Shi Sheng stood firm in front of Li Li, shoved her metal sword into the floor like a post, one hand supporting the blade, the other hand on her hips, asked aggressively, “I want to buy another piece of information from you.”

Li Li:“…” why do you have to be so fierce if you want to buy information?

She was scared to death.

Hold on, just now she was with Shang Guan Jiu and his gang…

What’s going on?
Li Li took a few deep breaths, constrained her doubts, “what do you want to know, young lady?”

“Xi Fei.”

Li Li’s expression froze like a sculpture. After a while, she only responded, “young lady, stop joking around, faster leave here, it’s not safe here.”

Li Li turned away to leave. Who would dare to sell Chairman Xi’s information?

Unless they have a death wish.
Li Li left very quickly as if she was afraid that Shi Sheng would catch up to her.

Shi Sheng walked out of the club, a few cars stopped in front of her, whizzing and blocking her path.

The car window in front of her winded down slowly, and Shang Guan Jiu’s face appeared.

“Babe, looks like we meet again.”
Shi Sheng,“…”

Didn’t he say they will meet next time? Liar!

“Babe, do you want me to help you to get in the car, or can you do it yourself?” Shang Guan Jiu opened the car door as he spoke, getting out of the car.
Shi Sheng stomped on the car to kick Shang Guan Jiu back into the car. She drew close to the car window with her smile getting wider, “I’ll send you to hell.”

Shi Sheng took her sword and slashed Shang Guan Jiu’s car like a maniac.

What a gosh darn retard!

They didn’t know what kind of luck they had that day, having been meeting all sorts of weird stuff.

One is more retarded than the other.

Regular cars could not endure Shi Sheng’s metal sword’s destruction, the side Shang Guan Jiu sitting turned into scrap metal within a blink of an eye.
Shang Guan Jiu hopped of from another side to escape the fate of being chopped into pieces.

Shang Guan Jiu’s underlings protecting him and back off to a safe distance, “sir, shall we shoot her?”

Is this woman a human?

The whole car is like being wrecked.

“Shoot her? What if you hit my babe?” He is the only person that can lay a finger on his babe.

Crowd, “...” if we don’t shoot her, then we will die!

“We’ll leave.” Shang Guan Jiu licked the corner of his lips, a hint of craze at the bottom of his eyes, “babe, we’ll play again next time.”
Shi Sheng placed her hand on her hips and puffed. What’s the deal between Shang Guan Jiu and the host? He had to go after her after all this trouble. The female lead is quite good looking too!

Shi Sheng turned around to see the feasting and pleasure-seeking club, luckily no one was there, or not she would be in the headlines again.

By the time Shi Sheng went back home was already in the wee hours. Xu Shan Shan was lying on the table sleeping. Shi Sheng carried her to her bed, exhausted.

After returning to her room and bathing, she sat at her study table and turned on her computer.

Staring at the screen she was a little lost, suddenly she did not know what to do.

Feng Ci…
Shi Sheng tapped on the table with her fingertips and opened a web page using the cursor after a while.

She keyed in ‘Xi Fei.’

Nothing about Xi Fei was on the internet.
Shi Sheng sighed and searched ‘Zhao Quan Sheng’.

Zhao Quan Sheng had a steel business. He started the business early and earned a ton in his early years, but the business was not going well in recent years, and his company was struggling to stay alive.

“Big sister.”
Shi Sheng was startled by Xu Shan Shan, who appeared at the door side out of nowhere. She turned on the light, asked unhappily, “are you trying to scare me to death?”

“I’m sorry big sister, I didn’t mean to do that.” Xu Shang Shan apologized immediately.

“What’s up? Are you still not feeling well?” Shi Sheng waved at Xu Shan Shan, and she went into the room obediently.

She explained softly, “I got up to use the toilet. Come in here because I see the study was lit up...”
Shi Sheng caressed her forehead, she didn’t have a fever.

Shi Sheng had experienced after taking care of Ye Ran in the zombie dimension. She patted her head, “go back and sleep.”
Xu Shan Shan nodded obediently, “big sister, you should sleep early too.”

She looked up and saw the computer screen with the corner of her eyes showing a picture of Zhao Quan Sheng.
Xu Shan Shan suddenly turned pale.

Shi Sheng saw that Xu Shan Shan was stunned there, looked up at her, “what’s up?”

Xu Shan Shan’s lips opened, but she did not make a sound. She stared at the computer screen blankly.

Shi Sheng’s brows furrowed, pointing at Zhao Quan Sheng, “do you know him?”

“He...” Xu Shan Shan’s voice was very soft, tears welling up in her eyes, “he… he’s my uncle.”
Shi Sheng,“…”

Every mission was related in one way or another. The system would not let her adopt a kid out of nowhere.
Xu Shan Shan’s grandparents had three children. Her father was the youngest. He had an older sister and an older brother.

The older brother was not in a good relationship with his family and broke off their relationship a long time ago.

Only the older sister was left, and she was married to Zhao Quan Sheng.

When something went wrong with Xu Shan Shan’s parents, this older sister urged Zhao Quan Shang to take over her parent’s property with her and sent Xu Shan Shan back to her mother.

“Alright, stop crying. You can’t solve anything by crying.” Shi Sheng wiped Xu Shan Shan’s tears off roughly, pushed her out of the study, “kids don’t think about so much, go back and sleep.”

After settling Xu Shan Shan, Shi Sheng poured a glass of water and continued to look through Zhao Quan Sheng’s information.

“Buzz buzz...”
Shi Sheng rubbed her temple, looked away from the computer and grabbed her phone.

It was an unknown number. Shi Sheng took a sniff and picked up that call.

“Shang Guan Jiu.” Shi Sheng gnashed teeth, “do you want to get chopped up by calling me in the middle of the night?”

This pervert is epic.

“My babe is coming to chop me? This is exciting!” Probably due to it being a phone call, Shang Guan Jiu’s voice was slightly different.

“Come here if you dare.” come and try me, I dare you.

“I can’t do that.” Shang Guan Jiu laughed softly, “I prepared a gift for my babe. I hope you’ll like it.”

He hung up after that. Shi Sheng then heard the doorbell rang.
Shi Sheng,“…”

This is the first time she met such a crazy pervert. This was somewhat… exciting.

She was excited to kill him.
Shi Sheng got up to open the door. No one was there, only a box which was taller than her.

Shi Sheng went around the box twice, drew her sword and stabbed it, something hard was inside, but it did not move.

Shi Sheng opened the box before stabbing the whole box from every angle.

Shi Sheng had only one thought after looking at the content of the box.

To kill Shang Guan Jiu.

It is a must!

He made her a naked statue of him! He even used some sort of weird decoration at his genital.

Although this body was not hers, she was grossed out by looking at it.

The statue was full of holes stabbed by her. One of the arms fell off, looking extra creepy.

The phone in her pocket suddenly vibrated.
Shi Sheng took out the phone at opened the home screen. It showed a message.

-Babe, do you like it? I’m looking forward to decorating you with my hands. Yours lovely, Jiu