Why didn't Shi Sheng save her?

After Shi Sheng pondered about it, it could be that because she knew even if she saved her, she would not live a long life too.

Yan Mian was the pillar that supported Yan Yu to continue to live.

When she knew that she was doing fine, she would choose death.

Destroying herself with the source that brought her endless torment.

Shi sheng flew back up. Xi Fei was supported by a fence. His long lashes covered his innermost feelings.

Anyone in this era would probably be frightened if they saw someone flying on a sword.

Both of them standing on top, the chilly wind brushed them. Shi Sheng pulled her shirt, "well… shall we go down?"

Xi Fei tightened the grip of his hand on the fence before taking a step back, suddenly he stumbled a little and fell towards the emptiness.

Shi Sheng's iris widened with shock. Dashed up to grab his arm and pulled him back.

"What are you doing?" You don't have to jump down just because you're shocked!

"... I can't feel my legs." Xi Fei's complexion was pale.
Shi Sheng, "…"

So he froze there because of his fear of heights? Gosh! Made me worried for nothing.

Xi Fei was born with the fear of heights. He would freeze whenever he went somewhere high since he was a child.

This is what it meant by When God closes a door, he opens a window.
Shi Sheng brought Xi Fei down. He was only able to relax when he stood on solid ground. Why did he go up there like a retard then?

He glanced at Shi Sheng in silence, it's better to stay away from the woman in future.

"It's better now?" Shi Sheng asked with concern, "do you want to go to the hospital?"

Xi Fei shut his eyes, shook his head faintly.
Shi Sheng made sure that he was alright, then only turned around to inspect Shang Guan Jiu and Yan Yu's bodies.

Both of them were impaled by a vertical steel beam. They definitely could not survive this.

Shi Sheng went to find Xi Fei after inspecting the bodies, but he was gone again.

My gosh, do I look like a beast? Going out all this way to hide from me!

Good job, Feng Ci.

This is what happens when I am too nice to you.
    Shi Sheng left there after taking care of Yan Yu's body. Xi Fei's men will handle the rest of them.

Shi Sheng held a simple funeral for Yan Yu.

Shi Sheng only had time to flirt with Xi Fei after the funeral.

Shang Guan Jiu shared some information that made it easier to investigate Xi Fei, Black Clan's head.

“Piang! Piang! Piang! Yan Mian, come out!”

The door was being knocked vigorously. Shi Sheng had to put down her phone, waved at Xu Shan Shan, telling her to go back to her room.
Xu Shan Shan stuck out her tongue and went back to her room.

Shi Sheng opened the door, "sonny, why are you looking for your stepmother?"

"Yan Mian, are you behind this?"

"Behind what?" Shi Sheng was dumbfounded. She had not been doing anything recently. Don't frame me, okay?
Leng Yan yelled in rage, "stop pretending, Yan Mian. Are you going to be so cruel and destroy the Green Dragon Clan?"

"No, sonny. Be sensible. If you don't say anything, how am I going to know if I did it or not?" Since I've done a lot of things.
Leng Yan was about to go mad in fit. He had been living in a nightmare since the day she came back from the dead.

"Snatching Green Dragon Clan's deals and purchasing the shares. Aren't you behind all these?"
Shi Sheng blinked. She did neither of them recently.

"Sonny, thank you for having high expectations for me, but I didn't do that." Step-mother Sheng spread hand, "however, I am the reason why the police were after you recently."

Leng Yan's eyes widened, glaring at her with raging flames.

He had been inspecting the whole incident to find out the rat, but it was her the entire time!

"You have rats in the Green Dragon Clan?" Leng Yan could not think of anything else, "did that old fart give you something? You made a connection with them, isn't it?"

"Nope, I gave it to someone." that thing could change the forces, and it was from overseas. It must be advantageous if Leng Yan had been looking for it.

It would be best to gift to his wife.

"Gave it to someone?!" Leng Yan's good looking face was flushed with wrath, gnashed his teeth, "who did you give it to?"

"That's none of your business." Shi Sheng scoffed, "are you going to snatch it back?"

Green Dragon Clan could not even compete with Black Clan in the first place.

Black Clan is an OG gang. Who dared to pick a fight with those overseas? Green Dragon Clan only became powerful when during national tragedy, they did not even have a history of up to 100 years.

"Yan  Mian, just you wait."

Shi Sheng filled with a smile, "I'm waiting."

She slammed the door, shutting Leng Yan's twisted, angry face outside.

"Big sister..." Xu Shan Shan leaned at the door, spoke softly, "that person is so fierce."

"Then you have to be more fierce than him."

Xu Shan Shan's mouth wide open, "ah?"

"The last resort to fight with evil people is violence." Shi Sheng started to educate Xu Shan Shan, "when you're strong enough until no one dares to provoke you, and everyone has to watch your face before doing anything, then you are the dictator."

Xu Shan Shan nodded. She seemed to understand but not to understand.

[...] if she continues to teach her like that, something wrong's going to happen!

Xu Shan Shan headed out after finishing their meals and doing the dishes. She saw Shi Sheng spacing out at the balcony with her phone, she approached her out of curiosity.

"Sister, what are you doing?"

Shi Sheng threw her phone away, cupped her face with sadness," my wife is ignoring me."


Xu Shan Shan scratched head, Shouldn't big sister be looking for a boyfriend?

Why wife…

Xu Shan Shan suddenly in dismay. "Big… big sister… you, you, you like girls?"

Shi Sheng looked at Xu Shan Shan, weird, "what?"

Xu Shan Shan covered her mouth, "wu wu wu wu wu wu."

"Speak English."

Xu Shan Shan's eyes widened, let go of her hand, asked quickly, "big sister, you like girls?"

She covered her mouth again after asking, backing off the glass door behind her, scared that Shi Sheng would beat her.

Shi Sheng, "…" Which part of her look like she's into girls?

Shi Sheng thought about their conversation, her mouth twitched. She had to take this blame.

"I'm into guys." Shi Sheng turned head.

Xu Shan Shan blinked her large, watery eyes, asked curiously, "then… why did big sister say, wife?"

"Because I like it."

Xu Shan Shan, "…"

Alright, no reason is better than an 'I like it'.

"He must be incredible if big sister likes him." Xu Shan Shan began her daily shoe shining, "that's why he can be a match for big sister."

Shi Sheng recalled his idiotic look that day and snickered, how is that incredible?

He’s just a retard.

"Big sister, what are you laughing at?" Did she say something wrong?

"I'm laughing that my wife is a retard," Shi Sheng held her face and continued to pretend sad, switching the topic, "did you finish your homework?"

"Yes." Xu Shan Shan nodded obediently. She stayed silent for a while and asked carefully, "big sister, can I go back to Huang Shan Village to celebrate Chinese New Year?"