After that, Leng Yan had been trying all sorts of ways to send Shi Sheng to a mental hospital.

Including poisoning, kidnapping… none of his plans succeeded.

That sword of hers was incredible.

What made Leng Yan curious was that she could leave the villa based on the strength she showed that day. However, she did not seem to want to leave at all.
Leng Yan pondered in another manner. She must have a motive for returning here. It would be expected if she was not going to leave.

However, what was her motive?
Leng Yan was too scared to live in the main villa, so he brought Ying Su to live in a mansion nearby.

He probably knew that even if he ordered the servants not to let Shi Sheng, she would still threaten them to cook for her. Hence, Leng Yan did not stop anyone from sending her meals.
Leng Yan made someone watch Shi Sheng's movement closely. It was just short of having someone filming her.

The mansion was covered in the night's darkness. It was in total silence.

A dark silhouette entered the main villa and disappeared after a few leaps.

Footsteps were rushing in with flashlights scanning everywhere.

"Where did it go?"

"I saw it was running in this direction. How did it disappear?"

"Is it possible that he had already entered the villa?"

"No way…"

The two who were conversing looked at the main villa. Yan Mian lived there. Everyone knew that no one should mess with ma'am. Even Young Master Yan moved out from the main villa.

However, only the place that could hide someone was the main villa. If he did not go there, then where else could he go?

Although they were scared, they entered the villa anyway and began to search each floor.  

When they reached the floor Shi Sheng was at, virtually no one was willing to search her room.

As they were pushing the responsibility to each other. The door was opened, and Shi Sheng showed up with her sword, looking at them unhappily, shouted at them," why are you all making a fuss in such late night? I was about to sleep!"

"Ma'am… someone broke in. We came here because we're worried about your safety."

"That's nice." Shi Sheng responded sarcastically. They got tensed up when they saw her carrying the sword. Is she trying to kill them?

This lunatic might actually do that.

However, Shi Sheng only exited the room, "hurry up and get lost."


Is she being cooperative?
Although they were confused, they did not dare to slow things down. They quickly searched through Shi Sheng's room while she was standing at the door. Those searching felt like a knife hanging above their heads that would chop their heads off any second.

Hence when they did not find anything out of place, they left there quickly.

They were only relieved when they left the main villa, but they got nervous in another second as they did not find anyone.

"How are we going to tell Young Master Yan?" they did not even know if that person was really a person…

"Let's go look somewhere else."
Shi Sheng watched those people left standing by the windows. She only returned to her bed until it was quiet outside.

She could not believe that someone broke in.

Who was this brave?

Could it be Shang Guan Jiu that pervert?

No way, that pervert was too weak. It definitely would not be him.


Shi Sheng turned her head to see her window broken. The curtains were swaying next to the windows. It appeared that a silhouette was there.
Shi Sheng's brows raised slightly. This thief is quite good!

The windows opened at the same time as Shi Sheng was heading there with her sword. The person at the windows stunned for a second when he saw Shi Sheng. He then quickly jumped into the windows and raised his pointer finger to ask her not to scream.

Shi Sheng eyed him coldly, a name popped up in her mind.

Ling Yi.

The loyal second male lead; the female lead's partner in Black Tiger, had a crush on the female lead. He was majorly responsible for male lead and female lead's fights and misunderstandings later on.

This guy is definitely here for Ying Su.
Ling Yi thought that this lady was dangerously calm. It was okay that she did not scream, but there was not an ounce of fear and shock. The way she looked at him as if... he was a moving object.

Any woman that had an unfamiliar man show up in her room would be at least angry even if she was not scared, right?

"Well… I want to hide here for a while." Ling Yi broke the silence. He did not expect the security at Leng Yan here would be this strict.

He noticed that while those people were searching this room, they were speedy as if they were frightened to death.

He did not expect that a lady was living here. Furthermore, it was such a young lady.
Ling Yi had already planned that if she did not agree or if she screamed, he would restrain her immediately.

However, all he heard was the lady standing in front of him asked him calmly, "are you looking for Ying Su?"
A hint of surprise flashed through the bottom of Ling Yi's eyes.

How did she know about Ying Su?

He recalled that the current name Ying Su used was An Ruo Ling. Only those who were close to Leng Yan would know this name.

"Who are you?"

"I'm Leng Yan's mother." Shi Sheng smiled with a mouthful of white teeth, showing Ling Yi a malicious smile, "stepmother."
Ling Yi, "…"

Where did Leng Yan get a stepmother?

It took Ling Yi a while to realize, he asked with surprise, "you're Leng Yao Tian's woman?"
Did Leng Yan not kill all Leng Yao Tian's women after he died? Why is one of them is here?

Could it be that Leng Yan likes this woman?
Ling Yi was filling the blanks in his brains. The more he thought about it, the more it seemed plausible. Didn't know that Leng Yan would be into his father's woman, what a heartless man.

"What are you thinking about?" Shi Sheng saw Ling Yi's expression kept changing, and the way he looked at her was getting weirder. Her mouth twitched, "I'm not into Leng Yan."

Just wait and see! If the male lead dared to court anyone other than the female lead.

I'm an experienced player.

I know the rules very well.
Ling Yi, "…"

How did she know what he was thinking?

"Then… why haven't you..." got killed by Leng Yan?
Shi Sheng felt sick. How did this second male lead grew up in his background and fought for the female lead with the male lead later on with his IQ?

"Maybe he thinks that I'm good-looking and didn't want to kill me." Shi Sheng bluffed.

Although Ling Yi did not know Leng Yan well, he knew that he was an incredibly cold-blooded person. He would not kill Shi Sheng just because she was good looking like what she said.

Something seemed out of place.

"You want to meet Ying Su?" Shi Sheng did not care about what Ling Yi was thinking.

"You have a plan?" Ling Yi forgot about all his doubts the moment Ying Su was mentioned. His mind was filled with Ying Su only.

"Of course." I'm all mighty.
Ling Yi's eyes lit up, "what's your plan?" he heard from other people what happened last time. However, at that time, he did not know if Ying Su was alive or not, let alone where she was.

However, he did not believe that she was dead, so he had been looking for her.

Not long ago, he heard that Ying Su was spotted with Leng Yan, that's why he came here at night.

He just wanted to see Ying Su again, to make sure that she was safe.

"Why should I help you?" Shi Sheng asked back.

"I'll promise you something if you agree to help me."