“It’s true! Everything that I’ve said is the truth! She’s a friend of my wife! My wife’s health had not been great in the past, so sometimes she would come and visit my wife, and I’ll pick her up during those times.”
Zhao Quan Sheng was bawling his eyes out, his snot covering his face. Where did this crazy bitch come from? Why is she so terrifying?  
 “Li Cui Hua came from a rural village; how would she be friends with your wife? What kind of person is your wife? Did she work with Li Cui Hua?” Hmph, you think I’m that easy to trick? Do I have the words ‘Idiot’ written on my face?
His wife wasn’t Xu Shan Shan’s aunt, and according to what Shan Shan had told her, she was someone who was tempted by greed. There’s no way that she would associate herself with someone like Li Cui Hua.
 “……” Zhao Quan Sheng wanted to look for another excuse. However, the more he thought about it, the more blank his mind went.  “My wife and Miss Li… They… They met at Crown Entertainment. At the time, Miss Li had helped my wife and my wife, being someone so kind, she was thankful for Miss Li’s help. So they kept in contact after that, and in turn, became friends over time.
 “If you keep coming up with nonsense, I’ll kill you.”
 “No! NO! All that I’ve said is the truth!” Zhao Quan Sheng swore with his hands, “This is all true.”
 “Alright, give your wife a call.”
Zhao Quan Sheng stood in shock.
After a while, he desperately retracted, “Please don’t call my wife. I’ll tell you the truth. I’ve had some mistresses on the side, and that woman used to work in Crown Entertainment as well.”
“Do you think it was worth it for you to lie to cover some small stuff like this?”
“I was just worried you were sent by that tiger of a woman….”
“I think I should still call your wife.” Shi Sheng said in a serious tone.
Quan Sheng’s eyes were red with frustration. He held onto his neck as he shouted, “I’ve already told you what I know! What else do you want from me?!”
“You’re lying.” Explained Shi Sheng calmly.
Quan Sheng was losing his patience. “I didn’t lie. Everything I have told you was the truth. Why are you looking for Li Cui Hua anyway? Who is she to you? What is your intention?”
Shi Sheng smiled wryly, “What are you trying to cover up? Are you afraid that I would find something out?”
Quan Sheng kept avoiding the question, and everything that came out of his mouth was obviously suspicious. Especially the story he claimed just now, it didn’t add up.
Quan Sheng sighed, “You weren’t sent by that tiger lady of mine?”
“Bang! Bang! Bang! Who the fuck is inside? How dare you lock the main entrance? Get the hell out of there! I can’t hold it in anymore!”
“Open up! Bang! Holy shit, if you want to screw, go to a hotel! Don’t do it here, you motherfuckers! Open up!”
The toilet door was being banged angrily, and a man was scolding with all his might from the outside.
Zhao Quan Sheng’s eyes were filled with tears as he quickly ran towards the entrance. But before he could touch the door’s handle, a mirror suddenly appeared in front of him, showing his dishevelled figure. He almost couldn’t recognise himself.
On the outside, the men that were banging on the door heard a thud, then silence ensued. Filled with anger, they kicked the door one more time before running away.
Quan Sheng’s back was now facing the door. A spine chilling thought ran through the back of his mind.
“Just who are you!!”
Quan Sheng was no match to Shi Sheng’s violent tendencies.
Quan Sheng did indeed had a woman on the side, but it wasn’t his mistress. He was helping someone else pay this woman instead. And that someone was none other than Leng Yao Tian.
He used to be an underling for Leng Yao Tian, but after he married the daughter from the Xu family, things started looking up for him. He earned his own living and began his own business.
However, he still owed Yao Tian his thanks, so whenever Yao Tian asked him for a favour, he had no choice but to accept Yao Tian’s request.
Li Cui Hua’s situation, however, was just an accident. She used to be a maid at his home, but when he found out that she had been stealing from him, he had no choice but to fire her.
One fateful day, as he took his mistress to the hospital, Cui Hua had seen him.
Li Cui Hua knew that he was terrified of his wife, so she used this as a way to blackmail him. It didn’t matter whether it was because Yao Tian had asked him a favour or if he was terrified of his wife knowing, in the end, he gave Cui Hua many things.
Because that woman had weak health, he had no choice but to let Cui Hua take care of her.
For a short while, Cui Hua was attentive when it came to taking care of that woman. However, as time went on, she would either sneak out or steal from them. Maybe it was because she had done countless immoral things, so in the end, Cui Hua got sick, and she had not much time left in the world.
That woman felt sorry for her, so she decided to send Cui Hua back to Huang Shan village.
“Who is that woman to Leng Yao Tian?”  Who was this woman that’ll let Leng Yao Tian take such measures to hide her? Could it be his true love?
“How would I know?” Muttered Quan Sheng quietly.
Back then, Leng Yao Tian forbade him to ask any questions about her. He even told Quan Sheng that the more he knew, the more likely he would be murdered, and he didn’t want to risk any innocent lives into the matter.
“What’s her name?”
“Her name in her identity card is called Chen Yu, but that’s a name forged on the fake ID Yao Tian gave her. I don’t know what’s her actual name.” Quan Sheng pleaded as he wrapped his fingers around his fists. “That’s all that I know, I swear! Can I please go now?”
“Give me her address.”
Zhao Quan Sheng stared at the iron sword floating before him. Fearing for his life, he gave her the address.
He couldn’t even ensure his own safety, so he had no choice.
Quan Sheng doesn’t think that this woman was joking. Seeing how she reacted, he knew she was really planning on killing him.
Yao, I’m sorry. But all of us are just trying to stay alive. I trust that you won’t blame me for this.
Zhao Quan Sheng couldn’t help but comfort himself.
All he did was just to protect himself. He was only doing what was asked of him. What transpired wasn’t his intention.
Shi Sheng stared at him for a few seconds and slowly retrieved her iron sword.
Quan Sheng could feel his legs tremble. He desperately opened the door and ran out as fast as he could.
Just as Shi Sheng was about to head out, another man came into the room.
He looked at Shi Sheng and quickly exited, only to see the sign on the bathroom door.
I didn’t enter the wrong bathroom! the man thought as he pointed at the bathroom sign.
Shi Sheng steadily walked out of the bathroom. When she passed the sign, she wanted to turn it around but found it stuck firmly onto the surface.
“……” Well, this is awkward.
That man stood by the bathroom entrance, watching as Shi Sheng attempted her idiotic plan.
She then nonchalantly dusted off her hands as if it was her intention.
Even if my plan to save myself failed, I should still act like I meant it. There’s no way I’ll be embarrassed that way!
“……” The man was confused. So what was she trying to do just now?
Shi Sheng walked away and gave a heavy sigh, then patted her chest. It was hard trying to be cool, so she needed to chill.
Now that things are settled with Zhao Quan Sheng, she needed to resolve the matter with that pervert Shang Guan Jiu.
I hate perverts.
I hate perverts +123456

Shi Sheng took out her phone to check Shang Guan Jiu’s location. However, the second she took her phone out, her black screen immediately lit up. Someone was calling her.
Seeing the number, Shi Sheng immediately declined the call.
The caller stopped calling. Instead, a series of texts were sent.
“——Baby, I saw you! Did you come out of your way just to see me? I didn’t know you loved me that much! I’m in room 8808. I’ll be waiting~.”
Shi Sheng gritted her teeth. She slowly texted a few words back.
“——Alright, wash up and wait for me.”
We’ll see if I’ll slice you into a stick this time.
“—— Alright baby~ Hurry~.”