The amount was deducted from Shi Sheng’s deposit, and she was kicked out of the underground casino.

Shi Sheng was fed up.

She wasn’t able to see even a strand of Feng Ci’s hair.

Shi Sheng looked at the radiant signboard outside. The flickering lights dazzled her eyes. The air was a little moist, and the night was silent and chilly.

She stood there for a moment, then walked back gloomily.

This is annoying as hell…I could kill someone.

When Shi Sheng returned home, she ensured that her things were not damaged before going to the room to check on Xu Shan Shan.

The light in her room was still on, there were exercise books on the table, and the little girl was there asleep at the desk.

Shi Sheng curled her lips in annoyance and stepped forward to carry Xu Shan Shan to the bed.

“Big sister?” Shu Xhan Xhan muttered softly in her sleep, and she fell back into a deep sleep right after.

Shi Sheng turned off the light and exited the room.


The night breeze slowly blew away the dark clouds in the sky, revealing the bright moon as white as a jade plate. The moonlight illuminated the building, covering it with a hazy tulle.

Xi Fei stood in front of the window. The moonlight cast a long shadow of his body on the ground. He was wearing headphones and listening to the other party’s report with a sullen look on his face.

“President Xi, Shang Guan Jiu’s men from earlier, just came in, they were after a young girl named Yan Mian. We do not know why.”

“Yan Mian?” Xi Fei whispered softly.

The other party thought that Xi Fei had asked for information regarding Yan Mian and immediately responded saying, “Yan Mian is Leng Yao Tian’s woman, 22 years old, an orphan, she graduated from a prestigious university. She was taken by Leng Yao Tian into his mansion as soon as she graduated.

The voice on the other side paused, “It’s strange, to say the least, Leng yan has already dealt with all of Leng Yao Tian’s women. Yan Mian is the only one left.”

Xi Fei was silent for a moment, and the voice on the other side asked carefully, “President Xi, do you need any updates?”


Xi Fei hung up the phone, took off the headset, and stood in silence for a moment. He stretched out his hand and drew the curtains closed, leaving the room in darkness.

It was the 1st of September, the school had just begun, and Shi Sheng sent Xu Shan Shan to school.

Xu Shan Shan, who hadn’t even finished elementary school, suddenly entered the junior high school campus. She seemed a little nervous and lost as she followed Shi Sheng every step of the way, looking around carefully and expectantly.

This was the school where she would live in the future.

“Go on in.” Shi Sheng said as she sent Xu Shan Shan to the door of the classroom.

Xu Shan Shan looked at Shi Sheng, then carefully glanced at the classroom where there were already a few people. She paused for a moment before stepping in slowly.

Shi Sheng stood outside and watched her for a while, then she turned and left the school.

She drove to a high-end residential area where she was definitely not allowed in from the front entrance. She parked the car on the side of the road, walked around the rear of the residential area, and climbed in over a wall.

She carefully followed the address given by Zhao Quan Sheng, eventually finding the corresponding door number.

Shi Sheng reached out her hand to ring the doorbell, but there was no response for a very long time.


The elevator door opened, and two women came down. They were probably residents there. When they saw Si Sheng standing at the front door, one of the women suddenly asked, “Are you looking for Chen Yu?”

“Yes.” Shi Sheng nodded.

“She’s not here. She was taken away by some people last night. I happened to witness it at the gate of the residential area, and I have no idea who those people were.” The woman replied.

The woman was Chen Yu’s neighbour. She would usually be seen chatting with Chen Yu and walking around.

When she arrived home yesterday from working overtime, she witnessed Chen Yu and a few people get into a commercial vehicle at the community’s gate.

Chen Yu got into the car on her own and didn’t say anything.

Shi Sheng asked the woman the exact time this happened, and it turned out that it happened before she interrogated Zhao Quan Sheng.

If it wasn’t Zhao Quan Sheng who took her away, then who?

Shi Sheng turned to leave the area, walking around to the main gate. At the front gate, she said that she was a relative of Chen Yu, and she had some business with her.

The door guard could not contact Chen Yu, and Shi Sheng said that she could not. Feigning concern for Chen Yu, Shi Sheng got hold of information from the guards she had left with some men yesterday night. However, as it was already dark out, they could not make out what they looked like.

Shi Sheng asked to check the security footage. The guard was also a little worried that something was wrong, so he asked the manager for permission for them to view the footage.

The security footage showed that at around 10 o’clock, Chen Yu and a few men left the residential area in a black business car parked outside, exactly as the woman earlier had said.

The surveillance cameras outside the residential area could not capture the vehicle’s license plate, so there was no way to track it.

Shi Sheng thought about it as she walked back to her car. Off in the distance, she could see a group of people surrounding the spot where she parked.

And her car was being towed away by a trailer.

My… God!

Why am I so unlucky?!

Shi Sheng rushed over and negotiated with the traffic workers for a long time. The matter was finally settled after she paid the fine.

The protagonist could get away with parking anywhere, so why do I have to pay a fine? This is ridiculous. How biased.

Shi Sheng began driving home. Chen Yu was kidnapped...but by who??

Shi Sheng sifted through all the suspects she had in mind, but could not pin down any specific suspects.

When Shi Sheng returned home, she had received a sculpture from the pervert, Shang Guan Jiu.

The parts of the body that were usually not covered, were, and the parts that were usually covered were all exposed. It looked very erotic.

Honestly, anyone who saw this kind of sculpture would want to destroy whoever made it. It was too perverted.

This colossal retard, Shang Guan Jiu.

This is pissing me off.

Shi Sheng entered her room and drew up a detailed plan.

It was intended as a detailed plan but was summed up in just a few sentences.

First, kill Shang Guan Jiu, then the male protagonist, and finally get Feng Ci to complete the mission.

As for Chen Yu, she had already been kidnapped anyway. Shi Sheng didn’t bother to investigate any further. She believed that if it was meant to be, the truth would reveal itself eventually.

Shi Sheng rarely made any plans. Usually, when she makes a plan, it will definitely be completed.

Shang Guan Jiu was the true leader of the Black Tiger Clan, so Shi Sheng executed her plan starting with the Black Tiger Clan.

The problem must always be dealt with at the root.

The forces of the Black Tiger Clan and the Green Dragon Gate were two of the largest in the country. They were always in a state of contention, and each wanted to overthrow the other and be the only one in power, but none were allowed to have any direct confrontations.

The Black Tiger Clan’s business is shadier than the Green Dragon Clan’s. They would smuggle and resell their firearms.

The police always hated these people and wanted to throw them in jail for the rest of their lives.

At this time, a group of policemen were lying in ambush at an abandoned warehouse. Everyone was waiting, holding their breath in anticipation.

A voice sounded over the headset, “Captain Dai, they’re here.”

One of the men gestured to the backlines, and everyone immediately loaded their weapons and took aim.

The sound of car engines got gradually louder as the vehicles approached the warehouse. Just as the car was about to enter the warehouse, there was a series of explosions, and several vehicles were blown over.

The explosion blew the dust in the abandoned warehouse into the air, blocking the policemen’s sight.

The policemen were all stunned by the blast. That’s not the method syndicates would usually use to get back at one another…… 

They’ve already blasted the person to oblivion before proceeding with their trade… Doesn’t this mean that the man and the goods have been annihilated?

“Captain Dai?”

“Head out and check the situation. Be cautious of your surroundings.” Captain Dai signed to his team.

The car had been blown into smithereens, with the ashes and debris spread across the ground. It was unclear if the remains were car parts or human tissue.