“Who is my father?” Shi Sheng was more concerned about this.

According to this contrived plot, she most probably was Shang Guan Jiu, that pervert’s daughter.

To have such a perverted father, Shi Sheng was in complete denial.
Yan Yu sobbed, “you’re not his daughter. You’re our daughter.”

It was true that she got pregnant after that, but as she was hiding from Shang Guan Jiu, she got into an accident, and the child was aborted. Yan Mian was conceived a year after she got married.

Luckily, it’s not.

If she really was, then she will have to kill her own father.

“What’s up with you and Leng Yan?” Shang Guan Jiu caught her due to her looks or because he knew that she was Yan Yu’s daughter.

What about Leng Yan?

His hatred for her is out of nowhere, and now he caught Yan Yu back to his mansion for unknown reasons.
Yan Yu shrugged, “Leng Yan thought that It’s my fault that his mother died.”

Shi Sheng,“…” very well, another contrived plot.

Is this dimension all about being contrived?

When Leng Yao Tian saved Yan Yu, her mental state was not well, so Leng Yao Tian would always spend time with her.

Leng Yan’s mother had heart disease. During Lunar New Year, his mother went back to her hometown with Leng Yan, but they met Leng Yao Tian’s enemy on their way home, that knocked their car over.

Leng Yan’s mother was not rescued in time and passed away.
Leng Yan knew Yan Yu for some reason. Since then, he had been hating her thought that it was all Yan Yu’s fault that his mother passed away.

Leng Yan did not dare to do anything when Leng Yao Tian was alive.

After Leng Yao Tian died and arranged a livelihood for Yan Yu. Leng Yan could not find her and directed his hatred to Yan Mian when he knew that she was her daughter.

Shi Sheng was utterly speechless.

Is Leng Yan’s mother innocent? Yes, she’s.

Is Yan Yu at fault? Based on the perspective of an outsider. Yan Yu’s at fault because she’s alive.

Another man was brought to trouble, and a child had an unfortunate childhood because of her.

She indirectly caused another woman to die.

Although this is just the question of odds, she did factor in it. It was undeniable.

However, from Yan Yu’s perspective.
Yan Yu was not at fault. She needed to find someone to protect her since she wanted to stay alive. Leng Yao Tian was the only person who was able to stand off with Shang Guan Jiu. There was nothing wrong with her choosing him.

It’s impossible not to harm anyone when you want to stay alive.

The way you stay alive is to push away whoever that’s in your way.

Everyone might have blood on their hands.

This is the unspoken rule of society. If you want to rise to the top, then someone has to be eliminated.

If you have a soft heart, then the person that will be eliminated is you. The person that loses the chance to live is also you.

If Leng Yao Tian was more decisive that year and made sure that she was well protected. Nothing horrible happened after that, then whatever that happened today would not happen.

Unfortunately, there are no ifs.

So if someone had to be blamed for all of these. Going back to the roots, it would be Leng Yao Tian’s fault. It was him that did not protect the lady that he deeply loved.

“Mommy is very useless, right?” Yan Yu covered her face with her fingers. She was in pain and regret.

She had been living in agony for so many years. But she did not want to die. She wanted to look at her daughter with her own eyes.

“There are plenty of useless people out there. You’re just one of them. There’s nothing to be sad about.” Shi Sheng’s tone was nonchalant as usual, “regret and grief are not going to solve your problems. These emotions will only bother you infinitely, making you even weaker, trapped in the dark abyss and become someone’s puppet.”

“Mian Mian...” Yan Yu was slightly shocked. She was an educated person, so she knew what Shi Sheng meant by that.

But just how old is she? Why’d she had this kind of outlook on life?
Yan Yu suddenly realized that she had not been acting like how a person would when they met their long lost mother.

She had been calm and cool the whole time as if she was listening to a story that was completely unrelated to her.

She had not been with her so many years. She must have been through a lot, right?
When Yan Yu thought of it that way, all her doubts were gone. She only cared about the fact that her daughter had been going through a lot.

Shi Sheng was looking at Yan Yu, supporting her chin, “the last question then. Why did Leng Yao Tian marry me to be his mistress?”

Since Leng Yao Tian loved Yan Yu so much, why did he marry Yan Mian?

This is what they mean by, if they can’t get you, they will get your daughter instead?

And come on, Leng Yao Tian had so many mistresses!!

How is that true love?

If Feng Ci is like that, she will castrate him.
Yan Yu stayed silent for a moment, “he wanted to protect you. He knew he didn’t have much time left, and Shang Guan Jiu was on our tail. That’s why he got you back to the mansion and let Leng Yan know that you have leverage. As long as you don’t say anything, Leng Yan’s not gonna do anything to you.”

Yan Yu paused and smiled bitterly, “but what he didn’t know is that Leng Yan knew my existence a long time ago and that you’re my daughter.”

“So, what did Leng Yan want?” Shi Sheng asked.
If Leng Yao Tian dared to stop policing Leng Yan, that leverage was not made up.

Yan Yu suddenly looked up to Shi Sheng, she stopped covering the scars on her face. In her turbid iris, she vaguely saw Shi Sheng’s silhouette.

“Mian Mian, all I want is you to live harmlessly. I don’t want you to get involved in these.”
Shi Sheng smiled coldly, opened up the curtains. There were many people outside, “do you think we can go back now? Why’d you think I show up here?”

Yan Yu got too worked up when she saw Shi Sheng. She almost forgot about her current situation. She immediately rushed up and closed the curtains while pressed onto Shi Sheng to make her squat.

Her heart was racing as if it was about to explode, but outside was quiet.

It was so quiet she could not hear anything except for her slightly rough breathing.
Yan Yu was utterly confused. She opened a corner of the curtains carefully, noticed that they were only standing there. They did not intend to attack.

She grabbed Shi Sheng’s hand shakingly, “Mian Mian...”

She took a while to compose herself, took off her bracelet and put it on Shi Sheng delicately, “someone will find you and take you with them if you wear this.”
Yan Yu was not as weak as she appeared to be. She was just used to acting vulnerable to hide behind this mask.

“Mian Mian, mommy loves you.” It was time for this story to end.

All of this happened because of Shang Guan Jiu. She had been in torment for all her life because of him. She was not going to let her daughter experience the same thing.
Yan Yu had already planned what she was going to do next, but then she heard a dismissive voice next to her.

“Why’d you make it seem like we’re about to be separated?” Shi Sheng broke away from her and stood up, “those people from the outside can’t enter here. You don’t need to have some sort of weird plan involving you protecting me and run away.”
Yan Yu looked at her daughter, stunned.

She was a completely different person from the one she saw in the photos.

She was shimmering with arrogance and confidence, that kind of frivolity that did not care about a single thing, the type of calmness that not a usual person could achieve.

Is this her daughter?