This woman standing next to him was so petite until he felt sympathy towards her, but she gave him a sense of security that he had never felt before.

"Don't look down, retard." Shi Sheng pushed his face to make him look up, "we'll both die if you fall. Do you want to die with me in the name of love?"

The bodyguard squad, "..."

Miss Yan is epic. I can't believe you dare to call Chairman Xi retard.

And by the way, this is not what people mean when they say they would die in the name of love!

However, Chairman Xi did not show any expression as if he did not hear Shi Sheng called him names. He followed Shi Sheng's steps and climbed up.

"Careful." Some of these tunnels were short. With Xi Fei's height, he would need to squat. Shi Sheng covered his head while inspecting around, "just bear for a little more. We're almost there."

The bodyguards behind them went crazy.

Hey hey, Miss Yan, you're not supposed to be like this! Please remember that you're a lady. Can you please be a little more delicate and fragile?

And Chairman Xi, what's up with your expression that accepts all these? Where's your dominating chairman demeanor? Bring that out!

Xi Fei let out a huge sigh when they reached the top.

Shi Sheng already spotted Shang Guan Jiu, but she did not see Yan Yu.

Shang Guan Jiu's underlings were around him. They gang up against Shi Sheng and her gang the moment they showed up and carefully kept an eye out for the bodyguards.

Shi Guan Jiu strolled towards them, with a smile on his face," babe, you're being naughty oh. I said you can only come up alone."

"That's none of your business," Shi Sheng blurted, "where's Yan… my mom?"

"Babe, don't rush. We should take care of the nobodies first." Shang Guan Jiu's expression changed when he saw Xi Fei, "Mister Xi, we met again."

He had to hold it back because it was his territory, but now…

Xi Fei had already composed himself, "Shang Guan Jiu, Yian Mian is protected by the Xi Family. You still have a chance to get out of here in one piece."

Shang Guan Jiu's expression twisted instantly. He then turned and smiled at Shi Sheng, with faintly discernible murderous aura beneath his eyes, "babe, aren't you quite capable? Hooking up with the Black Clan's head."

Shi Sheng looked at Xi Fei with shock.

He's the head of Black Clan?

Black Clan did not belong to China's underground gang. It was an infamous underground gang overseas. Black Clan was not its original name. It only changed to this name when the Chinese became the head.

Shi Sheng glanced at Shang Guan Jiu calmly after a brief moment of shock, "this only proves that he's stronger than you."

"Babe," Shang Guan Jiu raised his voice, "are you that keen to watch your mother die?"

"Go ahead, try and see," Shi Sheng responded nonchalantly.

"Very well," Shang Guan Jiu nodded, his voice turned spiteful, "if that's the case, then today I'll make him die in front of you so that you can't seduce him."

Shi Sheng, "..." what's wrong with seducing my man? There's no way I'm going to watch him being in love with someone else, right?

Shi Sheng never thought that seducing her man was wrong because he is Feng Ci. That is why he's precious.

If he was not Feng Ci, then why on earth would she seduce him?

Xi Fei stepped up and blocked in front of Shi Sheng, "Shang Guan Jiu, you've overestimated yourself."

"Xi Fei, don't forget that this is China, not Black Clan's territory," Shang Guan Jiu motioned with his hand.

Those surrounding them took out their guns and fired at them without hesitation.

But they were not firing bullets. It was misting instead. The mists fell from the sky. It was unavoidable. A weird stench was spreading out in the air.

Shi Sheng was the quickest to react. She pulled Xi Fei aside and slashed through the mists in midair, making them drop at the side.

She slashed through those in the way and tugged Xi Fei to the place without the mists.

Those from behind continued to fire. Mists were falling from the sky non-stop.

"Babe, stop struggling. I intentionally designed this for you." Shang Guan Jiu sounded smug and determined from behind.

"Freaking retard." Shi Sheng cursed before turning around and chopped the others.

Xi Fei was not bad at fighting, but he was a little behind Shi Sheng's, defeating a few people with a slash.


The plank beneath his feet suddenly broke off, exposing the sky underneath him.

The others next to the one that broke bagan to break off as well, causing Xi Fei to not have much space to stand. Plus, the view underneath him was making him dizzy.

Shi Sheng hopped to his side, reached out to hold him, and brought him somewhere with cement ground.

Xi Fei was able to get himself together when he stepped on solid ground.

"Didn't I tell you not to come? Now I need to protect you too." Shi Sheng complained, "my protection is costly, alright."

If this kind of statement was spoken by another person, he would definitely get mad or ashamed.

But when she said that to him, Xi Fei thought it was rather funny. The way she complained was kind of cute.

He realized that he was focusing on the wrong thing.

"They're coming." Xi Fei switched the topic immediately, reminded Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng swung her sword, and the wind flipped the planks up and hit those charging at them.


They stepped on nothing and fell to the bottom.

Shi Sheng did not see Shang Guan Jiu after defeating these small fries.

"Over there." Xi Fei pointed in a direction. Shang Guan Jiu was climbing up the half-built part of the building speedily.

Shi Sheng got a better visual field after she chased him. Yan Yu was hanging on the top, her feet barely touching the ground. Shang Guan Jiu was already up there, standing at where the knot was tied.

Shi Sheng and Xi Fei rushed up.

"Mian Mian!" Yan Yu screamed, shaking her head uncontrollably.

What's she doing here? Why did she come here?

Shang Guan Jiu smiled maliciously, "babe, I just need to make a slight cut, and she'll fall. Do you want to watch how she dies?"

"Shang Guan Jiu, if you have a problem, come at me. Don't drag Mian Mian into this strife." Yan Yu's voice cracked, sounded piercing.

Shang Guan Jiu pulled Yan Yu and grabbed her chin, "why didn't you like me that year? Why? This is all your fault. I'm going to let your daughter take your place, hahaha. Babe, kill Xi Fei, and I won't murder her."

"Take medicine if you're mentally ill." Shi Sheng rolled her eyes. Did he ask her to kill someone she would worship?

This dude is seriously delusional.

"Babe, kill Xi Fei. or not, I'll push her." Shang Guan Jiu's expression grew malicious.

"Mian Mian, just go, don't care about me."

"Shut up!"

The corner of Shi Sheng's lips curled up, "I'll send you off."

Shang Guan Jiu did not understand what she meant by that, a piece of plank suddenly flew towards him and Yan Yu, because he was standing in front, the plank hit him, and his body flew backwards.

Shang Guan Jiu grabbed Yan Yu. The plank Yan Yu was hanging on could not bear the weight of two people. After a "Kacha" sound, the plank broke off, and both fell to the ground.

Shi Sheng quickly rode her metal sword, she wanted to grab Yan Yu, but Yan Yu shook her head, grabbed Shang Guan Jiu, who's struggling and dropped to the ground within seconds.

Yan Yu smiled. She had a competent daughter. She did not have to worry about her anymore.

Sorry, Mian Mian, forgive me for being weak and incapable.

As they were about to hit the ground, Shang Guan Jiu suddenly hugged Yan Yu and used all his strength to turn around to let Yan Yu lay on him.