Shi Sheng found room 8808. Someone was guarding the room entrance, but when Shi Sheng showed up, she was allowed in without any trouble. 

It was eerily quiet inside the room. As Shi Sheng stepped in, the door behind her closed, and the room began filling up with smoke.

“......” This fucking pervert.

Shi Sheng covered her nose with her hand and turned to open the locked door. She cut the door in half, causing it to fall outward, letting the smoke from the inside escape. The people outside looked in horror at this young lady emerging from the smoke.

Mother!! There’s a violent maniac here! >/i>

Shi Sheng quickly ran to take cover from the smoke as the people standing outside earlier dropped to the ground softly, seemingly without reason.

Shang Guan Jiu looked on at the white monitor in another room as he gently shook the glass of red wine in his hand. He brought the glass slowly to his mouth and took a sip. The red wine touched his lips, coating them with a layer of bright red.

“Baby, you’re really making me start to like this.”


Shi Sheng didn’t want to admit it, but everything that happened made her realize that Shang Guan Jiu was an intelligent enemy. And the worst of all, this enemy was a sick bastard.

There was no doubt that this was making things much more challenging for Shi Sheng.

Looking at the guy in front of her, if not for his pilot armour, she could’ve easily destroyed him by now.
Shi Sheng could easily tear Shang Guan Jiu apart with her bare hands. It was just that the bastard was very smart, always narrowly escaping her no matter what she did.

The difficulty of this dungeon was raised, which meant her player level had also been upgraded.

  Oh yeah, this is such a Shi Sheng move.

After chopping down someone’s door, naturally, one would need to pay for it. Before she could slip away, her exit was blocked by someone from the casino.

“Miss, is our casino’s door not to your liking? Did you have to slice it in half?” The manager looked at the door that was broken into two pieces on the ground. It was very neatly chopped.

And what about those people on the ground?

The manager’s expression turned serious, “Miss, are you having a fight in our establishment?”

“Fight?” Shi Sheng rolled her eyes, “A fight is when both parties are going at it. I didn’t fight them, so how is this considered a fight? Did you learn to speak from a vet?”

“......” Isn’t language typically taught by language and physical education teachers? Why are you suddenly talking about veterinarians? What has this got to do with them?

“......” The veterinarians in the area were speechless. How did we get pulled into this crossfire?

At this time, the smoke had already dissipated. So the manager couldn’t find the source of the smoke or why people were lying on the floor.

“Ahem...” The manager cleared his throat, “Miss, if you didn’t engage in a fight with them, then how did these men end up lying on the floor?”

Are they still alive? It seems like they’re still breathing...

“The ground must be really cool.” Shi Sheng said sarcastically.

“Maam, please stop your nonsense.  Would you be so kind as to follow us into the security room?” There are CCTVs all over the place. Let’s see how she would be able to weasel herself out of this now.  

“Why the hell would I…….” Shi Sheng tilted her head as she watched a group of people walking by in the distance. Those people seemed awfully familiar to Shi Sheng. They were the same bunch who surrounded Xi Fei last time.

A few workers passed by bent over as they stood by, waiting for them to come over.

“Who is that?” Shi Sheng suddenly asked the manager while pointing at those people.

The manager looked at where she pointed. Not trying to hide, he directly responded: “That is president Xi, miss, I would advise you not to plan anything.”

Their president……

So this place is the president’s property?

Shi Sheng raised her eyebrow, “Oh? So what if I do?”

“Then, miss, you might not see the sun tomorrow.” The manager said with a fake smile.
Shi Sheng stared at him, “Are you threatening me?”

The Manager nods, “Very smart, miss. So, shall we head to the security room now?”

“Fine.” I didn’t even lift a finger, I don’t believe the camera could have seen me do anything either.”

The manager led Shi Sheng in another direction

The man who was passing by suddenly turned his head. He only saw a few workers carrying the ‘corpses’ away. He slightly furrowed his brows and slowed his steps for a second.

“President Xi?”

Xi Fei retracted his gaze, returning to his normal walking pace, “Have there been anything unusual over at the Green Dragon Gate?

“Leng Yan was frequently seeing a girl recently. According to our reliable sources, Leng yan is most likely in love with that girl. “The people who answered paused, “That girl is called Ying Su, she’s a member of the Black Tiger Clan.
“One of Shang guan Jiu’s people?”

“She rebelled. The Black Tiger Clan is hunting her as we speak.”

Xi Fei fell silent for a few seconds, then asked: “Did you get any leads regarding the case that I asked you about?”

“President Xi…….Leng Yao Tian had been dead for so long, it’s not easy to get many leads at all. It seems that Leng Yan and the Black Tiger Clan are also looking into Leng Yao Tian’s affairs. Sir, if I may ask, just what does Leng Yao Tian have? Even President Xi has come back from afar so hastily.”

Xi Fei remained silent, the man also did not dare to ask any further questions, following him with his head lowered. 

Security Room

The manager’s expression changed as he looked at the monitor screen.

Shi Sheng shrugged innocently, “See, I told you, it wasn’t my fault. These people are the ones plotting against me. I’m simply defending myself.”

The manager took a deep breath, “That doesn’t change the fact that you broke the door. Miss, you have to pay.”

Even if those people weren’t knocked out by her, you still broke the door, right?

“I don’t have any money, but I can repay with my body.” Shi Sheng said. Feng Ci now seemed like an upper-class citizen, there was no way she could get close to him at all.

The manager was astonished, “ are you this ignorant!?” he said, pointing at Shi Sheng.

 “... Don’t get ahead of yourself, brother. That offer was never meant for you anyway! I would, of course, be more than willing to do that for your dear President Xi.”


Where are my quick-acting cardiac-relief pills?

This woman has lost her mind.

“Miss, did you come here to make a mockery of us?” Prostituting yourself to President Xi... the one at a loss would be the president, wouldn’t it. “Unfortunately for you, that won’t be happening...not with your looks.”

Shi Sheng touched her own face, Though this face isn’t the most perfect-looking, she’s still a beauty. How is it impossible?

“Isn’t entering contracts popular these days? I ruined the door of your place. Hurry up and have your president make a deal with me.” All potential relationships always start from a contract.

“.......” Just how many novels have this kid read?

Manager, you don’t even read novels often, how would you know what she’s talking about?

“It is already night. Please try not to daydream, miss.” The manager sternly said. “Our door is imported from Germany, and each of them costs 20,000 Yuan. Adding the shipping and installation fees, I will charge you 50,000 Yuan.”

Is their president that easy to take advantage of?

Shi Sheng glared at him, “Why don’t you just steal the money?” 50,000 Yuan for a door? Does money just fall from the sky?

The manager ignored Shi Sheng, saying to himself, “We’ll deduct the amount from your security deposit.”

“......” Shit! This isn’t part of the script!!

It is said that destroying something warrants a contract, so why isn’t there one being made here?

Hmph, I’m not happy with this.

The director wants me to reenact it again, but I want to sign a romantic contract with my Feng Ci!