A teacher invited those involved to the principal office. 

At first, they wanted to ask Xu Shan Shan to go as well, but Shi Sheng stopped them, and Zhao Quan Sheng did not dare to oppose that. 

"Miss Yan, even if Zhao Xiao Gang bully other students, that doesn't mean that you can beat him. He's still a child." the principal reprimanded Shi Sheng. 

"So I should let go of the fact that he bullied Xu Shan Shan?" Shi Sheng asked in response. 

The principal pushed his glasses, "we live in a society governed by law. If he really did bully students, we'll have disciplinary actions against him."
Shi Sheng just and forceful, "will disciplinary actions wipe away the fact that Xu Shan Shan was bullied by him? An eye for an eye, I only did what he did to Xu Shan Shan. It's not like I crippled him. How is that wrong? If you think what I did is wrong, let me have the disciplinary actions then."

The principal, "..." they have met more than enough insensible parents, but someone who would ask the school to have disciplinary action against her is the first time. 

My gosh, what's the point of giving you disciplinary action?

"Well..." Zhao Quan Sheng spoke weakly, "Xiao Gang was wrong for bullying her. I'm willing to let this go."
There was only one thing in Zhao Quan Sheng's mind at the moment. 

How is this woman related to Xu Shan Shan?

He thought that it was weird in the first place that Xu Shan Shan would suddenly show up here. He knew that her guardian was Yan Mian, but he did not realize that it was the same Yan Mian that blocked her in the toilet. 
If he knew sooner, he would not indulge Zhao Xiao Gang to bully her. 

But it was already too late for him to regret this. 

The principal was stupefied. The usual Zhao Quan Sheng would make a scene if Zhao Xiao Gang was bullied in school. 

Why is he admitting defeat so easily this time?  

"Dad!" Zhao Xiao Gang could not understand his father's behavior as well, "she beat me, look at my face."
Zhao Quan Sheng smacked his own son's head, "you little brat, I didn't send you here so you can bully people. I send you to study." 

Zhao Xiao Gang was hit until he was dumbfounded. He responded after some time, "dad, didn't you and mom..." 

"Shut up." Zhao Quan Sheng dragged Zhao Xiao Gang to his back, apologized to Shi Sheng with a smile, "Miss Yan, it's my fault that I didn't discipline him well enough. You're the bigger person here, seeing that he's still a child. Please forgive him. I promise that he'll never bully Shan Shan again."
Shi Sheng sneered, "forgive him? What about the emotional trauma and psychological damage Xu Shan Shan is going through? Will it disappear after an apology?" 

"Dad, why are you afraid of her? Look at how she'd beaten me up, you have to make her apologize to me, and she needs to pay for compensation!" Zhao Xiao Gang blabbered unhappily at the back. 
Zhao Quan Sheng wished that he could sew Zhao Xiao Gang's mouth now. 

Asking her to apologize to you? You think you've lived long enough or you have a death wish?
Zhao Quan Sheng glared deadly at Zhao Xiao Gang, "Miss Yan, what do you think?"

"Return the inheritance belongs to Xu Shan Shan and let Zhao Xiao Gang apologize in front of the whole school."
Zhao Quan Sheng's expression changed. 

Zhao Xiao Gang screamed in desperation, "I'm not going to apologize to her, why should I!

Apologizing in front of the school? How is he going to face anyone after this?  
Zhao Quan Sheng felt resentful towards Zhao Xiao Gang for being this immature and pinched him. Is this the time to say something like this?  

The principal was stupefied listening to all these, what and what now? How is this related to inheritance?  

"Miss Yan… this is our family matter. As an outsider, you shouldn't get involved, right?" Zhao Quan Sheng lacked confidence. The way he spoke was not very imposing, "and we're only helping her to take care of the inheritance. When she's grown up, then we will return her. We're family, after all. We couldn't possibly want to harm her, right?"
Shi Sheng snickered, pulled the rug under his feet, "then why didn't you take care of her since you're a family? Why'd you send her back to your mother?"

"Shan Shan was young at that moment. She kept crying for her parents. We have no choice but to send her there."
Shi Sheng grasped Zhao Quan Sheng's ability to make up excuses. 编借口的本事,Shi Sheng是领教过的。

"These are not important." Shi Sheng smiled faintly, "what's important is that you return Xu Shan Shan's inheritance to her. I'll find a lawyer for the notarization and hire a specialist to take care of the company. The company will pass to her once she's grown up, so don't say that I'm doing this for money."
Zhao Quan Sheng was speechless. 

"We… we still need to ask for Shan Shan's opinion, right?" Zhao Quan Sheng continued to struggle. 

His company was not doing well at the moment. Without Xu Shan Shan's parents' company, it would not even last until now. If the company were to give it to Xu Shan Shan, their family would be bankrupt. 

"Looks like you won't shed a tear until you see the coffin." Shi Sheng let students who were outside for the drama get Xu Shan Shan there. 
The moment Zhao Quan Sheng saw Xu Shan Shan walked in, he put on a smile immediately, "Shan Shan." 

A hint of despising flashed through Xu Shan Shan's eye immediately. She walked to Shi Sheng, "big sister?" 

Zhao Quan Sheng's expression stiffened. He was utterly awkward. 

"Do you want to take back your family's inheritance, or you want to give them?" Shi Sheng never beat around the bushes, straight to the point. Although it did not sound pleasant, anyone could understand right away. 
Xu Shan Shan blinked her eyes, asked naively, "can I do that?" 

"Of course. Even if you don't want it, you can spend it all away is better than giving it to these retards."

The principal, "..." are you teaching her how to spend her family fortune away?

"Will it be troublesome?" Xu Shan Shan did not understand these procedures, but she knew that all the family dramas on the television were usually about inheritance. 

"You're the first inherent. There's nothing troublesome about it." Xu Shan Shan was already this old. Even if she could not manage a company right away, she could still hire someone to take care of it for her. 

"Shan Shan, we're a family after all." Zhao Quan Sheng put out his kind senior face," we'll still return you your inheritance when you're a grown-up. This kind of thing is unsafe to be at the hands of an outsider, after all. Am I right, Shan Shan?"
    Xu Shan Shan was despised by Zhao Quan Sheng. His family took her parents' property by force, sold her home, and kicked her out before her parents were properly buried. 

"I want to take it back." Xu Shan Shan sounded determined, "big sister, I want my inheritance back."
Shi Sheng looked at Zhao Quan Sheng, the corner of her lips curved upwards, "hear that? If I don't see an equity transfer agreement within three days, we'll meet at the crematorium. I'm sure that you've learned about my capability before."

Zhao Quan Sheng swallowed his saliva with his might. He had difficulty breathing as if the oxygen in the principal office was pumped out by someone. 

His back was dripping wet in his sweat, his whole body was cold, his limbs were numb, and he could not move at all. 

He could only see the creepy curve formed by the corner of Shi sheng's mouth. 
Background Principal, "..." Lady, are you sure you didn't misspeak? Shouldn't you meet at the court? Why are you meeting at the crematorium?!