Shi Sheng travelled to the mountain Shang Guan Jiu lived through the night to kill Shang Guan Jiu, but she didn’t find anyone. 

No one was there. The villa was empty. 
By the time Shi Sheng went back home was already noon. The moment she got out of the elevator, another identical box was in front of her doorstep again. 

She was certain that she already kept the box in her space and completely destroyed the statue. 

So this is sent here after she left? 
Shi Sheng opened up to see. 

Very well, in another position. 
Shang Guan Jiu, if I don’t kill you, I will live stream eating a retard. 

Shi Sheng opened the door and went in. Xu Shan Shan was setting the utensils. She did not look well. When she heard someone came in, she forced a smile, “big sister, you’re back.”

Shi Sheng nodded lightly, “did anyone come by?”
Xu Shan Shan blinked, “there’s a huge box outside. Did you see that, big sister?”眨

“No.” Shi Sheng lied without breaking a sweat. 
Xu Shan Shan weird, ran out to look. She was even weirded out when she did not see the box. 

Only three families were living here, and their houses were relatively far away from each other. It would not be that box was delivered to the wrong home, right?
“It’s a really huge box. Didn’t big sister buy that?” Xu Shan Shan motioned the size of the box at Shi Sheng. 

“I didn’t buy anything. They sent it to the wrong house.” Shi Sheng pulled out the chair, “let’s eat.”
Xu Shan Shan thought that what Shi Sheng said was logical, she did not hear anyone knocking of the door, they must have delivered to the wrong address. 想

The food Xu Shan Shan made was quite simple. It did not taste excellent, but it was edible. 

Shi Sheng finished her meal speedily, “you’ll be going to school in a few days, tell me if you need anything. 

Shi Sheng took a triangular talisman and a credit card from her pocket, “take these with you. The password is your birthday. Remember to bring the talisman everywhere you go, okay?”

“Okay.” Xu Shan Shen kept those items. 

She knew that even if she did not accept these items, they would still show up in her room the second day. She could decline the gift that Shi sheng gave her, but she would not listen. 

You can decline it, but she will still give it to you.  

Based on her words, ‘even if you throw it, don’t give back to me.’
Xu Shan Shan felt warmth in the bottom of her heart. This was the first time Xu Shan Shan felt that someone cared about her after her parents’ death. 

Those villagers were friendly to her, but they were only doing it because of her parents and her grandmother, but she was still appreciative of them. 

It was just that it did not feel like the warmth she felt at the moment. 

The deafening music was about to blast off people’s ears. 

The colorful lights were flickering. People that were wearing clothing that exposed most of their bodies were twisting their bodies and dancing. 
Shi Sheng squeezed through them. From time to time, someone would pull hand, “pretty, come dance with us!”

“Don’t leave! Hottie...”

Shi Sheng squeezed out from those party monsters and headed to a small room guarded by a guard. 

Shi Sheng approached and was stopped by the guard, “member card.”

“I’m new here.” Shi Sheng answered calmly. 

The guard eyed Shi Sheng and called someone through an earpiece, then told Shi Sheng, “ten thousand dollars for deposit.”

An usher led Shi Sheng in there after she paid the deposit and introduced the rules of different areas.  
Shi Sheng was not interested in these. She was there to find someone, not to gamble, so when the usher was busy explaining to her, she just paid him to go away. 

This underground casino was pretty huge. Shi Sheng saw many people as she walked around. 

Some were happy, and some were depressed. 

If they won, they could become a billionaire; and they would be penniless if they lost. 

“Chairman Zhao, long time no see!”

“Chairman Song, hahaha, long time no see, looks like you’ve gained some weight again...”

“Where got, how are you getting that bread recently? I haven’t seen you for a while. Finally, to meet you today, you have to play a few rounds with me.”
Shi Sheng looked at those two greeting each other, confirmed that he was Zhao Quan Sheng and sat next to him. 

“Chairman Zhao?”
Zhao Quan Sheng heard someone calling his name and turned around. He saw Shi Sheng. After judging her from top to toe, he was weirded out, then he realized what was going on, “miss, I’m not into this.”

Shi Sheng smiled, “I want to discuss something with you.”

“Erm?” discuss with him? 

“Hahaha, since a hottie wants to talk to you, then you should go.” Chairman Song tapped on Zhao Quan Sheng’s shoulder, “don’t disappoint a beauty like her. I’ll wait at the same old place. You came here after you’re done.”

“Chairman Song...”
Zhao Quan Sheng wanted to chase him, but Shi Sheng grabbed his arm. 

“Young lady, I’m really not into this. You faster let me go.” Zhao Quan Sheng was trying all his might to pull his arm out. 

“Chairman Zhao, I want to talk to you about Li Cui Hua.”

“Who’s Li Cui Hua? I don’t know her. You faster let me go, Chairman Song, wait for me.” Zhao Quan Sheng getting anxious, “why is a young lady like you doing something like this? Stop pulling me. There are so many people here. Find someone else.”
Shi Sheng,“…” Since you refuse a toast, then I’ll force you to drink a forfeit. 

Shi Sheng dragged Zhao Quan Sheng towards the toilet. Since someone was in the women’s restroom, she pushed him into the male toilet. 

“What.. what are you trying to do?” Zhao Quan Sheng glared at her. He was mad, “why is a young lady like you have no shame.”

Can’t believe she’s trying to force herself onto me. 

Are young women nowadays these open-minded? 

The times are changing!  

“What is your relationship with Li Cui Hua?” Shi Sheng blocked the exit, interrupted Zhao Quan Sheng’s dirty thoughts coldly. 

“I don’t know any Li Cui Hua.” She was really looking for someone, but he did not know Li Cui Hua or Zhang Cui Hua. 

“You don’t know her? Then why did people saw you picking her up?” Shi Sheng stepped forward, got close to Zhao Quan Sheng, “an entrepreneur like you would pick up a stranger? Who would believe that? Since you can’t recall, let me give you a hint, Huang Guan Club, Li Cui Hua.”

“What Huang Guan Club, I...” Zhao Quan Sheng’s voice stopped. He looked at Shi Sheng with shock. The friendly man a minute ago suddenly turned into a fiend, “I have no idea what you’re talking about. Young lady, if you continue, I’ll call someone. If you’re lack men, then go find someone else. I don’t play women like you.”

“It takes 1 million to spend one minute with me. Can you afford that?” Shi Sheng grabbed Zhao Quan Sheng’s arm and pressed him against the toilet door with a ferocious voice, “I’ll ask you again, what’s your relationship with Li Cui Hua?”

How dare you get ruthless with me, you deceiving retard? 

“Cough cough...” Zhao Quan Sheng was pressed against the door unguarded, his face flushed, “we’re at Hong Feng, do you have a death wish making a scene here?”

What’s up with Hong Feng? Can it fly to heaven?  
Shi Sheng pressed onto him harder. 

“Ah!” Zhao Quan Sheng screamed in pain, but he gritted his teeth and did not say a word.