The police only detected the shredded human tissues at the scene, but no goods were found.
 This time, the tip came from their informants who risked their lives telling them. If they could catch these people, they might get rid of these giant syndicates.
But now it was bombed like this. All Anti-Narcotics Force’s efforts might’ve gone down the drain.

 As for who planted the bomb, no one knew for sure.
 Just when the anti-narcotics force was in a daze, their guards suddenly received a package that wrote: “to be was accepted by the anti-narcotics force.”
 The guard handed the package to Captain Dai.
 Captain Dai was a tall man with a muscular build. He was rather tan, had a scar on his face, and did not look like a policeman one bit. On the contrary, he looked more like a gangster. 
 “Captain, what did you receive?”
 “I don’t know. The guard just handed it to me. On the package, it wrote… ‘For the anti-narcotics force’.” Captain Dai replied as he placed the package onto his desk.
 People in the office immediately gathered around, “This couldn’t be a bomb sent by someone, right?”
 It’s not as if such a thing had never been done before, so it was normal for them to think so.
 “It’s very light, so it shouldn’t be.” Captain Dai reassured his men as he took a sip of water. He then commanded them, “Open up the parcel.” 
 People took turns to weigh the package, it wasn’t heavy, and the box was relatively small. So it definitely wasn’t a bomb.
 A person took a knife and cut through the packing tape. There were random newspapers stuffed inside.
 “Is someone pulling a prank on us? They sent us a bunch of newspapers.”
 “It’s all newspapers... see if there is anything underneath.”
They pulled out all the newspapers in the package, and it took a while to find an envelope from the inside.
 There is only a note in the envelope.
 ——National Day gift package, I wish you happy overtime.
 Everyone was speechless. “...”
 This was definitely a prank!
 “Do these people have nothing to do? Are they bored with their online games? Is that why they began to play with the anti-narcotics team as well?!?”
“These people should be more educated on such matters. We are working our butts off for the civilians, but they dare to use us as a pastime.”
 The others seemed a little angry as well.
 After all, it was normal to be upset when someone finds out that they were used to be someone else’s pastime. Those who wouldn’t get angry by this would be the weird ones.

 Captain Dai looked at the note on and off for the entire day. The message was handwritten, but it looked a bit like a child’s writing. It was crooked and written in a particularly clumsy way.
From what transpired with their previous case, the squad was already rather upset. However, this prank package they received became a trigger that escalated their anger. 
 “Let’s go and eat. Sheesh, what an unlucky day.”
“Captain, stop looking at it. It’s just a prank. Let’s go.”
Captain Dai was dragged along by the team to eat, and when they met people from other departments, the group immediately began to complain.
 Someone comforted them, ‘Didn’t they send you the National Day gift package? Just think of it as them sending this gift for you to celebrate the festival.’
 Captain Dai couldn’t help but shake off the uneasiness he was feeling.

 There was something wrong with that sentence.
 It stated that it was a National Day gift package, but why did it also write ‘happy working overtime’?
 When he reached the office, the package was still sitting on their table.
 As their shift ended, everyone began to clock out. Leaving behind Captain Dai all alone in the office.
 In the middle of the night, a group of people from the Anti-Narcotics Force who had fallen asleep were awoken by Captain Dai’s series of nonstop phone calls.
 “Captain, what are you doing? We haven’t rested our eyes for a long time because of that case, and now we are not allowed to sleep?”
 “Captain, we know that you aren’t happy with the result, but even if we continue to investigate this case right now, we still wouldn’t be able to get any clues. It’s better to recharge your energy and check again tomorrow.”
 “Come and see.” Captain Dai ignored his crew’s complaints and asked them to meet at the office where they usually used for meetings.
 The giant blackboard in the office was already pasted full with newspaper clippings when they arrived.
 Captain, what are you doing?
 Captain Dai pointed to the newspaper clippings and quickly said: “These newspapers have traces of sketches and notes made on them. Some of them are words, some are numbers, I solved a few of these and got an address.”
 Captain Dai pointed to the address written next to him.
 The crowd flocked to the blackboard to read the newspaper pasted on it, and then compared the address written by Captain Dai. Each of their faces showed a strange expression.
  Wow, I can’t believe the person who sent this parcel is playing us like this.

 They thought it was just a note. They never expected it to have some cryptic message behind it.
 The office was silent for a while, and someone said, “Captain, so what you’re trying to say is?”
 “Let’s go take a look. I think there is something in that place.”
 Although they felt that the source was unreliable, everyone still followed Captain Dai. Some unreliable clues might be the truth in their line of work, and no clues should be unnoticed.
 And it turns out that they were actually correct.
 In the abandoned granary, they found piles and piles of drugs. What they initially thought would become a cold case was suddenly revived after discovering this giant batch of drugs. They now finally had leads to follow.

 After that, these odd packages were sent to the Anti-Narcotics Force one after another. Each time they had to use a different decryption method, but as long their decryption was correct, they would uncover other cases each time, safely and swiftly.
 However, if they were to wrongly decrypt any of the codes, the consequences would be dire. Once they got the time wrong and lost two team members in the process.
 The Anti-Narcotics Force had no idea how to locate the person sending these mysterious packages.
 “Captain Dai, do you think the person sending these packages are helping us? Or are they toying with us?”
 Captain Dai looked at the latest package. The hard lesson they learned from the previous mission made him realise that they couldn’t entirely rely on the information given by its notes. Because they hadn’t any problems the earlier times, they had unknowingly loosened up their vigilance. 
 “Have you tracked down the person who sent the package?”

 “No, the time of delivery is not fixed. And they sent all these through multiple courier services. Although the logistics list is posted, the logistics tracking information cannot be found.”
 “Have you noticed that these packages are all aimed at The Black Tiger Clan? The several cases we have solved are more or less related to The Black Tiger Clan. Do you think The Green Dragon Clan did it?”
 “The Green Dragon Clan does not smuggle drugs, but they buy and sell firearms, and the two had always been enemies. So this would likely be the case.”
When the Anti-Narcotics Force faced a problem from this situation, the Black Tiger Clan was also suffering from various issues.
 Shang Guan Jiu, the person behind the scenes who rarely appeared in the Black Tiger Clan, appeared.
 A thin dark man spoke first, “Sir, the notes are well aware of our movements. I suspect there is a mole.”

 “Every time there is a major delivery, only a few of us know. You mean to suspect that there is a mole among us?” A man with thick eyebrows and big eyes next to him was not convinced and stared at him with a fierce face.
 The thin black man snorted coldly, “This is the situation now. Everyone is suspicious. If you are so affected, is it possible that you are the mole?”
 “Skinny, don’t talk nonsense to me. How can I betray Mr Shang Guan after following him for so many years?”
 Shang Guan Jiu propped his chin as he watched the two of them quarrelling.  

 When they were done arguing, Shang Guan Jiu slowly placed a piece of paper on the table and pushed it towards them.
 While everyone was visibly confused, Shang Guan Jiu slowly got up, and the corners of his mouth raised slightly, “The one you’re looking for is this woman. She’s a compelling one, so don’t let me down too much.”
 Everyone’s eyes fell on the note on the table.

——Shang Guan Jiu, if we want to play, let’s go big. Yan Mian.