Shi Sheng had sabotaged the Black Tiger Clan's trades a few times now. She made sure that police had successfully arrested most of their mobs. Only then she would officially fight with the clan. 

Even though the Black Tiger Clan knew that it was Shi Sheng who was behind all this, there was nothing they could do.

In terms of fighting and arguing, they couldn't stand a chance. Hell, they couldn't even outrun her when it came to that.

This lady was undefeatable, alright?

The Black Tiger Clan's worst nightmare was to clash with Shi Sheng. 

But it seems that the more you fear something, the higher chance you'll encounter it.

The mobsters who had been beaten to a pulp by Shi Sheng all swore that they would quit the mob, that they would surrender themselves and turn over a new leaf.

They would rather cry in prison than go through all the pain inflicted by her.

Compared to these weaklings, the core members of the Black Tiger Clan were more resilient.

They've managed the Black Tiger Clan for so many years, it would be blasphemous to let it crumble by the hands of one woman.

"What is Shang Guan Jiu saying?" Skinny grabbed onto their newly returned members and shook them violently. "Does he really want to see the Black Tiger Clan destroyed by this lunatic?"

"Mr Shang Guan… He said that if she's happy… if she's happy, then she can do as she pleased." The member from Black Tiger Clan replied nervously. "And… And he said…."

Skinny's face was now filled with worry. "And what else did he say?"

"He said… We were all trash."

Skinny let go of his grip. He was in utter disbelief.

Once Shang Guan Jiu declares that someone is trash, it means that they had been given up on.

So does that mean that he has completely abandoned the Black Tiger Clan?

"Oh shit, here comes Yan Mian!"

This loud exclamation was like an explosive bomb, blowing away everyone's thoughts until it became blank. All the men from the Black Tiger Clan instinctively retreated into the hall.

A charming girl waltzed slowly from the door as she held an iron sword in her hand. The aura she emitted was compelling.

There was a slight smile on her face, but if one looked closely, they would realise that her eyes were as calm as the ocean. 

In her eyes, these people were no different from the air.

Skinny pushed aside the person in front of him and angrily rebuked, "Yan Mian, we, the Black Tiger Clan, have no grievances against you. So why do you frequently target us?!"

Shi Sheng slammed her iron sword to the ground, her expression raised slightly. Just when Skinny thought she was going to make a statement, she nonchalantly said one sentence, "Everyone is responsible for the fight against drugs and crimes."

Everyone is responsible for the fight against drugs and crimes?

Are you here to be funny?
This woman who was one a giant mob boss' woman was actually telling them that she's here to "fight against crime and drugs"? It was no different than saying she was Spiderman, trying to save the world.

 "Should all of you go to the police station yourself, or should I send you?" Shi Sheng asked as she tilted her head slightly, staring at the group of people.

The people here were all core members of the Black Tiger Clan, and if they were to surrender themselves, that would be the end of the Black Tiger Clan's influence.

Skinny was now pale with anger. This woman is too arrogant!

"Brothers! Finish her! Even if we die, we must fight for our clan!" Skinny raised his arms as he exclaimed.

However, not many people responded to him. The others were no better than those who were sitting behind them, commanding them to do whatever. They had seen the horrific strength this woman had.

Just imagine, she had already singlehandedly sabotaged the Black Tiger Clan to what it is today. Would she be easy to deal with?

They didn't want to die.

"I surrender! I'll surrender myself to the police. I'll go right now!"

"I also surrender."

Two men threw their guns and ran in the direction of Shi Sheng. But after just a few steps, two gunshots could be heard, and the two men came toppling down one by one.

"Those who dare to run from us, this is how you will end up."

Those who were accused immediately returned to their teams as their heads shook like rattles. 

Skinny nodded in satisfaction, but before he could turn his head, he saw that group of people slowly backing up. Their eyes were full of horror. 

"It doesn't matter whether you run or not. It's a pity that two people died in vain." A clear voice sounded from behind him

Skinny felt his scalp go numb, it was as if a cannibalistic monster was behind him, and if he moved even the slightest bit, he would be devoured whole in an instant.

He has been on this line of work for so many years but never had he felt such pure terror and embarrassment in his life. He hasn't even faced her head on, yet he could feel his legs tremble in defeat as his heart was screaming only one word to him —— RUN!

From a distance, the sound of police sirens nearing them could be heard, and they never would've thought that the sound of sirens would ever be so pleasing to their ears. 

All the core members of the Black Tiger Clan were now arrested. It was too late for them to destroy all the criminal information at their headquarters, and everything they owned had been seized by the police. In addition to all their recent crimes, these few core members were probably going to be sentenced to life in prison. 

In just a short few months, a giant drug ring had been eradicated. 

This case could definitely be compiled into their teaching material.

The police still didn't know who had helped them from beginning to end. Some suspected it was someone from the Green Dragon Clan, while others suspected that it was a mole from the Black Tiger Clan.

But no matter how much they speculated, they had no evidence to back it up. So, in the end, it just became a giant mystery to the police force. 

And this mystery would continue to circulate within their department for many years. 
Shang Guan Jiu, the man behind all of this, was involved in the investigation as well. However, even Shi Sheng wasn't sure of his whereabouts at the moment, so the police definitely wouldn't be able to track him down as well.

Several documents were placed in front of Xi Fei, and a video of a girl singling out dozens of men was playing on the tablet next to him.

In the video, the girl swung the iron sword as if it were alive. The heavy iron sword looked very light when she swung it.

Although her moves were unstructured, they did not lack in beauty. Every movement was gorgeous and practical. If she were in a traditional Chinese setting, then this would definitely be a rare visual feast.    

Xi Fei didn't look away until the end of the video.

Several people stood in front of him, all with their heads down, appearing respectful and cautious.

Xi Fei raised his head and looked at one of them, "You haven't been spotted by her, have you?"

The person immediately replied, "President Xi, we are cautious."

"She can avoid police investigations and so many surveillances, but she didn't notice any of you?" Xi Fei's voice circulated in the room. Each syllable felt like an invisible force, suddenly pressing on several people.

"...One with a hundred secrets would bound to have one oversight. She is also a human, not a god." The people they picked out were elites, incomparable to ordinary men. 

Of course, this cannot be said, so he could only answer tactfully.

Xi Fei threw the tablet off the table, "5 minutes and 6 seconds."

Several people looked at each other, carefully picked up the tablet, and fast-forwarded to the 5-minute mark.

Before the fight started, the girl seemed to be talking to someone. At 5 minutes and 4 seconds, she took out the sword and quickly glanced in the direction of the camera...

"This may be a coincidence..." The person holding the tablet was in disbelief. If she really found out about them, why didn't she make any moves?  Why did she allow them to continue recording?

"8 minutes and 25 seconds, 12 minutes and 41 seconds, 15 minutes and 6 seconds."

Xi Fei continued to report a few figures.

A few people fast-forwarded, and after watching the few points that Xi Fei said, they couldn't help but believe him.

She really did know they were secretly recording her, but why didn't she do anything?    

“President Xi……” Should we take care of this woman?