Ying Su's injuries were pretty severe. Leng Yan did not give Shi Sheng any trouble even though she had been beating up Leng Yan's men for a few days and threatening the servants from the kitchen to cook for her.

Shi Sheng would train her body whenever she was free, sometimes she would bully Leng Yan's underlings, whenever she met him, she would challenge his limits, her life was quite relaxing.

Ying Su had been treating her injuries for more than a month. Shi Sheng did not expect to see her one evening.

She tied her hair up into a ponytail, her palm-sized face with a calm expression. Her tight leather outfits covered her body which could make people nosebleed. What should be big is big and what should be small is small.
Shi Sheng looked at her body unconsciously, it was not excellent, but it was considered not too bad.

Ying Su noticed someone came in. She looked up immediately, eyed Shi Sheng for a few rounds cautiously.

Ying Su had never been to the villa before. She only knew Shi Sheng from her profile, other than that time at the port. This was the first time they met.

Ying Su had questions in the bottom of her heart as to why Leng Yan got rid of all Leng Yao Tian's women except for her.

But her relationship with Leng Yan was…
Ying Su lowered her head and quickly finished whatever was in the bowl, then stood up and left.

Shi Sheng was still standing at the door-side, Ying Su was passing by her, and the next second she fell forward.

Leng Yan showed up out of nowhere, caught Ying Su in his arms.

Leng Yan glared at Shi Sheng before shifting to a tender glance at Ying Su, "are you okay?"

Shi Sheng, "…" I swear to God she fell down by herself. This had nothing to do with me. I'm not gonna take this blame.

"I'm fine." Ying Su got out of Leng Yan's arms, "my wounds are almost done. I want to go home."
Leng Yan held her shoulder, denied her request, "you can't. It's dangerous there."

Ying Su looked at Shi Sheng with the corner of her eyes. Shi Sheng was looking at her at the same time. She could not read those eyes as if there was a layer of gauze at the bottom of her eyes, blocking her snooping.

However, it seemed like there was nothing. There was nothing in her eyes at all.

What a strange woman.

"It's inconvenient for me to live here." Ying Su looked back at Leng Yan and responded coldly.

"Just tell my men whatever you need. No one will stop you if you want to go anywhere." Leng Yan paused, side looked at Shi Sheng, who was standing there for no reason, "you don't have to worry about anything else. I'll settle them."
Ying Su hesitated for a moment, but Leng Yan did not give her a chance, and bridal style carried her up.

Shi Sheng, "…" PDA in public so much.

Don't you know that the more you PDA, the quicker you'll die!
Leng Yan did not look for trouble with Shi Sheng right away and was sticking with Ying Su all day long.

However, just because Leng Yan did not give her trouble for some time, it did not mean that he will stop giving her trouble.

One day, Shi Sheng was caught by Leng Yan when she was heading out of the kitchen. Two people in lab coats were behind him.
Shi Sheng glanced at their chest.

Chief of a mental hospital.

The other one.

Psychiatrist of a mental hospital.

"What are you trying to do, sonny?" Shi Sheng looked up to Leng Yan.

"Moving you to another place," Leng Yan slid aside, "take her away."

"My gosh! This is rebellion!" Shi Sheng took a step back, "aren't you scared that your father rose from the dead to beat you for being so unfilial!"
Leng Yan sneered, "I was not even scared of him when he was alive. Why would I fear a dead man."

"Let me tell you," Shi Sheng took out her hand, hinting at those lunatics, bah, psychiatrists, "I'll run away if you send me to the mental hospital. I'm not lying to you."

Those two lunatics' expressions changed slightly right away, the kind of expression that they were looking at a mentally ill person.

My gosh! Why did anyone think I'm mentally ill?

I'm not mentally ill!

I'm not mentally ill!

You bunch of retards!

[...] usually, mentally ill patients would not admit that they were mentally ill. Host, you should cure your sickness. We are not lacking money anyway.

"Run away if you dare. I'll break your legs." Leng Yan smiled maliciously, waved at the back.

Those two rushed at Shi Sheng right away. One man grabbed one of Shi Sheng's arms and dragged her out.

Hey, sonny, are you trying to take a mile when I give you an inch?

Do you think I've been training these days for nothing?
Shi Sheng took out her sword smoothly, twisting her blade and stabbed a lunatic. The other lunatic was afraid that he would get hurt and took a step back subconsciously.

One of her arms was free. She immediately stabbed the other person.

[...] didn't you say that you didn't train for nothing? If you're that capable, then don't use your sword!

How can I win over them without my sword?
Shi Sheng did not care to chat with a retard system. She used her sword to beat those two up.

Leng Yan's expression was slightly surprised, "where did you get your sword?"

He saw her took that sword out of nowhere.

"I know magic tricks." Shi Sheng said with a serious face.
Leng Yan's brows furrowed slightly. It seemed that it was the only logical explanation. Why does he feel like she kept fooling him?

And that sword, Leng Yan's iris narrowed with a few inquisitive gauging and estimation.

It did not look like some ordinary sword, it was too overpowering, but he had to admit that it was a good sword.

Those doctors were beaten up by her, Leng Yan had to let his underlings fight her.

"Gosh!" Shi Sheng cursed with her sword in her hand, "don't you have some decency? So many of you are fighting one person, sonny, you'll be struck by lightning!"

The underlings,"..." you still dare to call Young Master Yan sonny, are you not scared that he will kill you?

When our Young Master Yan is mad, even we are scared of him.

"Catch her." Leng Yan was crazy mad when Shi Sheng called him sonny.
Shi Sheng was cornered into the kitchen.

Clink clank-

The whole kitchen was almost destroyed, the floor was full of the ingredients and the cooking equipment, the underlings were begging for mercy on the floor.
Shi Sheng stood on the kitchen chopping table, looking askance like a tyrant, blabbering arrogantly, "didn't I say not to fight me with this many of you? This is what happens when you don't listen to me."

The underlings,"..." so when you say that, you're saying that we should get more people?
Leng Yan's expression looked like he just ate a pile of shit.

Yan Mian was an ordinary woman. How was she so good in martial arts?

He was very suspicious that Yan Mian was swapped with someone else.

However, the DNA and fingerprints left him nothing to refute. These were the two most difficult things to falsify.

Unless the doctor was lying to him.

However, Leng Yan was sure that the doctor would not betray him.

"Sonny! I'm not gonna entertain you anymore for today. I'm going to need to get some rest." Shi Sheng stepped on the balustrade, hopped onto the balcony and disappeared in Leng Yan's sight within a blink.  
Leng Yan hurried to the balcony and looked up, saw the windows at Shi Sheng's room shut along with the sound 'pak'.

His fingers were pale from grabbing onto the windows with full force.
"Yan Mian!"

What happened when she was missing?

Now she was not only not afraid of him, but she was also good at martial arts.

No one could be this good in martial arts in such a short time…

Or is it possible that she had been pretending to be weak the whole time to deceive him?