The main house was lively, while the mansion that Shi Sheng is was relatively quiet. 

It became even more spooky at night. 
Shi Sheng, who was not afraid of anything, slept right away when it was night. 

As she was sleeping in the middle of the night, she could faintly hear that someone was sobbing. Shi Sheng jumped out of bed. Scanning the room and finally stare at the door. 

“Wu wu wu...”

The voice was really soft. If the wind was any louder, she would not hear it. 

Is Leng Yan pretending to be a ghost to scare me?

My gosh, my son is epic.
Shi Sheng got off the bed, opened the door and headed out. The corridor was dark. She followed the sound and stopped at each room to see where the sound was from. 

She listened for a moment and confirmed that the sound was from this room. 
Shi Sheng looked at the room door. This door was not here when she came in today… 

Shi Sheng turned the doorknob. Out of surprise, the door was not locked. It could be opened easily. 

There were not many things in the room. Half of the room was separated by a metal fence. Under the dim light, a slender and feeble silhouette was inside the fence. 
Shi Sheng,“…” male lead is into this kind of stuff too?

Shi Sheng looked for the light switch along the wall and switched it on.

The whole room was lit up instantly. 

The person within the fence growled softly and huddled up into a ball in the corner of the room. 
Shi Sheng stood at the door for a while. She did not hurry to go there. She looked at the roof and surroundings instead. 

There were surveillance cameras in each corner of the room. Shi Sheng smiled at the surveillance camera before switching off the lights again. 

The room was filled with crackling noises, the surveillance camera at Leng Yan’s turned into pitch blackness within seconds. 

Leng Yan jolted up, “turn on the switch.”

His underlings turned on the switch hastily. 

The signalling light did not lit up after they turned on the switch. They looked at each other. The mechanism was destroyed. 

“Young Master Yan...”

Leng Yan slapped the person nearest to him, “didn’t you say that this system is absolutely safe?”

That person held his face and did not dare to respond. When they say that this plan is absolutely safe, they meant it for ordinary people. 

But this woman did not appear to be an average person at all. 

However, they did not dare to talk back. They could only endure Leng Yan’s rage. 

Leng Yan left the room in strides. The others hurriedly followed him after making eye contact with each other. 

Shi Sheng only turned on the lights after making sure that all the surveillance cameras were destroyed. The lights zapped twice and slowly went out. The room remained dark. 

Shi Sheng used her phone flashlight to shine at the fence. 

The person in the fence was holding her head, shivering. She was sobbing softly, appearing to be terrified to death. 
Shi Sheng smashed open the locked door, asked tentatively, “Chen Yu?”

The lady trembled. She probably heard a different voice and raised her head slowly. 

To be honest, Shi Sheng was frightened by the face. It was full of scars. Some were already scarred, while some were still fresh, dripping with pus. It was unusually upsetting. 

If Shi Sheng did not notice that the accessory on her hand was on the picture with her neighbour. She would have never known that this was Chen Yu. 
Chen Yu eyes were swollen and red. The lights within her eyes were ultimately turbid. However, after she saw that it was Shi Sheng, a puff of blaring passion gushed out of her eyes, “Mian Mian… Mian Mian...”

She stood up by supporting her body, muttering the same word over and over again. Her scars filled face was twisted, her tears rolled down uncontrollably. She reached out to Shi Sheng, “Mian Mian, Mian Mian, my Mian Mian.”
Shi Sheng,“…” what kind of gag is this?

I’ve no idea where the plot is heading to.
Chen Yu already grabbed Shi Sheng’s arms. Her hand was utterly thin and rather cold. Her hand was reaching toward Shi Sheng’s face along her arms. 

Shi Sheng avoided her unconsciously. 

“Mian Mian, I’m your mom.” Chen Yu sobbed until she could not speak properly, “I’m your mom, look at your mommy...”

She could not believe that she got to meet her daughter. 
Chen Yu felt like whatever torment she had to endure before this was nothing when she saw her one and only daughter. 

She turned away from her suddenly as if she recalled something, “don’t look at me. I look hideous now.”
Shi Sheng,“…” what is the meaning of this? 

Yan Mian is Chen Yu’s daughter?

I give this contrived plot full marks.
Shi Sheng brought Chen Yu upstairs, put talismans on the main entrance and other places along the way to stop Leng Yan’s people from barging in. 

Chen Yu had been covering her face. She probably was scared that Shi Sheng would see her unsettling face.

Chen Yu’s name was not Chen Yu. Her surname is Yan, her name is Yan Yu. 

She was Leng Yao Tian and Shang Guan Jiu’s classmate.

It was evident from Yan Mian’s looks that even though Yan Yu was not a goddess at her times, she must be rather pretty. 
Leng Yao Tian and Shang Guan Jiu had feelings for her. Shang Guan Jiu was already kind of crazy at that time. He would always occupy Yan Yu by force, pressured her into places that she did not want to go and forcing her into eating things she did not want to eat. 

Yan Yu liked Leng Yao Tian at that time. Their relationship was not stable due to Shang Guan Jiu kept meddling with them. 

On the night before graduation, Shang Guan Jiu asked Yan Yu out using Leng Yao Tian’s name and raped her. From that time onwards, she thought that she was not good enough for Leng Yao Tian. She got married to someone she liked without graduating and left her hometown. 

That is where a typical plot would end. 

But Shang Guan Jiu, that crazy did not plan to let Yan Yu go at all. He used a few years to track down Yan Yu, asked her to return to him or not he would kill Yan Mian and her husband. 

Yan Yu did not want to be with someone who raped her. But Yan Yu did not relish watching Yan Mian and her husband die. He loved her and was willing to marry her even though he knew that she had feelings for someone else. 

Hence, she told Shang Guan Jiu to let her think about it while secretly contacting Leng Yao Tian. 

Due to her not being good at covering things up, Shang Guan Jiu learnt about this and flew into a terrible rage. 
By the time Leng Yao Tian got there, Yan Yu’s husband was already dead trying to protect Yan Mian.

Leng Yao Tian and Shang Guan Jiu got into a fight. In the end, Shang Guan Jiu went lunatic and set a fire. Leng Yao Tian went out all, risking his life to save Yan Yu and Yan Mian out. 

However, Yan Mian lost all her memories due to a concussion and excessive shock. 
Leng Yao Tian, terrified of Shang Guan Jiu would go crazy again. He sent Yan Mian away and arranged somewhere for Yan Yu to stay. 

Someone would send photos of Yan Mian to Yan Yu every once in a while, so Yan Yu knew what her daughter looked like. 

After some time, Yan Yu wanted to get Yan Mian back, but she was not healthy. She was always sick. 
Shang Guan Jiu had been looking for her. She was scared that he would find her too, so the best choice would be not to take Yan Mian back.

Not long before Leng Yao Tian died, Yan Yu was entrusted to Zhao Quan Sheng. A few months before, Leng Yan’s underlings suddenly found her and took her back, using Yan Mian as an excuse. 

“It’s mommy’s fault. Mommy apologizes to you.” Yan Yu was unable to stop weeping. She felt sorry for this kid. 
Shi Sheng had more understanding regarding Shang Guan Jiu’s pervertedness. No wonder this retard had been picking on on her.