This doctor was not being nice to her. He was testing her.

"Sonny," Shi Sheng leaned on the fence on the second stairs, shouted downstairs, "I'm hungry."
Leng Yan and the doctor looked up at the same time, he saw Shi Sheng's smiley face, Leng Yan's face turned black instantly. He did not even realize that she was up there.

"Who let you out?" Leng Yan stood up, looked up at Shi Sheng. He looked like he had ice in his eyes that could freeze Shi Sheng into an ice statue and kicked it into pieces.
Shi Sheng walked down while supporting the handrail. Her shoes were making some tapping sounds as she headed down.

The main hall was filled with the sounds of her strolling down.

She spoke slowly when she reached downstairs, "I'll come out whenever I want. Why do I need permission?"
Leng Yan glared at her sharply.

Now she even learnt to talk back.

The doctor was good at reading the situation. When he saw that the atmosphere was not right, he retreated right away. He was just a tiny character. There were things that he should not have seen or heard.

In this kind of place, the less he heard and talked, the longer he could live.
"Sonny, are you trying to starve me to death?" Shi Sheng walked to the sofa and sat down without a thought, "I'm fine with being starved to death, but if I die..."

She looked at Leng Yan with the 'you know what will happen' expression.

Although she did not know what secrets she had until Leng Yan was paying so much attention to her.

However, she did not mind using this to threaten Leng Yan. since it was a usable condition, why shouldn't she use it?

"Yan Mian, I see you've grown a pair after wandering out for a month." Leng Yan sneered.

"If I didn't, I would be a corpse by now. I need to be strong if I want to stay alive." Shi Sheng raised her hand, admiring her nails, the corner of her lips curled upwards, "I'm sure you're quite familiar with this topic, isn't it, son?"

"Yan Mian, I'll let you hope that you're dead rather than alive if you blabber your mouth again." Leng Yan could not contain his fumes, "don't think that you can threaten just because you have the leverage."
Shi Sheng put down her hand, smiled maliciously, "why don't you kill me now then, sonny?"

Leng Yan was infuriated right away. He raised his hand to hit Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng's sight turned cold. She grabbed the white bolster next to her and smashed at him. While Leng Yan was catching the bolster, she got up and stomped at Leng Yan's abdomen.

Leng Yan did not manage to defend himself and fell backwards onto the sofa.

Although Shi Sheng did not have great strength, since her body was only an average lady and had not had food, she had to kick him with all her might to kick Leng Yan into the sofa.

But she had her sword, she was not scared!

If her body was not enough, she would use her sword!
"Yan Mian!" Leng Yan glared at her in rage, "do you have a dead wish?!"

Shi Sheng thought that Leng Yan would go over to hit her, but she did not expect him supported on the sofa and flipped to the back coolly and headed to the entrance.

Shi Sheng, "……" didn't we agree to hurt each other?

Mister male lead, why did you leave? Why didn't you act according to the script?

Come back and fight me!
Leng Yan withdrew all of Shi Sheng's meals. He did not allow anyone to send Shi Sheng any food. Every food in the villa was kept in the kitchen, and the kitchen was guarded.

Shi Sheng could still roam around in the villa, but she did not get to eat anything. It was apparent that he was trying to starve her to death.

Sometimes you don't have to beat someone up until they are half handicapped to torture them.

My son is epic.
Shi Sheng could barely fill her stomach with two pieces of fruits. There was no spiritual energy in this dimension, so the fruit was just ordinary fruit. It was sour to the bone.

I want to slash my son!

But he does not come back to the villa, I'm going to cry from angriness.
Shi Sheng walked downstairs and headed to the kitchen slowly.

She wanted to eat meat!

Braised pork, braised ribs, braised pork trotters, braised human meat…

[...] what is the host thinking about? More importantly, why is she sharing these thoughts with it?
Shi Sheng: "just give me my starter gift package, or a golden finger is fine too."

Look at how bad her situation was right now. She could not even get to eat.

[...] How deep is the host's resentment towards the starter gift package? Darn it, it's not that it did not want to give her. This gift package did not even exist.
Shi Sheng got rid of those two guarding her room and walked into the kitchen nonchalantly.

[...] did she not say that her situation was terrible?

The servants' expression changed simultaneously when they saw Shi Sheng entered the kitchen.

"Ma'am… h-how did you get in here?" the chef glanced at the entrance. Where are the guards? Why did they let her in? Young Master Yan ordered not to let her eat anything!
Shi Sheng waved her hand domineering as if a bandit entered a village, the metal sword 'dang' and sent the pot lid flying away, spun one round in mid-air before landing on the chef's head, 'make me something to eat."

The chef was stunned,"..."

The other servants were hiding at the side in terror. She had a weapon in her hand, after all. They were merely ordinary people.

Shi Sheng had already filled her stomach by the time Leng Yan came back. She was watching television on the couch.

Leng Yan came back with a lady in his arms. The lady's forehead and arms were warped in bandages, leaning onto Leng Yan palely.

Shi Sheng,"..." the female lead!

You were a cold-blooded assassin. Why are you looking so weak now? This is not scientifically accurate.

She had to admit that the female lead was quite good-looking, but she was not the adorable type that Shi Sheng liked.
Leng Yan overlooked Shi Sheng and headed upstairs carrying the lady. His men followed him up.

Shi Sheng noticed that bloodstains were dripping where Leng Yan passed by.

The villa was in a complete mess. It was heard that they were ambushed when Leng Yan got the female lead out of the hospital, causing the female lead to be injured again.

Hence, it was proven that every male lead's chick needed to pay the price.

Step-mother Sheng watched everyone going in and out of the villa in the living hall like the villa owner with a plate of roasted sunflower seeds she robbed from the kitchen.

They only settle down around midnight.
Leng Yan's expression was icy cold. He came down with a murderous aura with his men. His shirt was tainted with blood, which was rather scary. He walked through the main hall, willingly ignoring Shi Sheng.

Step-mother Shing whipped out her death seeking attitude, "sonny, is my daughter-in-law dead?"
Leng Yan turned around to look at Shi Sheng. The murderous aura thickened.

His men,"..." can't you see that Young Master Yan was furious? Did you think that you've lived too long and now you're seeking death?

"Lock her up in the room, don't let her out without my permission."

Leng Yan was heading out.

Step-mother Shing,"..." sonny, why am I getting locked up for being concerned about your girl? Please be sensible!

Am I someone you can lock up as you please?

"Ma'am, please." two of them stepped up, standing at Shi Sheng's left and right. Shi Sheng was unwilling, so they had to carry her upstairs.
Shi Sheng rested her legs on the couch, took out her metal sword beneath the cushion next to her and poked at the coffee table.

The coffee table cracked up, and the crack soon covered the whole table in a spider web pattern and shattered along with the sound of 'crash'.

They looked at the pieces on the ground, "..."

Is this coffee table made with tofu? Young Master Yan, did you buy a fake one?

"Oops, I may have accidentally used too much strength." Shi Sheng kept her sword. The expression was obviously 'can't help about the fact that I'm so strong. She did not show an ounce of guilt.