Shi Sheng ordered a car and left there under the bodyguards' baffled sight and Shang Guan Jiu's glare.

"Sir?" the bodyguards surrounded Shang Guan Jiu immediately once Shi Sheng left, "let us get you out."
Shang Guan Jiu glanced in the car leaving direction, did not respond. A bodyguard assumed that he agreed to that and touched the metal cage.

The consequence was he was electrocuted until he was burnt.
The other bodyguards were stunned. What's going on?

Shi Sheng drove away from the villa only realized that she was in a mountain. The fact that Shang Guan Jiu was able to kidnap her to a hill meant that he was somewhat capable.

The road downhill was narrow. It was not easy to drive. Furthermore, Shi sheng's leg was injured, she had to drive slowly, the sky was getting darker and darker.
As she was making a turn, light seeping through from the front. Almost instantaneously, a loud 'pang' was heard, and Shi Sheng's car crashed. The car was forced out of the road and fell from the cliff.
Shi Sheng was stuck in the car. She could not unbuckle the seat belt. She slashed the seat belt in rage and realized that the car door could not be opened.

I'm so mad!

My luck value is epic.
Shi Sheng cut open the car door, flew out using her metal sword before the car and the ground beneath the cliff made contact.


The car crashed and caused an explosion. The flames rose slowly from the bottom of the cliff, brightening up that area.
Shi Sheng sat on the metal sword, stared at her bleeding leg. Her heart ached in pain.

The icy raindrops fell from the sky out of nowhere. Shi Sheng's heart was drenched in coldness immediately, the smell of the droplets and her blood spread out in the atmosphere.
Shi Sheng did not want to speak. She was exhausted. She wanted to be silent, don't ask her who is silent. 不

Shi Sheng rode her metal sword to the road. She wanted to see which retard was driving so unprofessionally.

However, when she was on the road, she did not see anyone. The road was absolutely empty, stretching into the infinite darkness.

The rain mixed with the wind howling mercilessly at Shi Sheng's slender body, it was so chilly until Shi Sheng shivering uncontrollably.

She got a windbreaker out from the space and slapped it on her.


A flash of lightning suddenly struck from the pitch-black sky, striking in Shi Sheng's direction.
The thunder struck without a sign.

"Gosh darn it!" Shi Sheng cursed. She leapt down, and the thunder struck at her metal sword, some scattered in the woods next to her. A fire was set ablaze instantly.
The metal sword slashed through the thunder, the electric current disappeared after circulating in her body for a few seconds. The metal sword dashed downwards, caught Shi Sheng, who was about to fall to the ground.

"Rumble!" The lightning was still rumbling in the sky.
Shi Sheng hurriedly kept the metal sword back to her space.

What the heck, they even destroy my transport, are they trying to kill me!?

Shi Sheng dragged her almost handicapped body back to the Green Dragon's villa. The servants thought that they saw a spirit when she showed up. After arguing for a while, they only let her in after confirming that she was indeed their madam.

The male and female leads are here. Of course, she would come back to watch the drama.
"Ma'am, the injury at your leg is quite severe. Please don't get down from the bed for these few days." The family doctor advised Shi Sheng.
Shi Sheng nodded lightly.

The family doctor packed up his equipment, bowed at her, indicating that he was leaving.

As he left, he ran into a mad, the doctor greeted respectfully, "Young Master Yan."

The man entered straight away, glanced at Shi Sheng coldly.
Shi Sheng eyed this male lead for a while. Leng Yan was not considered very handsome until to be hated by man and god, but his aura, which was incredibly attractive, the more you look at him, the more good-looking he got. He was that type of male lead who was easy on the eyes in the long term.

Leng Yan eyed Shi Sheng for a few seconds, asked coldly, "how did you get back here?"

He could not believe she survived such that massive explosion.
Leng Yan thought that she was dead.

"Obviously, by walking back, what makes you think I flew back here?" Shi Sheng responded grunted with displeasure, "Is this how you talk to your stepmother? Even if I'm your stepmother, I'm still your elder. Didn't your dad teach you about respecting the elders and doting on the youngers?"
Leng Yan's face turned black when he heard that. Hatred was surging out from his eyes.

That was some genuine hatred.
Shi Sheng blinked. Did Leng Yan hate her?

Did she mention any of his forbidden terms?

Was it his dad or stepmother?
"Yan Mian, I think the explosion damaged  your brain." The hatred in Leng Yan's eyes vanished in a mere second. He sneered, "don't challenge me. You'll be dead whenever I desire."

"Oh, kill me then!" what makes you think I'm afraid of dying.

Go ahead and kill me. I'll drag you along into my grave.
Shi Sheng's expression was too nonchalant. She looked as peaceful as the ocean without a wave. It was something Leng Yan had not seen before. She was not the same lady who would tremble in fear whenever she saw him.

"do you think I don't dare to?" Leng Yan approached Shi Sheng, emitting some sort of pressure.

"go ahead then!" Shi Sheng stretched out her neck, "if you aren't dare, then you're a coward."
Leng Yan: "……"

Is she… crazy?

However, judging on her looks, she appeared to be quite normal.
Leng Yan was second-guessing in his hear. He glared at Shi Sheng for a few seconds, then turned around and left the room.

He wanted to see how many tricks did she have up in her sleeve.

As Leng Yan was heading towards the door, the sound travelled into his ears. Without an ounce of emotion, he could not tell what message she was trying to convey.
Leng Yan took it in and left the room in strides.

Leng Yan would not be the head of Green Dragon if he could not tolerate that. Since he was not Lang Yao Tian's only son, the other brothers either ended up handicapped or died because of Leng Yan.

Shi Sheng was supporting her chin, contemplating.

It is pretty exciting to be the male lead's stepmother.

Shi Sheng should be considered someone with status in the villa as Leng Yao Tian's mistress. However, since Leng Yan took over to be the gang's head, other than the title 'ma'am', she did not have any special treatment.

She could not even enter and exit the villa as she pleased. She could only roam around in the estate.
While she was treating her injury, other than the family doctor was being okay to her, the other servants were extremely rude. Sometimes she did not even get her meal.

These people dared to do this must be due to Leng Yan's order.

They were even worse than Shang Guan Jiu, that pervert. At least he did not starve her.
Shi Sheng was starving too much. No one came after she pressed the calling bell a few times. She got off the bed. Her injury was almost recovered, just that she was still feeling slightly strange when she was trying to walk.  

The hallway was in silence. Shi Sheng headed downstairs. She could hear someone talking in the main hall.
"Ma'am's mindset is clear, and she did not have any weird movements. She isn't mentally ill like you said." This was the doctor's voice.

"she's been kind of different since she came back. If she isn't crazy, then what's going on?"

The doctor did not answer.
Leng Yan continued to ask," is it possible that she's swapped by someone?"

"Young Master Yan, you know that even if a person's face can be changed, the DNA and fingerprints could never be changed."
"then what's up with her?"

The doctor muttered, "ma'am had been lost for such a long time, could it be that she met someone who taught her…"