After settling Yan Yu, Shi Sheng began another round of eradicating pornography and cracking down illegal activities.

The clan which suffered the calamity was Green Dragon Clan.
Leng Yan had been looking for Ying Su and was caught off guard the first two times.

The first time was the firearms. They did not plan to close the deal initially since what happened before had not cooled down. Making a move now was like committing suicide.

However, while the Green Dragon Clan was busy looking for Ying Su, those with lower ranks closed the deal secretly, and the consequence was getting caught by police.

The second time was smuggling drugs. They had already ordered it and could not cancel the order.

They had been more careful about this, but the operation still failed.

By the time Leng Yan realized all these, he had stopped every Green Dragon Clan's activity, halting the businesses and closing every door.

Compared to Black Tiger Clan, Green Dragon Clan was luckier due to the male lead.

Police could not take any action if they had no evidence, so when the Green Dragon Clan did not do anything, Shi Sheng could not do anything about it.

"Miss Yan, your parcel."
Shi Sheng looked at the bodyguards. Since that day, they had been staying with Shi Sheng, saying that they were there to make sure she was unharmed.

Shi Sheng took the parcel. Her mouth twitched when she saw the flamboyant calligraphy on it.

That pervert Shang Guan Jiu is here again!
Shi Sheng opened up the parcel, nothing weird inside except for a phone.

She opened the home page, saw a messenger application with a sent message.  

- Babe, long time no see. I miss you.

The bodyguard took a quick glance at the phone and reported to his superior after Shi Sheng threw away the phone and went inside the house.

- I saw someone sent Miss Yan a private message. Should I report to Chairman Xi?


The bodyguard kept his phone back in his pocket instantly. He saw Shi Sheng walk out of the room with a sword…

This was the sword they saw in the video.

That message is indeed intimate, so why is Miss Yan carrying a sword?

"Xu Shan Shan."

Xu Shan Shan's head showed up from her room door, "bis sister?"
Shi Sheng told her, "don't go out."

Xu Shan Shan nodded obediently, "alright, is big sister going out? When are you coming back? I learned to make a new dish. I want to let you try."

"I'll be back soon."

"Then I'll wait for big sister to come back for dinner."

Shi Sheng carried the sword and headed out.

Bodyguard, "…" Wait, Miss Yan, if you go out like that, people will mistake you as a murderer!

The moment Shi Sheng stepped out the door, she got a call from Yan Yu's nurse, saying that Yan Yu was missing.

"When did you lose her?"

"She was there when I went out to pack for dinner, but she went missing when I was back." the nurse was about to cry.
Shi Sheng remained a calm face," does the room seem like someone broke in?"

"No, the room door is perfectly intact." it sounded noisy on the nurse's side. The noises were on and off, "I've asked everyone in the hospital, and no one saw her. Miss Yan, shall I report to the police?"

"Look for her in the hospital. Police's not gonna do anything if it's within 24 hours."

"Right, then I'll look for her again."
Shi Sheng hung up. She looked dreary.

Yan Yu ran away with her free will.

The talisman she gave her would protect her if she was not willing.

No matter how strong she is, she couldn't stop free will.

Why is she looking for trouble? That's annoying!

"Miss Yan," the bodyguard caught up from behind, "I received a report just now. Someone knocked out our people and took Missus Yan away."

"I know," Shi Sheng turned back to the house, scrutinized the gate, and told Xu Shan Shan not to open the door for anyone no matter what.

She drove out of the neighborhood, the bodyguards followed her. He suddenly stopped when he exited the neighborhood, got off the car and ran to another vehicle.

The car window slid down slowly, Xi Fei showed up in front of the bodyguard.

"Chairman Xi, Miss Yan doesn't seem fine."

"Yea," Xi Fei nodded lightly, "follow her."

These cars followed Shi Sheng's car quietly. She drove around the city one round before going straight to the outskirts.

The outskirts were in the middle of development, construction sites were everywhere. Shi Sheng stopped somewhere in front of a half-built building, opened the car door and got down.
As Shi Sheng was about to get in, she saw that three cars were approaching her with the corner of her eyes. She recognized the bodyguards' car, but she had never seen the other two beyond the bodyguards' car.

The car doors opened accordingly. Xi Fei walked out and walked to Shi Sheng.

"What are you doing here?" Shi Sheng frowned slightly.
Xi Fei responded, "I said that I'll be responsible for your safety. This includes your family."

When he heard that someone sent her a private message, he ordered his underlings to drive him to her neighborhood right away.
Before this, Xi Fei did not believe in love at first sight and different lifetimes.

But he could not forget about her. She was like a virus that would leave no hole undrilled, eating away his body and mind inch by inch.

If someone told him that he would care this much about a woman that he only met once, he would feed them to sharks.
Shi Sheng looked at the people behind him," you guys will wait for me here."

What if that lunatic Shang Guan Jiu went crazy and hurt him?
Xi Fei switched the topic, "you know who did this?"

"I'm guessing."

"My people will be here soon. Wait for a little while."


The phone Shang Guan Jiu sent her had a new message. It was an image.
Yan Yu was standing on the edge, holding onto a nearby fence. The bandages on her face were removed, the new flesh grew on her face made an obvious comparison to the old scars.

A message was attached to the photo.

-Babe, come up alone oh~
Shi Sheng did not want to put Xi Fei at risk, she asked him to wait outside, but Xi Fei headed toward the building with no explanation.
Shi Sheng,“…” someone has a temper now!

Xi Fei's underlings followed him naturally. In other words, a bunch of people climbing up an unfinished building.

As they were halfway there, Shi Sheng noticed that something was wrong with Xi Fei.

He held onto the rail next to him and did not dare to look down. It took him some time to take another step.

"Are you okay?" Shi Sheng took a step back, "I told you not to come with me."

"Chairman Xi, should we go instead?" the bodyguard behind suggested.
Xi Fei did not say a word and continued to climb the stairs holding on to the handrails.

"Take my hand," Shi Sheng reached out to Xi Fei.
Xi Fei hesitated for a moment, grabbed her hand. Shi Sheng took a few steps back, hold him by his waist and escorted him up, "so why did you want to follow me up?"

Xi Fei's body went stiff, who knows why?

I thought that I should follow you, so I just went through with it.