Yan Yu then only realized that Shi Sheng was being literal.

Those from the outside could not come in.

The mansion was being covered by a shield. The bullets and people could not enter.
Shi Sheng sat down, concluding this messy plot with her chin supported.

Leng Yao Tian and Shang Guan Jiu liked Yan Yu at the same time, but Yan Yu wanted Leng Yao Tian, so Shang Guan Jiu was mad.

After Shang Guan Jiu learned that Leng Yao Tian hid Yan Yu somewhere, although he could not find her, he did not give up.
Not long before Leng Yao Tian died, he might have noticed that Yan Mian was Yan Yu's daughter, so he married her and brought her to the mansion and used leverage against Leng Yan so that he would not do anything to Yan Mian.

"Is the side mission completed?" Shi Sheng asked the system silently.

The rescue of loved was probably referring to Yan Yu.

[...] Host, you're cheating! [No.]
Shi Sheng's brows furrowed, not completed yet? Do I have to kill Shang Guan Jiu?

Shi Sheng gnashed her teeth in anger when she thought about that pervert.

Perverts are not scary, but educated perverts are.

"Mian Mian… what are these? "Yan Yu asked carefully after observing outside for a long time.

She kept thinking that this daughter standing in front of her was a different person from the daughter she saw in the photos.

She has such mysterious and powerful strength…

Is she really my daughter?

"They're the defense talisman." Shi Sheng answered without looking up, "you can move around in the whole mansion. Just don't go out."

Defense talisman?

What is that? Is it something from the Taoism?
Yan Yu knew that Taoism was a real deal, but she thought it was weird that her daughter would be into something like this.

"Mian Mian, you..."
Shi Sheng looked up. Her facial expression was stone cold.

Yan Yu, who was approaching stunned, stared at Shi Sheng. The scars on her face were extra horrifying under the dim light.

Shi Sheng cursed softly, got up and searched around at aside. She then got a first aid kit out of space and pretended that she found it on a shelf. She pulled Yan Yu to sit down roughly, treated the wounds on her face ungently, then wrapped her up like a mummy.
Yan Yu felt complicated. Two noises were fighting in her brain.

The first one said, "she's your daughter. Look at how much she resembles you when you're young. How is that not your daughter?"

Another voice fought back, "it's not your daughter. She is completely different from the girl in your memory."
Yan Yu tried to ponder about it, but she did not know what she was thinking about.

Until Shi Sheng finished applying medicine for her, looking at Shi Sheng, who simply tossed the medication into the first aid kit, she suddenly snapped back.

How could she compare her with the girl in her memory?

All the other kids had their parents with them growing, but her…

"Mian Mian, you must have been through a lot when mommy's not around you, right?" Yan Yu grabbed Shi Sheng's hand, sobbed as she was speaking.
Shi Sheng, "…"

Shi Sheng held it back. She did not draw her hand back, waited until Yan Yu was almost done venting, "go rest, I'm fine." 忍了忍,没抽回自己的手,等她发泄得差不多,才道: "休息吧,我没事。"

Yan Yu was utterly exhausted as she was constantly in a highly stressed situation when she was locked up by Leng Yan, which could be due to Shi Sheng was with her. Yan Yu fell asleep as soon as she hit the bed.

Yan Yu held onto Shi Sheng's hand when she was sleeping as if she was terrified that she would disappear when she opened her eyes. That she found her daughter back was all just a dream.

Shi Sheng stared at Yan Yu's bandage wrapped face, looking a little dazed. She sat right next to the bed until dawn. The morning sunshine poured in through the heavy curtains, brightening and warming the somewhat gloomy room up.

Shi Sheng rubbed her sore arms and called Xu Shan Shan.


Leng Yan had an engagement party coming up, so he did not have much time to mess with Shi Sheng. He hired a Taoism monk to undo the spell but was bounced back by the defense talisman and vomited blood before he was scared shitless and ran away.

Leng Yan tried everything, but he could not get into the mansion. He would blow up the house if he was allowed to.

Until the night before his wedding, Leng Yan only gave up fighting with Shi Sheng.

Like the plot, Ying Su ran away on the night before the wedding.

Everyone from the mansion went out to look for Ying Su. No one was there to stop Shi Sheng when she left there with Yan Yu.
Yan Yu had been muddleheaded for these few days. Shi Sheng did not dare to bring her home, so she sent her to the hospital.

The hospital check-up was redundant and tedious. Shi Sheng played her phone out of boredom while she was waiting.

As she was having fun, the screen in front of her suddenly darkened.

As the screen was loading and turned dark, Shi Sheng saw a handsome looking face above the screen.

She looked up a little, her heart was beating, the surrounding was like being stretched infinitely.
Shi Sheng smiled with her eyes, spoke that person's name softly, "Xi Fei."

Xi Fei was not surprised that Shi Sheng knew his name. He put down his coat, sat next to her," first time meeting you, Miss Yan."

"I guess so." this was indeed the first time they formally met with each other.

"Miss Yan, I would like to talk to you. Are you free?" Xi Fei leaned back a little as he felt uncomfortable with Shi Sheng's eye contact.
"Nope, my mother's in the middle of a check-up. You have to wait for a while." Shi Sheng glanced at the tightly shut door, smiled, "Mister Xi won't mind, right?"
Xi Fei looked at his watch and furrowed his brows, got up and took his coat, "I'll meet you at the cafe outside the hospital after an hour."

Shi Sheng pouted, "if you leave, I'm not going to go there."

Xi Fei, "…"

He turned around, stared at Shi Sheng straight, "don't you want to know what am I going to talk to you about?"
Shi Sheng looked up, smiled faintly, "it isn't important about what you want to discuss with me. All you need to know is that I want to be with you."

Xi Fei's heartbeat suddenly sped up. Ever since the first time he saw her, he would feel a strange familiarity for her as if they had been very close to each other before.

However, he knew that this was indeed the first he met her.

"Mister Xi, have you considered getting another girlfriend?"

"Miss Yan, this is the first time we met." Xi Fei reminded her. What kind of girl want to date another person the first time they met another person.

Are girls nowadays this shameless?

"It's love at first sight!" Shi Sheng blinked.

Xi Fei, "…"

He would definitely never admit that he almost said yes back then.

He looked at the time again, pondered about it, "I need to settle something. I'll come and get you half an hour later. Is Miss Yan okay with this arrangement?"
Shi Sheng shrugged, she did not decline nor agree.耸肩,没拒绝也没答应。