Shangguan Jiu’s expression turned dark when he heard the commotion and saw the bodyguards in the corridor without their shirts.

The little snakes were all over the ground. Some of the snakes had already slithered at Shangguan Jiu’s feet. His expression changed as he quickly backed away.

Shi Sheng stared at him, observing his reaction. He’s afraid of snakes. 

Just because you’re afraid of snakes, others will be just as afraid? 

You really are retarded!

Shi Sheng picked up a small snake from the ground and walked towards Shangguan Jiu.

Shangguan Jiu had already retreated back to the door. As he reached out his hand to close the door, Shi Sheng blocked his hand with her sword and kicked the door open.

She lost her balance for a moment as she felt a stinging pain in her ankles. Shi Sheng supported herself with her sword planted in the ground. She stood firmly and gritted her teeth, enduring the pain.

There is a price to pay for foolishness.

“Baby....” Shangguan Jiu looked at the writhing snake in Shi Sheng’s hand. His face turned pale, and the tone in his voice changed slightly, “Get that away.”

Shi Sheng closed the door behind her. Her eyebrows furrowed, “And I should listen to you because you said so? You think I’m your servant?”

Shi Sheng forced Shangguan Jiu to the corner of the room and said maliciously: “Aren’t you supposed to be very capable? This little guy is so cute. What are you afraid of?”

The audacity to try scaring me with snakes!. 

As if I was such an easy target!

Shangguan Jiu was probably very fearful of snakes. His entire body went limp, his back was against the wall, and a layer of cold sweat oozed from his forehead. At this moment, Shangguan Jiu had lost all of his bravadoes.

Shi Sheng placed the little snake onto Shangguan Jiu’s neck.

Shangguan Jiu was frozen in fear. He held his breath as his eyes could only follow the snake.

Ten seconds later, a loud cry resounded throughout the villa.

After scaring Shangguan Jiu, Shi Sheng immediately went back to her room to sleep. A retard that’s afraid of snakes still has the guts to be a sick pervert like that. 

These psychos should fear nothing.

The very next day, Shi Sheng noticed that all the people in the villa had changed. The servants and bodyguards had all changed. Only the mentally retarded Shangguan Jiu remained as he was.

Perhaps Shangguan Jiu was scared senseless and did not notice that Shi Sheng was still holding a weapon at the time and didn’t question where the blade in her hand came from.

The servants were all hypnotized. Looking at them was like staring at a lifeless mannequin. Shi Sheng lost her appetite simply by looking at them.

Her injuries were healing too slowly!!

Last night’s fiasco caused an already serious wound to get even worse. Now there was an extremely uncomfortable, searing pain.

Just as Shi Sheng was looking at her feet, Shangguan Jiu stepped through the doorframe, and Shi Sheng smashed the vase next to him.

Shangguan Jiu turned sideways to avoid the attack, staring upsettingly at the shattered vase on the floor.

“I brought you something fun, baby.” Shangguan Jiu said with a smile as he retracted his gaze.

“......” Whatever this retard says is fun, definitely can’t be anything good.

Sure enough, Shangguan Jiu’s bodyguard entered the room carrying an iron cage.

The cage was small enough that it could be carried into the room through the doorway,

The bodyguards placed the iron cage in front of Shi Sheng’s bed upright and stood at both sides of the door.

Shi Sheng did not doubt that as soon as Shangguan Jiu gave the order, the bodyguards would force her into the cage right away.

“Do you like it, baby?” Shangguan Jiu asked with a smile.

Shi Sheng looked at Shangguan Jiu, who waited patiently for her reply.

“It looks good.” Shi Sheng’s eyebrows curled as she gave Shangguan Jiu a bright smile, “But it’d look even better with you inside it!”

As she said this, Shi Sheng stood up, limped over to Shangguan Jiu, and started dragging him towards the iron cage.

Shangguan Jiu was a weakling. Shi Sheng had only recently realized this because he always had bodyguards wherever he went. So, even if Shi Sheng was useless in her current state, she could still easily force him into the iron cage.

When the two bodyguards stepped forward, an iron sword suddenly appeared before them. Shi Sheng spoke as her sword pointed towards Shangguan Jiu’s chest, “One move, and I will slice his heart open.”

The two bodyguards froze in fear, raising their hands as they backed away.

One of them quietly reached behind his back, and the moment his fingertip touched something only he knew of, he suddenly made eye contact with the woman in front of him.

Her face was free of any uncertainty like she was taunting him. 

It was as if she could see exactly what he was going to do.

The bodyguard quickly drew his gun, but there was already a dagger in his chest before he could load it.

He looked at Shi Sheng in disbelief. When did she take the dagger? Why couldn’t he see it at all? All he saw was the flick of her hand, and the sword was already embedded in his chest.

“Ugh…” The bodyguard clutched his chest and fell to the ground, his eyes widening.

He did not expect that he would die like this.

Now there was no way the other bodyguard would even dare to move a muscle.

Shangguan Jiu looked at the dead bodyguard with an indifferent expression, as if he was looking at a dead animal, something not even worth noticing.

Shi Sheng opened the door of the iron cage and forced Shangguan Jiu inside. Then she raised her hand and tossed the key out the window. When in reality, she had kept it inside her void.

“Baby, I really don’t appreciate your behavior.” Shangguan Jiu’s tall body curled up tightly in the small iron cage.

“Well, I happen to like it very much.” Shi Sheng banged on the iron cage with her sword, making a loud clanging sound, “Enjoy your new home!”

Now you can have a taste of what it’s like being locked up in a cage like a monkey.

The original protagonist had already been through this many times.

It was even worse. Shangguan Jiu would have the original protagonist strip naked and place her in the iron cage in the rain at night.

Shi Sheng told the bodyguards to drag the body out and close the door on the way,

The bodyguards would dare not disobey. That time when she threw the little snakes on the bodies of others, though they were not there, they saw her in the dark and felt like they were staring at a demon. After today, it looks like they weren’t wrong.

“Baby, let me out of here. I can overlook your misbehavior.” Shangguan Jiu was arrogantly calm from beginning to end.

“Why, thank you very much.” Shi Sheng rolled her eyes as she flipped through the clothes in the cabinet. She picked out a set of sportswear and headed to the bathroom to change.

While walking, she came back into the room. She placed a talisman on both the door and iron cage. 

It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Shangguan Jiu did not understand what Shi Sheng had placed on the cage. After this, she took out a spare key from her clothes and went to open the lock.

Then, when he reached out his hand and touched the iron cage, there seemed to be an electric current spread from his palm throughout his entire body. Shangguna Jiu’s body shook uncontrollably, and each strand of his meticulously styled hair now stood up like the hairs of a hedgehog. 

After Shi Sheng got changed and came out, what she saw was straight out of a comedy.

She knew that this retard definitely would’ve tried to do something.

Shi Sheng went out to call the bodyguard, threatening him violently to carry Shangguan Jiu out into the yard.

The bodyguard had called in a chauffeur to save Shangguan Jiu, but they became Shi Sheng’s servants in the end.

It wasn’t that they were too powerless. The iron sword in that woman’s hand was just too strong.

They couldn’t even get close to her, let alone apprehend her.

All they could do was obey her orders, dragging Shangguan Jiu out to the yard. Shi Sheng placed a few talismans on the iron cage, just in case someone tried to remove them. She placed all kinds of talismans on the cage. Rarely anyone had the pleasure to witness this type of first-class package from her.

Shi Sheng wanted to end his life right then and there, but then she thought about it, and killing him there would have been too easy for him.

She must rightfully avenge the original protagonist!

...... Please speak humanely.

This scum of a human, there is no way there can be such an easy death for someone who caused her so much pain and suffering.