Chinese New Year is approaching, and there is a festive atmosphere everywhere, with people coming back from all over the world to do their New Year shopping.

At this time, every shop was packed.
Shi Sheng was holding Xu Shan Shan's hand in the crowded mall.

"Big sister, we don't have to come here… everything here is so expensive" Xu Shan Shan pulled Shi Sheng's sleeve softly.

"Yeap, you can buy anything when you're rich." Shi Sheng replied lightly, "it's more convenient. They deliver it to your doorstep."
Xu Shan Shan, "…"

<i> Didn't they come here by car?

And they… </i>
Xu Shan Shan turned her head to see those bodyguards not far away from them, <i> can't they help us carry? </i>

Xu Shan Shan definitely could not win an argument with Shi Sheng, so she would try her best to pick the practical items when they were shopping. A mattress was more beneficial for a villager than a ten thousand dollars decoration, after all.

Shi Sheng did not interfere at all. She only paid the bills whenever Xu Shan Shan was done choosing. Occasionally when Xu Shan Shan asked for Shi Sheng's opinion, she would only answer with a one-liner.

"Big sister?" Xu Shan Shan stood in front of Shi Sheng, calling her who did not move an inch before a shop.

Shi Sheng waved at her.

Xu Shan Shan could only walk back to her.

It was a uniquely designed store. Its pitch black signboard was utterly eye-catching in this brightly lit mall.
Shi Sheng held Xu Shan Shan's hand and walked in. the interior design was the same as the exterior, with the color black as the base, dimly-lit lamps mounted on the wall, and the moderately sized shop was presented in front of the customers' eyes.

There were a few shelves in the shop, with some sculptures and weird decorations on them.

"We're not open today." A slouchy voice was heard from behind the counter.

It sounded extra gloomy in this dark space.

Xu Shan Shan clenched Shi Sheng's hand in fear. <i> What is this place? Why does the mall have such a strange shop? </i>

Shi Sheng ignored that voice, roamed around in the shop and eyed the items on the shelf.

It was apparent that all of them were made by the same artist. Each of them was vivid and lifelike.

Shi Sheng walked to the counter, "help me sculpt something."

"As I said, we're not open today." the person waved his hand lazily, "come back another day."


The book was snatched away from his face. He glared at Shi Sheng angrily, "what are you..."

His eyes landed on the counter and stared at the item on the counter for a few seconds, jerked up, snatched the thing to himself, "what do you want? This will be my commission."

Xu Shan Shan, "…" <i> didn't you say you're not open today? </i>


Shi Sheng exited the shop and continued shopping with Xu Shan Shan. They went to eat after they finished shopping.

Everywhere was full during Chinese New Year, Shi Sheng could only bring Xu Shan Shan to a western restaurant.

"Big sister, I want a steak." Xu Shan Sahn's glimmered as she read the menu.

Shi Sheng closed the menu and told the waiter next to her, "she'll have the same as me."

Shi Sheng had never brought Xu Shan Shan out for western cuisine, only Chinese cuisine. Hence, Xu Shan Shan was not used to using a knife and fork. The way she sliced the steak was clumsy. It was so frustrating until she wanted to use her hands to grab the food.

<i> It smells so lovely. I want to eat it so badly!

But how do I eat this?! </i>

A plate of nicely cut steak showed up in front of Xu Shan Shan as she was contemplating what to do. Her plate was taken away.

"We should go home after we're done eating, tomorrow we need to get up early." Shi Sheng ate the weirdly shaped steak calmly as she said that.

"Okay." Xu Shan shan poked a small piece of steak and shoved it in her mouth. She chewed it with her eyes turned into a line, <i> It's so delicious!  

I must learn how to make this!

For big sister! </i>

The bodyguard squad from far away, "..." <i> Chairman Xi, not wanting this kind of girl is a waste!

She can fight, defend, and knows how to take care of people. Huhuhu, why can't they meet such a perfect girl like her? </i>

Xu Shan Shan's face was full of satisfaction after that meal. She walked out of the restaurant with Shi Sheng while caressing her food baby. She stuck her tongue out naughtily when she passed by the bodyguards.

Bodyguard squad, "..." <i> Is she making fun of us because no one dotes on us? </i>

Shi Sheng bumped into the male lead and the female lead when they exited the restaurant.

Both of them were surrounded by a crowd, Leng Yan was grabbing Ying Su's hands while she struggled in grief and resentment, but she could not get away from Leng Yan.

<i> This is the beginning of the humiliation! </i>

"Yan Mian." Leng Yan gnashed his teeth in wrath when he saw her. <i> Why is this woman everywhere I go? She's so annoying. </i>

"Sonny." Step-mother Sheng responded brightly, "Happy Chinese New Year."

Leng Yan was still mad at her, and she still wishes him Happy Chinese New Year?

""Hiss!" Leng Yan drew a cold breath.

When he talked to Shi Sheng, Ying Su bit him, broke free from him, and ran to the road.

Leng Yan did not care about what Shi Sheng said and chased after her.


A large sound of car braking came from the road. A high-speed small-sized car knocked Yi Sung, who was crossing the street, out. Her body was thrown over in the sky, smashed on the car's boot in front of her and rolled on the road.

She would get run over if the car from behind if did not brake in time.

Shi Sheng's eyes were wide open. <i> This has nothing to do with her.

I'm not involved in this,

The female lead just used her life to demonstrate that accidents will happen if someone crosses the road blindly.</i>

Luckily Leng Yan was not a male lead from a melodramatic novel. He did not hug the female lead and scream about her not dying. He sent the female lead to the hospital hurriedly instead.

It was heard that her life was not in danger, but her legs were crippled.

Shi Sheng was preparing to get aboard when she heard this news.

Initially, the original host's legs were crippled, but now it was the female lead…

Huang San Village was as desolate as ever. The villagers were shocked when they saw Shi Sheng brought Xu Shan Shan back. They did not expect that Xu Shan Shan would visit them during Chinese New Year.

Shi Sheng stood aside while Xu Shan Shan was chatting with the villagers. She could not understand them, and no one went up and greeted her.

However, they knew that she was a good person deep down in their hearts.

If Shi Sheng could read their minds, she would mock them.

<i> She's a good person?

They're all wrong.

She only accepted the side mission because Xu Shan Shan was pleasant to look at. If she wasn't, she would never take the side mission.

Xu Shan Shan did not stay too long at Huang Shan Village. Chinese New Year eve was in another few days. She did not want Shi Sheng to stay there with her for Chinese New Year.

The flight was delayed due to a cold stream. By the time they arrived at City A, it was already Chinese New Year Eve.

The streets were cold and empty, only the fireworks blooming in the sky, rendering the world prosperous and noisy.

"Big sister, it's nice to spend Chinese New Year with you." Xu Shan Shan leaned on the car window, filled with gratitude as she watched the fireworks show.

Shi Sheng did not respond. She took a look at the time. <i> It's too late now. </i>

Fine, next time then.

The moment they reached home, the clock was coincidentally pointed at the 12 o'clock mark and the fireworks outside increased exponentially.