Ying Su and Ling Yi both looked a little nervous. Only Shi Sheng looked relaxed as if she hadn’t heard Leng Yan coming in.

 When Leng Yan entered the house, his eyes swept across the hall and fell on Shi Sheng, who was lounging on the couch as if she owned the place.

“Yan Mian, who allowed you to come here?” Leng Yan was fuming the second he saw Shi Sheng, and if he could strangle her to death, Shi Sheng would’ve died countless times already.

“I’m here to visit my daughter-in-law. What’s the matter?” Shi Sheng asked, straining her neck from the couch. 

“Guards!” Leng Yan yelled.

A few men came in immediately from the outside. 

Leng Yan pointed to Shi Sheng, “Get her out of my sight.”

The guards looked at each other. 

The other day, so many of them were trying to catch her, but all of them failed. Could they possibly catch her with just a few of them present?

“Come on! If one mere woman scares you senseless, what’s the point of hiring any of you?” Leng Yan kicked the nearest person with anger.

Ying Su knew that Leng Yan was a very restrained person. This was the first time she had seen him so angry.

She couldn’t help but glance at Shi Sheng twice.

Under Leng Yan’s pressure, they could only bite the bullet.

Shi Sheng stood up from the sofa, “No need, I will leave on my own.”

Ying Su’s eyes fell on the sofa Shi Sheng was sitting on, her expression a little unnatural.

“Ruoling, did she bully you?” Leng Yan thought Ying Su was bullied and walked over a few steps, “What did she do to you? Don’t be afraid. You can tell me.”

From Leng Yan’s current perspective, it was easy to see Ling Yi hiding behind the sofa. Ying Su could only swoop into Leng Yan’s arms. Now that the positions of the two were changed, Leng Yan’s back was now facing the sofa.

“Madam just came here to see me, nothing else.” Ying Su originally wanted Leng Yan to change his position, but she didn’t expect that her actions and her nervous explanation would lead Leng Yan to think that she was indeed bullied by Shi Sheng.

Leng Yan patted Ying Su’s back to comfort her while his eyes were staring daggers at Shi Sheng.

Ying Su knew that Leng Yan had misunderstood them, but she didn’t explain any further and stayed silent for the sake of Ling Yi. 

Shi Sheng left the sofa and met Leng Yan’s gaze, “What are you looking at? So what if I bullied her? It is my right to teach my daughter-in-law.”

“Yan Mian, don’t you dare push your luck.” Leng Yan threatened.

“Oh, try me.”

Shi Sheng glanced towards Ying Su and waved her iron sword that appeared out of nowhere in her hand, motioning the people in her way to move.

Without Leng Yan’s orders, the guards wouldn’t dare move an inch. Their bodies were frozen in fear as they stared at Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng raised her hand lightly, and her iron sword immediately swung down.

Even though they saw that she didn’t use any force on her sword—— rather, it was just a casual wave, the bodyguards felt an immense pressure pressing down on them from the top of their heads.

Out of the body’s recognition of danger, one of them immediately stepped aside.

As the guard stepped aside, he miraculously dodged Shi Sheng’s iron sword that swung to his initial position. “Hey, don’t run away if you have the guts to face me!”

If I don’t run, I’ll be sliced in half by you!

Leng Yan was now fuming with rage. He’s been raising useless trash that couldn’t even deal with one mere woman. 

The more he thought about it, the angrier he got.  Leng Yan let go of Ying Su and began chasing after Shi Sheng.

“Stop her.” Leng Yan stood at the door, shouting at the people standing in the distance.

Many people came back with him today, and all of them were armed with guns. The second they heard Leng Yan’s order, someone instantly blocked Shi Sheng from leaving. 

“......” Shi Sheng was getting tired of this.

There are new retards every year, but this year, the number seems to have skyrocketed.

“I don’t care if she lives or dies. Get her!”

This woman really thinks that just because she had something to leverage, she could keep pushing my buttons, and I wouldn’t lay a hand on her? Hah.  

‘Whether she lives or dies’ meant that they were permitted to open fire. Hence many of them began to take out their guns and pointed them at Shi Sheng. 

These people weren’t around the main house as much, so they didn’t know how fierce and ruthless Shi Sheng could get. They thought that Shi Sheng was just an average woman —— an easy target. Which was why they weren’t treating her seriously at all.

But the second they saw Shi Shenf bring down their two best men in an instant, they quickly became alert. 

“Let me teach you a lesson,” Shi Sheng said with an eerie smirk on her face, “do not underestimate your enemies. Even if the opponent is a baby, you should only let your guard down when they’ve turned into nothing but dust and bones.”


Humans are complex animals. When they see something weak and small, they would naturally feel superior and stronger than them, which would lead to them disregarding the potential threat of the weak. 

It was often that these kinds of people would die in the hands of people they had underestimated.

Do not underestimate anything.


The sound of a gunshot shocked everyone. Shortly after, the sounds of various intertwined gunshots followed.

Shi Sheng wanted to pretend to avoid these bullets, but her body’s hardware did not support it, so she could only use her defensive talismans to protect herself.

Everyone witnessed as the bullets landed on Shi Sheng and proceeded to fall to the ground. She was like an iron wall, completely impenetrable.

If an ordinary person was in her spot, they would have already turned into a sieve.

What the hell?

Shi Sheng relied on the defensive talisman for protection as she knocked these people down in a few strokes.

“Son, you have to work harder if you want to kill me. Come on, mom has faith in you.” Stepmother Sheng finished her words arrogantly before nonchalantly leaving the scene.

Fortunately, Leng Yan did not have any heart diseases. If he did have one, he would have died from anger already.

“Young Master Yan...” The bullets couldn’t pass through her... Is she a monster?

“Trash, you’re all a bunch of trash!” Leng Yan realized that he was a little gaffe after losing his temper. When he calmed himself down, he made an order, “Find a way to kill her, no matter what it takes.”

The last part of Leng Yan’s order was told in heavy emphasis.

All he wanted now was to kill this woman. He never wanted to see her ever again. 


With this sturdy combat power of that monster, do they use cannons to bomb her?

Shi Sheng felt that there was something off with the people around her lately, but she couldn’t pinpoint what it was. 

When she got to the restaurant, she felt even weirder.

Shi Sheng looked at the food that was covered with all sorts of seasonings in front of her and looked at the chef faintly. The chef hung his head down and trembled.

I don’t know anything, I don’t know anything.


“Madam, please forgive me! I was forced to do this! I don’t know anything! I have elders and children to raise and an 80-year-old mother to take care of! Please! Show mercy and let me live!”

This line… It’s so cheesy!!  

Shi Sheng glanced at the dining table, stretched out her chopsticks and broke it in half. Then, the corner of her mouth twitched, “... There’s too much corn pepper in this.”

There was nothing strange with the smell. Her food was actually very fragrant. Shi Sheng didn’t suspect anything at first, but the chef’s abnormal behaviour had undoubtedly told her that there was something weird in it.

 Chef, was your IQ eaten by a dog?

The most important thing was that there were a lot of peppercorns in it, so she couldn’t eat it anyway.

[System]: Obviously, you terrified him so much that all his IQ went out the window.

The chef was one of the most tragic victims by Shi Sheng. He had seen Shi Sheng tear a van to shreds by hand and was mortified the second he saw her.   

It was entirely normal for him to have such a reaction.

 “Huh?” The chef looked up dumbfounded.

“Redo it.” Shi Sheng knocked on the table and slanted one eyebrow, “If you dare to put any kind of weird ingredients in there, I’ll make sure you’ll be joining your 80-year-old mother soon.”

"..." I don't want to!!! the chef thought in fear.

He got up from the ground, packed up the things on the table, and ran into the kitchen in a hurry.

After entering the kitchen, he put the bowl of poisoned boiled pork slices on the counter and breathed a sigh of relief. He was almost frightened to death.

Shi Sheng didn’t question him any further.

The chef didn’t dare mess things up again and made a fresh one and brought it out.

Shi Sheng asked him to try it first, and only after she was sure it was safe did she start eating.

There are retards who are trying to harm me,

how scary.