The lady pretending to be pregnant to get a seat attracted much attractions when she got in the car by cursing loudly. As if she was right just because of that.
Shi Sheng dropped the rope, "now, would you still like to have a seat?"

The lady's face flushed and turned pale in turns, then only grabbed her items on the floor after a while and escaped to the front part of the car.
Xu Shan Shan was dumbfounded.

"Consider this as your first lesson," Shi Sheng leaned on the back of the seat.
Xu Shan Shan sat there blankly. She did not compose herself until they got off the car.

"Let's get something to eat first."
Xu Shan Shan nodded unemotionally. After their meal, they went back by train. The young lady could not stand how bumpy the road was until her face was as pale as a piece of paper when she got off the train.

Naturally, Shi Sheng could not return to the mansion with Xu Shan Shan. She was confident with her ability to protect Xu Shan Shan, but it was under the condition that Xu Shan Shan was in her sight all the time. She could not lock Xu Shan Shan up, right?

Without too much cash on her, Shi Sheng could only sell the junks in her space for a delicate house that could be resided right away.

"Pick a room that you like the most." Shi Sheng settled the things in her hand.

"I… I'm fine with any room." Xu Shan Shan stammered with her pale face.

She knew that she was living, relying on Shi Sheng's charity. She dared not to ask for anything.
Shi Sheng took Xu Shan Shan's luggage into a rather feminine room without a word.

Xu Shan Shan was sick for a few days when she first came here as she was not acclimatized to the city.

Shi Sheng did not know how to cook, so she could only get takeaways. She started to miss the chefs from the mansion after going out back and forth a few times every day.

"I've already found you a school. It's just right here. Ten minutes walking distance, starting from middle school."
Xu Shan Shan almost choked on the medicine she was taking when she heard what Shi Sheng said.

She swallowed her saliva with effort, "big sister… I haven't even finished primary school..."

She definitely can't handle it if she enrols into middle school right away!

"There's nothing to be scared of. I'm an academic prodigy. I'll teach you the primary school syllabus." Shi Sheng paused, "this semester is going to end soon, so you can only start school next semester. We still have time."
Xu Shan Shan was probably really desperate of going to school. She even accepted Shi Sheng's plan of starting from middle school and began Shi Sheng's hellish tuition.

Xu Shan Shan was working hard on her homework while Shi Sheng researched for something next to her.

The last information the villager told her could be helpful.

Based on Li Cui Hua's charisma and age, she would not work somewhere high end.

There were only 5 to 6 low-class clubs with the word 'Huang' in their name in City A.

After researching each club, Shi Sheng did not obtain any helpful information, left with only one high-class club - Huang Guan Club.
Shi Sheng left Xu Shan Shan at home and went to that club.

The club could be described with a phase. It was gold and jade in glorious splendour.  
Shi Sheng entered the club and requested a room. She asked the server who was serving her, "Is someone named Li Cui Hua here?"

The server thought about it and shook her head, "Nope."

"Was she here previously?"

"I'm not sure about this," the server smiled. She eyed Shi Sheng, "if you're here for some information, you can ask my manager, but you'll have to pay an extra fee."
Shi Sheng raised her brows, "you're doing this kind of business too?" no wonder the server was not weirded out when she asked that.

"Our philosophy is to provide the best service for our customers."
Shi Sheng nodded. Doing business needs to be innovative.

"Shall I get you my manager, miss?"

The servers could get a commission if they closed a deal, so the server was reasonably anticipated.


The server exited the room with a smile.

After around ten minutes, a lady with a layer of thick makeup walked in. before she entered the room, Shi Sheng could already smell the heavy smell of perfume.

The kind which was too heavy for anyone's taste.

The lady headed towards her with a smile, hands on her waist, bowed lightly, "Greetings, I'm Huang Guan Club's manager, Li Li."
Shi Sheng nodded, pointed at the couch next to her, "don't sit too near to me. The smell is too heavy."

Instead of getting angry, Li Li laughed out of nowhere, "you're an honest young lady." She then muttered to herself, "you need to stay alert working here."

"How does it have anything to do with your per..." Shi Sheng stopped. She understood what she meant by that.

Sober people could not even stand this smell. If it was a drunk, they would throw up right away because of this smell.
Li Li was probably 30 years old. Women at this age were right when they are mature, she was pretty good-looking, it was rather usual that someone would be interested with her.

Li Li eyed Shi Sheng secretly, trying to guess if she was really there to get information or if she had another motive.

"Well, what do you want to ask, young lady? Our rates are costly." Li Li switched the topic with a smile.

"I want to ask about a person."

"Ask about a person," Li Li thought about it, "are they the ordinaries or the upper ones?"

She probably thought that Shi Sheng did not understand, Li Li further explained, "the upper ones are the officials."

"The ordinaries."

"One information about the ordinary is one thousand dollars. The price will rise according to the difficulty of obtaining the information." Li Li made the rules clear the Shi Sheng, after all, it involved money, "the whereabouts of this person and what this person is up to are considered two pieces of information. Sometimes we might not have the information, so you might not get it on the same day."
Shi Sheng: "…" the way this business is running is epic!

"Who do you want to know about?"
"Li Cui Hua."

"Li Cui Hua?" Li Li responded by asking back, weird, "why do you want to ask about her?"

"It's a private matter." based on her reaction, it seemed like she knew Li Cui Hua, and she must have left quite an impression in her mind, or she would not know it was her right at the moment Shi Sheng mentioned her.
Li Li knew the rules as she ran this business. She cleared her throat, "although I'm not sure if you're asking about this Li Cui Hua, you'll still need to pay if I answer your question. What do you want to know?"

"Does she have any relations with anyone?"

"What kind of people are you talking about?" This question was inclusive of many types of people.

"Those who are rather abnormal."
"…" this young lady is good at asking question, "the Li Cui Hua I know was our employee. She was rather a low profile person, but one time I saw someone borrowed her a luxury car. Later on, when I ask her about it, she tried to fool me by dodging the question. I had someone look into it and found out that the person was Zhao Quan Sheng, a steel business owner."

Li Li stopped at that sentence. That information was considered completed.

Li Li thought that Shi Sheng would continue to ask, but she did not ask anything and gave her one thousand dollars.

"You're gonna stop here?"

"I'll find out myself." If Li Cui Hua was not working here, they would care less about her, so their information about her was pretty limited.

It would be useless for her to ask more.