“Nothing, Miss Yan always takes her medicine and goes to bed on time.” The servant replied emotionlessly.

Shangguan Jiu suddenly reached out and grabbed the servant by the neck. The servant’s dull expression quickly became sullen, replacing her dull look with horror. Her mouth opened, gasping desperately for air as she flailed and hit Shangguan Jiu with her hands.

But Shangguan Jiu tightened his grip on her neck, the servant’s struggling became increasingly weaker, and her hands eventually fell to her sides lifelessly.

“Trash.” Shangguan Jiu tossed the servant aside.

The two bodyguards by the stairs immediately stepped forward. Without question, they dragged the servant’s lifeless body down the stairs as if they’d done this routinely.

Shangguan Jiu took out a handkerchief and wiped his hands for a full minute before throwing the handkerchief away and twisted the doorknob of the adjacent room.

This room was full of computer screens, all showing surveillance footage, with most of the footage from Shi Sheng’s room.  

Shangguan Jiu pulled up the nearest monitor, grabbed a chair and sat down, patiently observing the screen.

Shi Sheng couldn’t get out of bed before. She just stayed in bed all the time and basically didn’t do anything but sleep.

Shangguan Jiu continued to stare at the footage of Shi Sheng, watching it over and over again.

If the corner of the footage didn’t flicker, he would have suspected that he was looking at a still picture.

Shangguan Jiu observed the footage for a long time and didn’t notice anything unusual. All the footage was as normal as it always was.

He stretched out his hand and rubbed his eyebrows. He stopped after three strokes and stared at the screen through the gaps in his fingers.

This footage is too normal.

This was not the reaction of a normal person.

The computer screen froze on a frame of Shi Sheng sleeping, focused on her innocent and vulnerable expression.

Shangguan Jiu stretched out his hand and ran his fingertips across the screen a couple of times. His mouth slowly stretched into a smile.

Such an interesting little girl. Regrettably, she has been too disobedient and needs to be taught a lesson.


Shi Sheng was in an unfamiliar place. Unless Feng Ci was with her, she would always sleep lightly. Even in the middle of the night, she would notice immediately if someone entered her room.

She did not react immediately but waited for the person to come closer.

But he did not enter the room. After what sounded like a soft whisper, he left the room, locking the door.

“......” Why would he come in? Just to watch her sleep?”

Shi Sheng listened closely. It sounded like there was something in the room.

Shi Sheng reached out to switch on the lights, but she felt something cold and soft instead, and her wrist began to hurt.

“Pop!” Shi Sheng switched on the lights and lit up the room. She caught a glimpse of a little snake that had wrapped itself around her hand, its fangs planted firmly into her wrist. Other than a slight sting, it wasn’t exactly painful. It shouldn’t be venomous.

In the room, the small snakes that entered had clumped together in front of the door. The way each of them slithered on the floor looked highly unnerving.

What the fuck?! This pervert actually released snakes on me! 

Can’t this bastard be a bit more creative?
Now, where’s my blade?

  Shi Sheng ripped the little snake from her wrist and smashed it on the ground. She lifted the covers and jumped out of bed, using her sword to lift all the little snakes onto the bed and wrap them up with the bed covers.

She carried the snakes and walked to the door, but it was locked from the other side. Shi Sheng broke the lock with her sword and went out.

The two bodyguards stationed outside suddenly turned to look at her.

Shi Sheng raised her hand and threw the snake-filled bed covers at them.

The moment they quickly opened the bed covers to see what was inside, their bodies were already swarmed by the little snakes. Some snakes got into their clothes and onto their bodies, ready to sink their fangs into their flesh if they moved.