Yan Yu needed to stay at the hospital after check-up as the scars on her face was not easy to treat. Shi Sheng settled the hospitalization procedures while Yan Yu laid in the ward weakly.

"Mian Mian..."

Yan Yu reached out to grab Shi Sheng's hand, she held onto her hand without speaking a word.

"Knock knock." someone knocked on the ward door a few times. Shi Sheng turned around to see the flawlessly handsome face of Xi Fei through the window.

"I'll head out for a while." Shi Sheng turned back and told Yan Yu, "I will be back soon."

"Mian Mian… where are you going?" Yan Yu was panicking a bit.

"To see your future son in law." Shi Sheng consoled, gave her a protective talisman from space.

"Son in law?" Yan Yi's eyes glimmered, "Mian Mian has a crush now, how nice."
Shi Sheng smiled before heading out of the ward.

Xi Fei brought some underlings with him. They guarded the ward as soon as Shi Sheng walked out.

"To make sure that auntie is safe." Xi Fei was scared that Shi Sheng would misunderstand, he explained.
Shi Sheng smiled maliciously, "Mister is already this considerate before we're even together?"

Xi Fei, "…"

He slid to the side, hinting Shi Sheng to go first.
Shi Sheng and Xi Fei left the hospital and got straight into the car parked at the curb. The driver exited the car discreetly.

"What do you want to tell me?" Xi Fei must have something important, or he would not look for her. He definitely was not there to confess his feelings to her.

Although she hoped that he was here for a confession.

"My father made a pact with Mister Leng," Xi Fei looked at Shi Sheng's wrist, "when this tracking device is activated, the Xi Family needs to ensure the safety of the holder. However, you need to give me the tracking device."

Tracking device?
Shi Sheng looked down at her wrist. Yan Yu gave her this bracelet, no wonder she said someone would find her.

Shi Sheng, "…" but why is this related to the Xi Family? Their relationship is so complicated.

Shi Sheng took off the bracelet and passed it to Xi Fei.
Xi Fei appeared shocked. He did not take the bracelet.

"Why? You want this, right?" Shi Sheng looked at him, weird.

"Are you not gonna ask anything else?" She doesn't seem to be someone who's convinced so quickly. Why is she willing to give it up so easily?

"Because you said you want it." Shi Sheng placed the bracelet into his palm, her fingertips brushed the back of his hand, her tone dragged, "you can have me too if you want."

The bracelet still had her warmth. Xi Fei felt complicated. He squeezed the bracelet tightly, "Miss Yan, your safety, is my responsibility now."
Shi Sheng raised her brows at Xi Fei," for the rest of my life?"

Why does it sound so weird?

He reflected about it, "The Xi Family will be responsible for your safety for the rest of your life?"

"But I want you to be the one who's responsible for it."

"Miss Yan, I have a fiance."

Shi Sheng, "!"

Are you kidding me?!

Why does my Feng Ci have a fiance?
Xi Fei nodded at Shi Sheng, and opened the car door and exited the car.

Shi Sheng sat in the car. She blanked out for some time. Does that mean that she will be his mistress? No way!

I'm not gonna do that!

I'd rather die with him!

[...] Host, calm down. He lied to you.

For real?

[...] Based on the data, Xi Fei did not have a fiance.

It did not dare to set a fiance for him. If the Host threw a tantrum, it might die.
Shi Sheng pushed the car door and went out, but Xi Fei was already gone.

Shi Sheng, "…" why did you run so fast? It's not like I'm gonna eat you.

Ahhhh, I forgot to ask for his contact!
Shi Sheng thought about it, saw the driver who was getting back into the car, she rushed up to him.

The driver was startled. "Miss… Miss Yan..." what on earth, he's just a driver.

"Give me Chairman Xi's contact number." Shi Sheng's hand stretched out to the driver aggressively as if she was going to whack him in the next second.

"Miss Yan… I… I don't have Chairman Xi's contact!"

"My ass." what kind of driver doesn't have their boss' contact?

Miss Yan, please be civilized!

He really didn't have his contact.

"Chairman Xi usually doesn't use this car," the driver wanted to cry, but no tears were coming out. even if he did, his underlings would contact him. Why would he have his contact!

"Why are you so useless?" Shi Sheng gave the driver a disdainful look.

Driver, "..." so you're blaming me for being useless to you?

Xi Fei sat in a car far away, observing Shi Sheng and the driver until she went back to the hospital.

"Boss, she just gave it to you this easily?"

This isn’t scientific!

Based on their profile, this woman was not someone who could be convinced easily.

"Yeap." Xi Fei passed the item to the person next to him.

That person took it gladly, "this is the last part of the force we needed. Now those people have to look at your face to live every day."

"What was the Old Master thinking? Simply giving out something this important." someone in the driver seat complained, "we would have collected everything if it weren't for this. We don't even have to come here."

"Leng Yao Tian saved his life before." Xi Fei responded faintly.

Both of them looked at each other, stopped asking any question after reading the room, "boss, shall we go back now?"

"You bring the bracelet back," Xi Fei's head lowered, "both of you are in charge of everything now."

They were stunned, "boss?"

all they need to do is bring the bracelet back, and they can control the whole underground forces overseas and become the king of the underground empire. They have been doing all of these for this moment, and boss is dropping the ball now?

Shi Sheng saw those bodyguards were still there when she went back to the ward. She pushed open the door to went in and came out within seconds.


The guard standing straight, "..." Who are you calling buddy now?

"Hey." Shi Sheng waved her hand in front of one of them, "let me ask you something."

She’s calling him buddy?

The bodyguard bowed immediately, "ask away, Miss Yan, other than Chairman Xi. We know nothing."
Shi Sheng, "…"

That's what I'm going to ask you!

My gosh!
Is Xi Fei a panda? Why does he need 3 layers of protection?

I'm so mad!
Shi Sheng pondered, asked quickly, "what's your name?"

"Gao Zheng."

"How old are you?"

"Are you single?"


"Do you have a crush on anyone?"


"What's Xi Fei's number?"

Shi Sheng glared at the bodyguard, why'd you stop answering? Did you catch on what I'm doing?

The bodyguard remained a stern face, "Miss Yan, you can ask about anything other than Chairman Xi."

"But I want to ask about him." Why would she want to ask anything else?

The bodyguard bowed slightly, "I'm sorry, Miss Yan, we can leak any information regarding Chairman Xi."
Shi Sheng, "…"